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E3 2018 Predict-a-ton!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! E3! Nintendo has been quite free to share big news throughout the year ever since Iwata started the Nintendo Directs, but E3 still packs a major news punch! Last year I hosted the Negative World E3 Predict-a-ton and with alignment from InfinityWave, I’m doing so again this year! Let’s do this!

How To Play:

Here are four sets of statements. Pick all of them you think will come TRUE. (choose as many as you like eg. A3, A6, B5, C9, D10…)

Make your choices in a prudent manner! Each category is more valuable but also becomes increasingly risky. A correct pick means you WIN those points. An incorrect pick means you LOSE those points. This means you might even end up with a negative score, but you may just succeed with the highest total instead!

Please post your predictions by the end of June 11th. It proves to vote early though as any statements that are confirmed ahead of the presentation will be locked and no-longer viable for new pickers.

This one's obvious but NO editing. Your initial vote is your final vote, so make it count!

For the purposes of this challenge, ALL information that comes out during the course of the show will be taken into account. That includes the Digital Event, Treehouse streaming, press meetings, online news... everything that happens before the doors close at the end of Day 3.


A) Expected : 2 pts

01) Super Smash Bros. for Switch is a BRAND NEW Smash game

02) Full Reveal of Nintendo Switch’s Online Service

03) Yoshi (for Switch) Trailer

04) New amiibo revealed

05) Official Release Date for Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion

06) New Nindies Announced (at least two)

07) Mario Tennis Aces to receive later DLC updates

08) New Joy-con Color(s)

09) At least 2 new Switch retail games from Nintendo

10) At least 2 new 3DS retail games from Nintendo

B) Rumored : 4 pts

01) New 2D Mario revealed

02) Fortnite coming to Switch

03) Nintendo Online app gets overhaul

04) Star Fox: Grand Prix officially announced

05) Bayonetta 3 Details

06) New Main-line Animal Crossing Game Unveiled

07) The Wonderful 101 bring ported to Switch

08) N64 Classic Edition Debuts

09) Overcooked 2 Announced

10) New Super Mario Odyssey World(s) as DLC

C) High risk : 6 pts

01) Pikmin 4 Revealed

02) New Joy-con Type (i.e. True D-Pad, GameCube Joystick, Camera nub, etc)

03) Rabbids join as fighters in Super Smash Bros. Switch

04) New Themed Switch (console itself, may also include joy-cons)

05) Trailer for the new Pokemon (core series)

06) Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay Revealed

07) New Full-Roster amiibo planned for Super Smash Bros. Switch

08) E3 Demos on the eShop

09) Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch

10) Two new Labo kits announced!

D) MEGATON : 10 pts

01) Third-Pillar Platform Revealed

02) Pokemon amiibo series

03) Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros

04) Major Franchise Typically On PS/XB Coming To Switch (not Fortnite or Fallout)

05) Details for the next Zelda game

06) Native voice chat patched into Nintendo Switch

07) GB Classic Announced

08) ‘Mother 3’ Announced For Nintendo Online

09) Fallout franchise coming to Switch in some form

10) Nintendo obtains new 2nd Party Developer

Bonus Prediction : (OPTIONAL)

These franchises haven't seen a new game in a while. WIN or LOSE 50 points by picking one to be announced. Remember, this is optional!

Choose from: 1080 Snowboarding, Advance Wars, Eternal Darkness, Excite, F-Zero, Golden Sun, Ice Climbers, Kid Icarus, Mario Party, Pokemon Snap, Punch-Out!!, Rhythm Heaven, Star Tropics, Wario, Wave Race.




Last year I let Nintemple also play, and this year I am expanding this to Twitter/Discord. If you see a Google Forms list for this, but are a member of this website, please submit your responses here and do not vote in both places. Thank you!

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Posted: 06/04/18, 13:13:23  - Edited by 
 on: 06/11/18, 06:01:14
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Everything is tallied. I just need to write it all up.

We spoke a lot about it on the third podcast this week but I had to tweak one of them after seeing some news from the other day. Mario Tennis' new characters will count for A07.
Posted: 06/16/18, 06:42:14

I feel all smug and snarky that I got to be part of that podcast so I know the results.

Spoiler: I didn't win as usual.
Posted: 06/16/18, 19:15:18
I'm pretty sure I have positive points for the first time ever.

@DrFinkelstein Wasn't this revealed months ago? Or maybe I'm confusing it with leaks and datamines, this stuff tends to blend together for me...
Posted: 06/16/18, 19:26:21  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/18, 19:27:30
@Mop it up

I wasn't aware it was... it's tough to tell indeed. Ultimately it won't matter much since there is nobody within two points of the lead score(s). To my knowledge, characters coming later via DLC wasn't a confirmed thing.
Posted: 06/16/18, 22:09:15
Yeah, I think you're right. Lousy leaks, ruining everything. This is what happens when Mario is no longer a plumber!
Posted: 06/17/18, 20:36:57
@Mop it up

I don't know why people like to leak. If it's for the e'fame', I never know, nor care, about who they are. They're just telling us what's in our Christmas gifts before we unwrap.
Posted: 06/17/18, 23:46:31
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