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What happened to Mario Kart Mobile? [roundtable]
I have a theory which also explains the lack of meaningful DLC for MK8DX, as well as the wealth of non-meaningful DLC:

Mario Kart Mobile will be an F2P game with a new suite of tracks which will be simultaneously offered as a paid DLC pack for MK8DX.

It would be a great way of bringing folks into the Switch ecosystem. (I also just want it to happen.)

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Posted: 08/02/18, 20:12:04
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Nuts to that. If a game isn't tricking me into a false sense of accomplishment so I can be distracted from the fact that I am slowly leaking lifeforce like air in a kid's balloon and march resoundingly towards death itself then what am I even playing for.
Posted: 08/09/18, 04:10:20
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