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Mega Man 11 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.63/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mega Man 11 on the Switch!

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Mega Man 11 just got a new trailer with a couple boss name reveals.

Before, I was cautiously optimistic, but now I'm genuinely excited! So far, this is hitting the sweet spot of old+new for me--a breath of fresh air without going too far with it. The Viewtiful Joe-esque time power has potential, and the bosses look dynamic and fun. I don't even mind the voice acting this time around!

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Posted: 05/29/18, 20:08:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/18, 21:46:27
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Finished! Wily's Castle seemed like he kinda gave up after the first two stages though, right? I feel like there's usually a bit more real estate in there before we arrive at the boss rush.

Anyway, I wish I had more time before Smash takes over my gaming hours, because there seem to be a lot of fun Challenges included here. Before checking those out, I'd put the game in my mid-tier of classic Mega Man titles, right around Mega Man 4 territory.
Posted: 12/05/18, 01:54:28

Yeah, I would definitely like to get Gold across the board in the Mega Man 11 Challenges; they're a lot of fun and the game feels great to play. I liked it even more than you did--I'd put it only below 3, 9, 2 and 1 on my tier list!
Posted: 12/05/18, 03:25:28
nate38 said:
Hope you like "limited bonus content!"

Because by buying an "limited release physical copy" (or pre-ordering the digital version) you can get an alternate instrumental soundtrack option in the game.

These are now free to download on the eShop, even for those of us who were late to the party!
Posted: 04/06/19, 01:25:02
Capcom's got a publisher sale on the eShop right now, and MM11 is down to $20. I picked up the digital version so I can play through the side content and see how well the game holds up on a repeat play.

(I bought the cart last time and gave it away as a present after I was done, because I'm selfish/selfless).
Posted: 08/23/19, 04:38:01
It's $15 at the moment so I finally jumped in. It sort of fell off my radar for awhile due to not being that excited about the presentation but I did enjoy the demo so I figured why not?

Glad I did! The graphics are kind of so so and the music isn't up to series standards but the actual gameplay design is pretty great! The stage designs are excellent and the gear system is simple to understand but works pretty nice.

The levels seem a lot longer than usual though?! Which isn't a huge problem, but considering how many instant spike / hole / etc. deaths these games have, it can be a tad annoying. Though it does let you just straight up buy extra lives and energy tanks, which makes it easier.
Posted: 12/03/19, 01:40:13
Finished the game tonight.

It's an interesting game. The graphics turned out to be better than I expected (though I still prefer the 8-bit style.) Music is just kind of so so, which for a Mega Man game is a bit of a letdown.

I think some of the core gameplay is some of the best in the series. But. BUT. The stages are so long! And not a whole lot of checkpoints. You end up like, not getting good at stuff so much as just buying a bunch of stuff from the shop to help you get through the grind? I still enjoyed it, it just became a bit annoying to play at times.

It's also a bit odd how short Wily's castle is considering how huge the rest of the game is. But it is what it is. And to be honest, at this point I was ready to just finish it off and move on.
Posted: 12/20/19, 07:20:32
I introduced my four-year-old (Isaac) to Mega Man this past week through this game. Naturally, he loves watching me play it, and I'm reminded of how much I enjoyed this revival of one of my all-time favorite series. I'm concurrently playing through the Zero games in the Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (up to 3 now) and while the controls are great, they definitely aren't as tightly designed as MM11, IMO. I'm all in for a Mega Man 12!
Posted: 03/23/20, 04:12:09
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