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Undertale Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7.88/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Undertale on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Undertale is a game that nobody understands how to talk about without spoiling. I'm making this thread now to encourage you not to read it or anything else about the game until you're done.

Undertale has a lot of secrets. Some of these secrets might seem hard to get to; do it anyway, the payoffs are worth it. As long as you have questions, keep playing. Don't use a guide. Experiment.

When you're finally fully satisfied with the game and feel that you've seen all it has to offer: start up a new game and grind for XP in the starting area as long as you can, not letting a single monster get away alive. After a while, something cool will happen; stick with it no matter what.

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Posted: 07/13/18, 18:03:12  - Edited by 
 on: 07/13/18, 18:04:03
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Anyone who has somehow not played this game yet should absolutely check it out when it releases on Switch. It's a phenomena for a reason. One of my best indie... ok remove that qualifier, just plain one of my best game experiences ever.
Posted: 07/14/18, 02:48:18
I too enjoyed Undertale a lot. It was my GOTY that year.
Posted: 07/14/18, 04:03:09

I have it on Steam. However playing on my Switch is encouraging and enticing. I just learned how to setup my Switch Pro with the Steam client though so I might just start on Steam.... after Axiom Verge anyway. I just started that tonight.
Posted: 07/14/18, 05:23:19
What is the cool thing you reference in your spoilers? Just the genocide changes or something else?
Posted: 07/14/18, 05:56:18  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/18, 05:57:42

Same here, when I first played it my feelings were that it was a pretty great indie RPG, but the more I poked around with it the more I loved it. It's a Top 5 game for me for sure.


Yup. That's something I don't think 95% of people would stumble upon naturally, but its pretty easy to spoil some of its surprises by reading up on its existence in wikis and stuff.
Posted: 07/14/18, 17:41:25
It's on the Switch now! I finally started Undertale.

I'm about an hour in. I'm enjoying the music and the dialogue, with the talking stone early on being a highlight. There are a lot of fun little surprises already, such as the detail of buying items from the Spider Bake-Sale.

I've found myself slightly frustrated with the battle system though, or perhaps I just don't really understand it. But it feels like a crap-shoot in terms of what will appease an enemy if you want to not kill it. The biggest example of this is (SPOILERS about an hour in) the boss fight against Toriel. I was doing my darnedest not to attack her, but my one other option--Talking--seemed to do nothing after I chose it half a dozen times, so I moved onto Plan B: lower her HP enough to show Mercy. However, bringing her HP slightly low ended up having my guy do a huge attack instead, and the game sure makes you feel guilty about it. In the next room, Flowey implies that I've "made my choice," even though I thought I did everything possible to not kill her.

I understand that it's meant to be a puzzle of sorts, but it's kind of frustrating having to go back and try again despite seemingly attempting all the options. Or I guess I could continue onward, buuuuut...no. :p
Posted: 09/18/18, 16:59:17
Have my copy ordered from Fangamer (a limited edition type thing), so it'll be a while before I get to play this, but I'm looking forward to it! I'm always a bit wary when certain games are praised to high heaven, but I'm staying positive!
Posted: 09/18/18, 17:33:55  - Edited by 
 on: 09/18/18, 17:34:05
...I see. Well played, game...
Posted: 09/18/18, 18:26:29
Posted: 09/18/18, 20:36:39
I wasn't going to say anything.
Posted: 09/18/18, 23:56:02
Regarding what I mentioned earlier, I'm curious, is it possible to do that "correctly" the first time, or do you have to reset?
Posted: 09/19/18, 00:45:31

I did it correctly the first time! There's a frog in one of the first rooms that mentions something like "There might come a day where you'll have to Spare someone when the text isn't yellow...", that was my hint.
Posted: 09/19/18, 00:48:40

Oh yeahhhh. Whoops!
Posted: 09/19/18, 02:22:31
This is definitely one of the strangest games I've ever played. I'm about 3 hours in and it's completely nutters! It barely feels like an RPG a lot of the time, and kind of resembles one of those old point-and-click adventure games almost...?? To me, anyway. This isn't a bad thing, though, some of the dialogue and scenarios are bonkers and really funny. It frequently subverts the players' expectations or breaks its own rules to keep the surprises coming.

It's extremely linear though, which makes it feel a bit more like the game is guiding me through the motions, although it does seem to make up for the lack of exploration in the degree of character choice given.

I was a little worried going in that the humor would be too..."internet-y," for lack of a better word, but for the most part, Undertale avoids going the memey route with its quirkiness. Instead, its tone usually reminds me more of the Mother series or Adventure Time in that strange things are happening with strange creatures all the time, but that's just because it's the nature of this world (rather than being lol so randum).

I'm currently just past Dr. Alphys' lab. I haven't killed any bosses yet except that one-time thing up above, but I've slayed a fair number of random encounters. Curious to see where it goes. Music is generally very good.
Posted: 09/20/18, 05:16:37
So am I the only one playing this or wwwwhat? I guess that's what happens when I wait for stuff to hit Nintendo systems!

I've reached the end of the Hotlands. For some reason, this section of the game didn't quite click with me as much. Alphys is a character who's supposed to be endearing, but I found her slightly annoying and a bit too on-the-nose. She reminded me of Francis from Super Paper Mario, but he was treated as a villain, and Undertale wanted me to root for Alphys. A little difficult to do when she was frequently interrupting my adventure with her internet-y asides, was directly responsible for the killer robot trying to murder me, and it implied that she could've turned it off at any time but refused so she could continue to play the hero. The Final Fantasy 3 parody was great though; was not expecting that at all, and I enjoyed the extra bit of backstory for Toriel during the meeting with Sans. The Tsunderplane enemy was a funny idea too.

This game is starting to remind me of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Not in terms of mature content, obviously, but in the general flow and grab-bag tone. You continually move forward through unusual (occasionally genre-bending) scenarios, meeting ridiculous characters and engaging in spoofs of various media (shows/movies/games), most of which has some sort of underlying punchline, with the adventure occasionally punctuated with heavy or dramatic moments to keep you on your toes.

I'm enjoying it a lot, although I can't help but feel the scale of the world is very small. The straightforward path of the progression mixed with minimal background visual elements and a lack of much exploration combine to feel like a mini-adventure of sorts. It's not necessarily a problem exactly, but it does feel somewhat claustrophobic for whatever reason. Like the whole game is contained inside of a single RPG dungeon.
Posted: 09/21/18, 17:29:49

The parody you mention was one of the highlights of the game for me; I thought all of the encounters with Mettaton were some of the most creative parts of Undertale. I feel similarly about Alphys though, she's the kind of character that I find hard to tolerate--though I think that's the point, with her constant phone calls interrupting the game ala Fi.
Posted: 09/21/18, 21:08:59
I beat the game! ...Well, sorta. I reached the end of what I'm guessing is the Neutral route--I killed several enemies but only a couple bosses.

That was a trippy--and somewhat scary--final battle. You can definitely feel the creators' EarthBound influences through it. I didn't spare Flowey at the end because he's a butthole, but I might go back and try that again. I liked the fourth-wall elements with the save/reloading stuff, but I can't help but feel it was more effective on the PC from what I've read. Still cool though. Lots of high-concept stuff going on at the bookends of the game.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed Undertale, although I feel like I've only seen half the story. I'll have to go back and try to not kill anything, because the ending sequence felt like it was basically telling me "Ehh, go do it again." I have a few problems with the game, but I think I'll replay it and see if some of those things get smoothed out when I'm playing it the way the game heavily implies I should.
Posted: 09/24/18, 17:14:52
Yep you're not done.
Posted: 09/24/18, 17:15:46

That's exactly how I felt my first time; didn't really have motivation to go through it again, but it's worth it, and it goes by way faster your second time.
Posted: 09/24/18, 19:58:01

It's definitely well worth playing again. Maybe you should look up a guide for key points? I think you can't get the best ending unless you visit Undyne after her fight. I think there were a few other thing like that. I'm sure @Secret_Tunnel will correct me if I'm wrong.
Posted: 09/25/18, 02:16:26
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