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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.21/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch!

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It's finally here! Or will be, soon enough!

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Posted: 12/06/18, 17:12:46  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/18, 17:13:09
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Remaining DLC characters rumor:

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
Erdrick (Dragon Quest)
Minecraft guy (Minecraft)
Doomguy (Doom)

Apparently comes from someone who recently revealed a bunch of unlikely things before they happened (including Joker in Smash), but we all know how big Smash rumors have worked out lately, RIP Geno. Personally I'm lukewarm on all of these except the first, which is...fine.

Also dataminers have found data for three unused characters in the game, presumably Piranha Plant (codenamed "Plant") and Joker ("Jack") and an unknown third character (codenamed "Brave").
Posted: 01/04/19, 20:51:02  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/19, 20:57:58

Hard to know what's real or not in this post-Grinch world, but here're my thoughts on each of these rumored characters:

Ryu Hayabusa: Sounds good. I'm down for more NES all-stars in this game, especially now that Simon is in!

Steve (Minecraft): Ugh...not a fan. I get that Minecraft is a really huge series but I feel that its characters are completely charmless. If we had to have Minecraft content, I'd much prefer a boss (like Monster Hunter got) or just a stage. Or if we had to get MicroSoft property, I'd much rather Banjo.

Doom Marine: Ehhhhhh okay? Really a barely-Nintendo-related character at all that'd have to be the result of simply good timing thanks to the recent Doom revivals being on Switch. But I did really enjoy Doom on Switch and my buddy would be thrilled with this, so I'd probably be fine with him.

Erdrick: YES PLEASE. YES PLEASE. YES PLEASE, DRAGON QUEST REP FREAKING FINALLY!! I'd buy the whole fighter pack if/when Erdrick gets confirmed, butt-ugly Steve and all. Definitely my most-wanted character (or at least series) for Smash at this point.
Posted: 01/04/19, 21:57:17
Got into Elite with Ridley at 2.7 mil GSP. I quickly got knocked back out and had to fight my way back in.
Posted: 01/04/19, 22:47:22
Eh, I hope they don't choose Erdrick / Loto as that would probably be just another boring sword user.

The DQ rep Smash needs is Slime. Not only is it arguably the most famous DQ character, but it'd probably have a hilarious moveset as well.
Posted: 01/04/19, 22:59:50
@Mop it up

Can't say I disagree with Slime, since I made my own moveset for him last April!

Seems unlikely though, because Sakurai ALWAYS defaults to the main playable characters for games, even if other ones might have more personality (Lucas over his buddies, despite his similarities to Ness, Marth/Ike/Chrom all being chosen despite visual homogeny, Little Mac over King Hippo et al, Joker over Jack Frost, Cloud over Black Mage/Moogle/Chocobo, Villager over Tom Nook even though Nook is better known and has his own name). The only exception might be the Pokemon characters, but that series is unusual in who're really the "main characters" anyway.

But I'd break my "no sword users" rule for Erdrick/Loto. Because any DQ rep for me at this point would be awesome. Besides, I think the main problem with sword users in SSB is that almost all of them are either 1) a Link, or 2) hail from Fire Emblem, resulting in a bunch of samey movesets. There's no reason why we can't have more variety with a new sword-fighter, just as how multiple characters that primarily fight with their fists (Mario, Little Mac and DK) can have vastly different abilities.
Posted: 01/04/19, 23:06:02  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/19, 23:10:07
My friend and I broke the Crash Bomber:

Posted: 01/05/19, 04:43:26

I would be so thrilled with Hayabusa and Doom Slayer but you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true.

Regarding Doom and Nintendo, I think it's a character more than worthy of representation. Every game in the series has been on a Nintendo console besides one, and we even got an exclusive game in the series with Doom 64. If you ask me, that first game was one of the most revolutionary of all time right alongside the likes of Super Mario Bros. It changed gaming forever and damn do I love it. I know it's a violent series as well, but then Zen Studios managed to make a pinball table with an E10+ rating which totally felt faithful to Doom. It can be done in Smash too!

I'd be so, so happy. But I'm taking this with a bucket of salt. I need more than "guy on internet forum says."
Posted: 01/05/19, 05:33:28
I finally unlocked all of the characters.

Still working through the world of light here and there but losing motivation. I think one thing about it is that yeah it is cool, but there is no real sense of progression? Probably because there is no real story? It's just an endless string of essentially the same thing over and over without much added context.
Posted: 01/05/19, 09:45:26
@TriforceBun Meh, Shulk and Cloud are still pretty boring to me.

@Zero Makes sense. I guess the only "progression" would be that you have more options for handling the matches as you get more spirits and characters.
Posted: 01/05/19, 19:56:49
Nintendo, can you please bring back taunts online? Matches are full of teabaggers now, ugh. So instead of seeing a funny Villager dance after getting KO'd, I'm reminded of game characters sexually assaulting a corpse. Yay???


Fair enough. I'm not the biggest Doom fan but the recent Switch releases really help bring that Nintendo connection at least.
Posted: 01/05/19, 21:21:30
@TriforceBun Haha yeah, removing taunts actually just made it MORE likely to get tilted. What a world.

I'm still nowhere near finding a MAIN, partially because I like how a lot of characters feel in this game. In particular fast runners like Mac and Sonic feel so much more fun now that you can dash back and forth quickly and easily to mix up your approach, plus the ability to do any attack out of a dash.
Posted: 01/05/19, 22:29:05
I'm confused. I thought "teabagging" was when you get up over a corpse in an online game and get your character's junk in their character's corpses face? But Smash has no corpses*, you just go flying off the screen. What would there be to "teabag"?

*I guess there might be in stamina mode but no one plays that.
Posted: 01/06/19, 01:35:04  - Edited by 
 on: 01/06/19, 01:35:33

That's technically true, but players will simply squat and un-squat repeatedly (over nothing) instead. Still kinda gets the idea across, and it happened on occasion in Smash 4. It's dumb.
Posted: 01/06/19, 02:54:33
I finally stopped being lazy and yanked out my SD card to get my videos. It would be nice if Smash had something like Mario Kart TV in Mario Kart VIII, where it automatically temp saved your last 12 replays for viewing. I always forget to press the button to save!

In any case, this was my first quickplay match from way back when:


Posted: 01/07/19, 02:15:42  - Edited by 
 on: 01/07/19, 02:20:05
TriforceBun said:
That's technically true, but players will simply squat and un-squat repeatedly (over nothing) instead.

I'm not sure why, but this sort of repetitive spamming of specific gestures in games is a pet peeve of mine for its own sake. I remember watching a Super Mario World let's play once where the guy kept pressing up on the d-pad to make Mario's head look up, and he did a goofy voice in time to the head bobs to make Mario look like a puppet who's talking, and all I could think was, "ew, gross." And "teabagging" in Splatoon is the worst.

I typically love watching annoying edge case behavior within the ruleset of a game, but something about imagining somebody actually sitting in front of their TV and mashing the L button to rapidly switch between kid form and squid form just makes me wonder what they're doing with their life. It's like snaking!

Teabagging in Halo was funny cuz it kinda fit the whole goofy teenage Mountain Dew fueled Red vs. Blue aesthetic, but yeah, I'm over it, this isn't 2005.
Posted: 01/07/19, 04:30:23
@Mop it up Having fun with the camera options huh? Haha, I love that we can do that in replays now. I like how in the photo mode you can remove some of the game's visual effects, like all the smoke and the "whoosh" streaks through the air for every move. It looks really clean, and kinda makes me wish you could just turn those off for gameplay.

I only bothered saving one replay so far, for this nice little moment.

Posted: 01/07/19, 05:39:54  - Edited by 
 on: 01/07/19, 05:42:07

Wow! Is Little Mac in the middle of his Star KO animation there or something?? Pretty funny.
Posted: 01/07/19, 07:21:35

It's annoying as fuck and ruining my enjoyment of playing people. There's just always gotta be a douchey little taunt or action people have to do in games that looks FUCKING. STUPID.

"Dash dancing" is also just as annoying and I see it even more than the idiotic duck taunting.

People really need to fuck right off with this behavior online.
Posted: 01/07/19, 09:33:03

Dash dancing can get on my nerves too because it feels overly-showy, but I can understand some players feeling fidgety in the downtime between stocks. At the very least, it's not conceptually associated with sexually assaulting a corpse like teabagging. Some taunts could get me riled up in Smash 4, but most of them were just, like, Pikachu waving at the camera excitedly or a character striking a pose.
Posted: 01/07/19, 17:46:18
Wow you guys sure are touchy about taunts.
Posted: 01/07/19, 18:50:48
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