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Who did you start your journey with in Octopath Traveler? [poll] [roundtable]
Primrose Azelhart, the Dancer (1/16 vote)
Therion, the Thief (2/16 votes)
Cyrus Albright, the Scholar (2/16 votes)
Tressa Colozone, the Merchant (3/16 votes)
H'aanit, the Hunter (3/16 votes)
Ophilia Clement, the Cleric (1/16 vote)
Alfyn Greengrass, the Apothecary (2/16 votes)
Olberic Eisenberg, the Warrior (2/16 votes)
This is a rather straight-forward and obvious question for all the eager Octopath Traveler gamers out there. Who did you ultimately decide on, and why? Did you want to focus on the brains or brawn? Did you want a certain region to start at? Did you pick at random? Let us know! Bonus points if you can tell us who you plan to go meet up with next. From my understanding, half of these folks can be in your party at any given time so it pays to make new friends! What's your strategy? Share, rejoice, and game on!

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Posted: 07/15/18, 04:02:59
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@Mop it up

He was my second pick and he's proving to be a great asset! It should prove wise if you choose him.
Posted: 07/18/18, 04:00:31
I went with the hunter and have no regrets doing so. Fantastic JRPG
Posted: 07/19/18, 08:16:16
Had Started with Alfyn on the demo - his character wanted to explore the world - something I would love to do. Just got the game today so I'm looking forward to continuing his story - in sure I will play a few more chapter 1s before going back to Alfyn but I'm sold on wanting to complete his journey first. Of course, the beauty of this game is that my path could change and that would thrill me.
Posted: 07/29/18, 03:05:33
Just a side note - it hit me that the characters name spells out OCTOPATH using their first letter. Would have been cool if the poll was in that order 😉
Posted: 08/02/18, 16:04:16
@Smerd Ha ha, there have already been several posts about that, including a deleted one. I guess you don't think "Ptcthoao" is a cool enough word?
Posted: 08/02/18, 19:47:08  - Edited by 
 on: 08/02/18, 19:48:10

Salt in the wound man.

DrFinkelstein said:
I chose the order of the poll based on the wiki but it was just brought to my attention that their names spell OCTOPATH. Man I missed the opportunity there, lol.
Posted: 08/03/18, 04:54:08
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