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Mega Man 11 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.63/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mega Man 11 on the Switch!

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Mega Man 11 just got a new trailer with a couple boss name reveals.

Before, I was cautiously optimistic, but now I'm genuinely excited! So far, this is hitting the sweet spot of old+new for me--a breath of fresh air without going too far with it. The Viewtiful Joe-esque time power has potential, and the bosses look dynamic and fun. I don't even mind the voice acting this time around!

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Posted: 05/29/18, 20:08:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/18, 21:46:27
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Where is everyone? It's Mega Man, guys. One of our classic gaming heroes~

I'm still enjoying this game more than expected. It's surprised me in one particularly notable way.

See, I replay Mega Man games fairly often, and when I do, it's usually a no-E-tank, buster-only run. Robot Master weapons have always been sort of a forgettable extra feature that I rarely used outside of re-fighting the bosses (with the possible exception of MM9, which had an amazing selection). MM11 bucks that trend because of several combined aspects: 1) the excellent weapon wheel where you can pick any weapon on the fly by pointing to it with the second stick, Trauma Center Wii style, 2) the fact that the weapons are genuinely useful this time around, particularly with the Power Gear, and 3) the Energy Saver+ powerup, which is fairly cheap, gives ALL weapons energy whenever you pick up a weapon energy capsule.

As a result, I'm finally playing a Mega Man game the way it was meant to be played, by rapidly going through my different weaponry depending on the situation. It feels varied and fun, and when combined with the Gears, makes for a lot of different ways to approach any situation. I'm greatly enjoying the game. More level impressions:

-TUNDRA MAN was a stage I was slightly dreading simply because ice stages can kind of blend together for me in Mega Man. I enjoyed the Ice Age museum setting, however, and there were some neat new gimmicks with the wind that made traversal fun. Tundra Man himself was a delight; an egocentric-yet-flamboyant ice skater that doesn't really attack so much as pirouette over and over. His weapon is quite the screen-clearer as well.

-IMPACT MAN brought forth another construction stage that was fairly standard on the surface, but felt long and well-designed regardless. I liked the little callbacks to Guts Man's original level, and the boss fight was a pretty cool one (if a bit easy). The mid-fight Gear usage was one of the more memorable ones. Tough miniboss.
Posted: 10/03/18, 19:52:23  - Edited by 
 on: 10/03/18, 19:52:48
As an adult, I find it difficult to drum up interest for these sorts of games like I did when I was younger. Has anyone else find themselves change in that sort of way? Hm, perhaps this is a topic for another thread...
Posted: 10/03/18, 20:04:53
@TriforceBun I mean I'm definitely going to get it eventually but I've bought way too many games lately!
Posted: 10/03/18, 21:19:10
@Mop it up

What do you mean by "these sorts of games"? Like, I find myself less excited about games in general, but it's not tied to any group of them.
Posted: 10/04/18, 00:55:00
I finished the game early yesterday morning. Had a blast with it.
Posted: 10/04/18, 11:07:29
@Hero_Of_Hyrule Hm, I'm not sure the best way to describe them, as it isn't a specific genre. I guess I can call them "NES-styled games" for lack of a better term. The sorts of games where the focus is on challenge, and practicing the same level / area over and over until the necessary skill is reached and the level is memorized, and the main longevity comes from replaying until the mechanics are mastered, making better and better runs through. When a game is like that, I typically find myself losing interest quickly. Maybe part of it has to do with how I have my own life challenges to deal with that I didn't have as a kid, so I don't need to look for them in a game. Though, lately I've been gravitating towards online games so perhaps I'm simply more social than I used to be.
Posted: 10/04/18, 19:17:18
I beat the mad doctor tonight! My thoughts on the remaining stages:

-BOUNCE MAN's stage is the only that I feel might be a bit too long. The bouncing mechanics are responsive enough but they aren't very forgiving, and it's easy to get caught in a loop where you struggle to reach the next sections of the stage. There are a lot of creative little choices here, though, including the goofy miniboss.

-FUSE MAN has some pretty neat setups and some surprisingly tough sequences right at the end. Not sure how you're supposed to get through those last parts without using the Speed Gear. His fight is a real spectacle and a lot of fun.

-TORCH MAN has a pretty great level with creative ideas and a lot of variety (although I would've liked just a bit more verticality). I think his fight and stage are among the better ones, and I'm glad I saved him for last.

-WILY'S CASTLE feels a bit on the short side, but the first stage is a nice platforming challenge, and its first boss is extremely difficult. The Wily fight itself is really good, and my particular run ended with a bang--I was down to my last sliver of health and so was he, and I decided to do the desperation Double Gear move to attempt to hit him with the Final Charge Shot. Well, he was too far out of reach and my meter was almost up, so I used Rush Coil at the last second to leap up and blast him. I had to save a replay of that.

Really good game. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm certainly going to play through it a few more times in the upcoming weeks to try getting those Records and the Challenge Runs that I haven't Golded yet. I think this was a really solid return to form for Mega Man overall. It added just enough to the core gameplay to keep it feeling fresh, without bogging it down with too many stupid decisions. Mega Man fans should give it a go!
Posted: 10/05/18, 06:22:58
I've decided that MM11 is great and one of the best games in the series.
Posted: 10/06/18, 07:18:26
Finally tried the demo. It feels really good! But the checkpoints are a bit punitive. And I'm not sure that I like the slowdown gear. Also, the gear system controls confuse my fingers. But it's good! I'll get it, for sure. Always down for a good 2D action game.
Posted: 10/06/18, 15:03:50
For whatever reason the demo didnít grab me.

The game was preordered a while ago and I decided to hold onto it and boy am I glad! Iíve only beaten Block Man so far, but Iíve played all the Robot Master stages to varying degrees of success.

The game feels GREAT. Plays like Mega Man should and I love the aesthetics of most of the stages.

The music sort of poops though.
Posted: 10/07/18, 05:29:42

I'd recommend putting Speed Gear on one of the bigger shoulder buttons. Personally, my controls are set up like this...

Shoot: Y
Jump: B
Rush Coil: X
Rush Jet: A
Slide: ZR
Speed Gear: ZL
Power Gear: L

And I just use the stick to choose weaponry. But your mileage may vary. I love the little tweaks like assigning Rush to buttons! Makes speed-running stages feel slick as heck.


Crazy thing about the music, Capcom did a preorder-only DLC thingy where early adopters get a set of alternate tracks for the 8 Robot Master stages. These are largely the same compositions, but with some arrangement liberties taken (for instance, Fuse Man is done in 6/8 instead of 4/4) and are performed by a live keyboardist (usually piano, sometimes rock organ), drummer and violinist. And they sound...pretty great?? I'm generally unimpressed with MM11's soundtrack as is, but these alternate tracks are really quite nice.

They don't really sound "Mega Man-y", but I'd argue the OST doesn't either. At least these are really fresh and skillfully played; MM11's standard OST falls back into generic dance/trance far too often. It sounds like Bomberman music.
Posted: 10/07/18, 07:22:40
Iím trying to find further info on the alternate tracks.

I pre-ordered the amiibo pack and I donít think I received the tracks? Does it come in a download code? I assume EB Games (GameStop Canada) would be part of this promotion.

Posted: 10/07/18, 14:15:43
I've been playing a ton of this! I've almost gotten all of the "Achievement" things. The toughest one so far is probably the "beat the game under an hour" one--I had to really go in and master each individual stage one-by-one (in the game's Time Trial modes). By the end of my run, I had 32 seconds to spare. 32 seconds! Any slower and I would've had to redo the whole thing.

Superhero Mode is nice in theory, but it's sort of strangely-designed. You take a bit more damage and some enemies have more health, which is pretty standard, but they also eliminate all item pickups from the stage, including dropped items from enemies (with the exception of bolts from enemies). It's definitely tougher, but you end up with a fair amount of bolts instead, which means frequent shop stopping. I think I would've preferred the opposite--keep the pickups but eliminate bolts and the shop. Some bosses have some new or altered moves, at least.

Not sure how it works in Canada, but in the US, GameStop and Best Buy (and Amazon) were all part of the preorder promotion. Maybe check your email again? I had mine under a super old email I'd set up with Best Buy in the past.
Posted: 10/09/18, 06:47:29
I did bump the gears to the main (?) triggers. But I didn't think about mapping the slide. That sounds good. Kind of like Mega Man Zero!
Posted: 10/10/18, 20:26:01
Iím thinking Iíll map the slide, too. I keep sliding the wrong way! Messes me up when fighting the Robot Masters.

I called EB and the woman gave me my code in like three seconds. Yay!
Posted: 10/12/18, 00:48:17
That reminds me of the ever-present danger of drifting the wrong way when using the Wii Wheel.
Posted: 10/12/18, 01:20:44

A great Digital Foundry video explaining why MM11 is an excellent sequel and, in his opinion, Mega Man's "Sonic Mania moment."
Posted: 10/12/18, 03:38:52
@TriforceBun But Sonic Mania was Sonic's "Mega Man 9" moment!

Wait, does that make Mega Man 11 Mega Man's Mega Man 9 moment?

Mega Man 11 and now Marble It Up, I'm starting to get antsy about getting my Switch back ASAP...!
Posted: 10/12/18, 04:42:23  - Edited by 
 on: 10/12/18, 04:43:56

Yeah, actually MM9 is probably more accurate. I think a better comparison regarding MM11 would be the Wii's Punch-Out!!
Posted: 10/12/18, 05:56:59
Late to the party, I finally picked this game up tonight. It's really good! It feels very authentic to the NES style Mega Man games in basically every way.

The controls are spot on, and the difficulty is just right: I was worried the Gear system would make things too easy, but it's just enough of a boost to make the tougher segments a little less unforgiving.

I also think it looks fantastic, particularly the backgrounds. Soundtrack's pretty forgettable so far, but oh well.

The game's really generous with the bolts so far: I've beaten four Robot Masters (Block, Torch, Tundra, and Blast) and I've already bought all the available equipment and still have well over a thousand bolts left over. I did buy the chip that makes more bolts appear early on, but still. Not that I'm complaining: the auto-charge in particular is always welcome.

This game has made me realize how much I miss having a real D-pad on the joycons, though. That, and the small buttons hovering just above the right stick make this pretty awkward for me to play on the shell or in handheld mode. I actually started using the Gamecube controller instead, and it's a huge improvement. It's perfectly playable, though I only have one button to cycle through weapons now. I'm super glad Nintendo gave us the option to use alternate controllers on Switch, even in the menus, which wasn't the case on Wii or Wii U even after they got official Gamecube controller support.

Anyway yeah, this is a great MM game. I don't know if I'll have the time to do all the extras like I did for 9 and 10, but I'll probably try a lot of them.
Posted: 12/02/18, 06:13:02
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