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Paladins: Champions of the Realm Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.35/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Paladins: Champions of the Realm on the Switch!

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Paladins has now gone free-to-play on Switch, and it's pretty fun! Has anyone else checked it out? Would be nice to play with some NegWorlders too.

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Posted: 08/07/18, 02:16:40  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/18, 02:17:29
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I downloaded it so maybe I'll hop on at some point. I don't really want to try to learn a whole other online shooting game though, so I doubt I'll get super deep into it.
Posted: 08/07/18, 02:50:21
I played this on PC a bunch when it was in working Beta(?), and once they started penalizing me for getting bumped because of connection issues, I swore off of it forever. It was an OK game though
Posted: 08/07/18, 08:03:46
I played a bit with Mop it Up. It's fun. Didn't blow me away but would play again. The game starts you against AI at first so you get to feel all sweaty but I imagine human players would destroy me.
Posted: 08/07/18, 08:45:58
Played a few training matches when it became free on Switch, and it's alright. I tend to like team based shooters and the gunplay mechanics are infinitely more interesting than Fortnite's, but I loathe being peddled shit all the time in these games. Will rather go back to Doom and Splatoon 2 when Octopath Traveler's stopped hogging all my time, but I might pop in for the odd Paladins match every now and then I guess.
Posted: 08/07/18, 11:35:21
I wanna play this...
Posted: 08/08/18, 00:04:46
It took me a while to get used to how things work, so anyone new trying it, it may not click with you right away. But it got more fun the more I played.

@Zero Out of curiosity, did Fortnite blow you away when you first tried it? I could see Rocket League doing that, though.
Posted: 08/08/18, 19:40:35
@Mop it up I'd say no Fortnite didn't instantly hook me, but also I'd say that was probably in large part because the first few times I played it I was playing with randos on PS4. And I didn't really understand the game very well. To be honest I played it a few times here and there on PS4 but it wasn't really that gripping to me. But once we started playing together on Switch is when I was instantly hooked. I still rarely play it if no one else from NW is playing, it's not a game I like playing with randos much (I'd rather just play Rocket League at that point.) Though I do some 50 v 50 by myself sometimes if no one else is around.

I think for me Paladins seems fun but it's not clear to me what, if anything, makes it stand out from all of the other team versus team shooters I've been ignoring all of these years. I like Fortnite's whole huge survival thing a bit more.

Actually Rocket League is a game I liked right away but it took a long time for it to truly hook me, in large part because I SUCKED SO BAD at first. Like it was hours and hours of online play before my cousins and I finally got a single win. Though I had it on PS4 first and mostly played it offline (except a few times at my cousin's place), since I don't have PSN. So I probably put in around 20 hours or so and was kind of getting bored of it on PS4 by the time it released on Switch. Except for maybe a few Mario Kart games I've never gotten truly into online gaming much so I kind of half expected to buy it on Switch, play online here and there, and get bored after 10 hours or so.

Now I'm about to hit the 100 hour mark... heh. I love it so much. Plus the short (5 min) matches make it my go to pick up and play online game when I don't have a ton of time and just want to jump in and play a match or two...
Posted: 08/08/18, 19:52:20  - Edited by 
 on: 08/08/18, 19:57:21
If you think all team shooters look the same, it probably just means you're not interested in them. Which is fine.
Posted: 08/08/18, 20:19:47
I just haven't really played a lot. Come to think of it... I haven't really played any? Other than Splatoon and Fortnite, which are both very different beasts.
Posted: 08/08/18, 20:36:43
Currently, all of the characters are available as a preview, so now's a good time to try out the game!
Posted: 10/04/18, 23:18:09
I played a few rounds. It was alright. Was I really playing against AI, though? It didn't seem like it.
Posted: 10/05/18, 02:37:23
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