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Who did you start your journey with in Octopath Traveler? [poll] [roundtable]
Primrose Azelhart, the Dancer  (1/16 vote)
Therion, the Thief  (2/16 votes)
Cyrus Albright, the Scholar  (2/16 votes)
Tressa Colozone, the Merchant  (3/16 votes)
H'aanit, the Hunter  (3/16 votes)
Ophilia Clement, the Cleric  (1/16 vote)
Alfyn Greengrass, the Apothecary  (2/16 votes)
Olberic Eisenberg, the Warrior  (2/16 votes)
This is a rather straight-forward and obvious question for all the eager Octopath Traveler gamers out there. Who did you ultimately decide on, and why? Did you want to focus on the brains or brawn? Did you want a certain region to start at? Did you pick at random? Let us know! Bonus points if you can tell us who you plan to go meet up with next. From my understanding, half of these folks can be in your party at any given time so it pays to make new friends! What's your strategy? Share, rejoice, and game on!

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07/15/18, 04:02
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I was bouncing back and forth between Primrose (from the demo) and Ophilia (since she's a healer and has a cool snow-region). In the end I went with Tressa actually. She's kind of adorable and underdog-ish. She can buy items at discounts and buy items not normally available. Seemed like a good starting power. Apparently she should be able to help me find more gold too which seems like it'll be useful.

07/15/18, 04:06
I started with H'aanit during the prologue demo. No real reason other than I felt like getting a tank leveled up fast and I did Olberic in the first demo. Then I went on to Cryus, back up to Ophilia and and back around to Therion. And mostly by luck of their location I will be doing Alfyn then Primrose then Olberic and finally Tressa.
07/15/18, 04:11
I chose the order of the poll based on the wiki but it was just brought to my attention that their names spell OCTOPATH. Man I missed the opportunity there, lol.

H'aanit is pretty good for a tank chrisbg99?
07/15/18, 05:17

Yep, high HP, good defense and strong attacks. Going with Cyrus then Ophilia afterwords gave me a good starting balance of spell caster and healer. Totally unintentional.

Also mind blown on the names thing.
07/15/18, 05:32   Edit:  07/15/18, 05:32

Looking at the map I think I'll continue on to meet Olberic, then Primrose, and finally Alfyn. Should net me the money maker from Tressa, then an ass-kicker, the seductress (plus I want to see where her story goes from the demo), and then the healer. I don't know how involved it really will be to experience everyone's stories but it's fun to consider trying.
07/15/18, 05:51
After some deliberation, I chose Ophilia since I like the church setting and a holy pilgrimage sounded like a fun framing device for my adventure. No regrets--I've like the demure healer archetypes in RPGs ever since Skies of Arcadia! After that, I wandered for a bit and found Cyrus, then decided I might as well continue on that path for everyone. That's right--I'm doing OCTOPATH order!

I'm up to Primrose as of tonight. But I will say that Tressa is my favorite so far! Her adventurous yet shrewd personality is appealing, her specialized skills appeal to my inner greed, and I really like her unique combat abilities (including stealing cash, which I try to do at some point in almost every fight).
07/15/18, 06:26
How long is each playthrough with each character?
07/15/18, 10:31
I started with Olberic… figured it's always nice having a big, strong man around.
07/15/18, 13:58
In the very first demo I played Olberic's opening story so (after a lot of deliberation!) I picked Primrose to start the full game.

Heyyy, now we just need a Therion, Cyrus and Alfyn to fill the poll.
07/15/18, 14:24
I started with Therion mostly because I enjoy thief characters in games. Can never steal too many items! Plus sometimes in JRPGs, bosses have some rather unique items to steal as well. Next I met up with H’aanit and next followed up with Ophelia. I’m about to meet up with Cyrus now I believe so I’ll have a full team going soon!
07/15/18, 14:54
Infinitywave said:
Heyyy, now we just need a Therion, Cyrus and Alfyn to fill the poll.

Now we just need an Alfyn and Cyrus!


I don't know if we know this yet. I know the characters are done in 'chapters' with the first chapter being their intro story. Perhaps one of the wikis can answer this for you. I'm not eager to dive into that knowledge myself. Just happy to be along for the ride without expectations.
07/15/18, 17:34   Edit:  07/15/18, 17:35
Hey, I started with Alfyn! Love how split these options are. You missed a good opportunity to put the character names in a certain order, though...

Alfyn's "kindhearted boy from a small village who wants to help the world" story resonated with me the most--I did Tressa's Chapter 1 last night, and while that had a similar kind of thing going on, I much preferred the tone in Alfyn's, so I guess I chose well! "Apothecary" is about the last class I would have ever chosen, but I'm really enjoying discovering how to use the Concoct mechanic. I think I'd use it more often if I knew where to find more materials for it, though.
07/15/18, 18:33
Glad I can round out this poll with Cyrus.

Up to my 6th party member recruited now, and I love my little glass cannon professor <3
07/16/18, 03:01
Learned that the first character you pick is your "protagonist" and cannot be removed from the party.
07/16/18, 04:10
It is wild that the first eight votes were all different. What a magical moment, lol.

07/16/18, 04:44

07/16/18, 06:09
I'm so proud to have been a part of this moment.
07/16/18, 13:04
Couldn't quite decide, but I went with Tressa.

She's got that young-wide-eyed-aspiring-adventurer thing going for her, which I liked, and she just looked cool in the artworks. So far she's been alright.
07/17/18, 21:52

I chose her too. Use that collect ability, especially on bosses, you'll enjoy the results.
07/18/18, 02:28
I'm not getting it until later, but I'll likely start with Olberic based on the demo. It seems like a straightforward choice, good for a start.
07/18/18, 02:45
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