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Mega Man 11 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.58/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mega Man 11 on the Switch!

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Mega Man 11 just got a new trailer with a couple boss name reveals.

Before, I was cautiously optimistic, but now I'm genuinely excited! So far, this is hitting the sweet spot of old+new for me--a breath of fresh air without going too far with it. The Viewtiful Joe-esque time power has potential, and the bosses look dynamic and fun. I don't even mind the voice acting this time around!

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Posted: 05/29/18, 20:08:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/18, 21:46:27
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As someone with no Mega Man nostalgia, this looks like a fun 2D action game! And you can never have too many of those.
Posted: 05/31/18, 01:55:29
@r_hjort Honestly I wish there were more pieces of paper in cases, because I like having things on my system but I also like getting 20% off every retail game at Best Buy.
Posted: 05/31/18, 03:08:47
@Zero Isn't that Best Buy gamer club thing ending?
Posted: 05/31/18, 03:26:36
@nate38 Yeah, it's a real bummer. Technically it has already ended, as they no longer accept new subs or renewals. The only thing left unanswered is how long current members will get to keep their subs.
Posted: 05/31/18, 03:50:56

I guess it stops working whenever your renewal date is. Don't remember when mine is. Hmm. Should find out.


Welcome to My Best Buy® Gamers Club Unlocked*. Starting now until 06/22/2019, experience the digital euphoria that is more titles, more rewards and more ways to build on your gaming empire.

So it will work until next year? Not bad.
Posted: 05/31/18, 03:52:21  - Edited by 
 on: 05/31/18, 03:53:20
Amazon Prime savings will still get you 20% off of most preorders but I will be surprised if they don't end that now that there's no competition.
Posted: 05/31/18, 03:54:24
chrisbg99 said:
What? It is actual half ways decent voice acting. Light sounds like an old scientist, not Elmer Fudd and Rock finally went through Robot Puberty.

Don’t misunderstand! I love it! It’s perfect. Just cheesy enough, without being cringe-worthy.
Posted: 05/31/18, 03:54:44
@Hinph Only preorders though, meh. I want cheap games! Wait until they drop in price and THEN get another 20% off on top.

With that said I guess I mostly did use my Best Buy thing on games I wanted right away.
Posted: 05/31/18, 18:45:23
Not a huge fan of the music so far or the excessive use of voice (Megaman shouldn't make so much damn noise). Megaman sounds too old, too. Let him sound like a kid, like the Japanese one!

Still, this game is already confirmed to have dual audio apparently so I can at least play in Japanese :)

I do really like the art style and gameplay so far, though it could look a bit better I'm sure.

I'm surprised I keep hearing about these new powers with no one ever comparing them to Samus Returns.
Posted: 05/31/18, 22:29:18  - Edited by 
 on: 05/31/18, 22:30:12
The music is a bit disappointing, yeah. It was always bound to be a tall order to follow up Mega Man 9 and 10, but I expected something catchier.
Posted: 05/31/18, 22:39:34

I've been so fed up with Amazon since they started using their own crappy drivers and was going to let my Prime membership expire and switch over to Best Buy's program. Real shame it has to end and Amazon is left with no proper competition once again.
Posted: 06/01/18, 12:39:17
I hope it runs at 1080p/60fps on Switch but I'm not holding my breath. I think it's looking really good, even if I still feel Mega Man looks a bit too robotic, no pun intended. Would be cool if his eyesoved around to notice things, just something to make him feel a little more animated.
Posted: 06/01/18, 14:25:28
His running animation doesn't look very natural even for a robot, IMO. I would have been fine with them just doing a copy/paste of Smash Bros. Mega Man to be honest.
Posted: 06/01/18, 16:33:02
Europe won't get a physical release of Mega Man 11 because such is the world that we currently live in.

Guess I'd have to import, but with the way things are going I'm not exactly keen to buy anything from Capcom at all for the foreseeable future.
Posted: 06/04/18, 22:32:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/18, 22:34:13
This game looks pretty awesome! It's a definite must buy for me.
Posted: 06/06/18, 05:33:24
I'm pretty excited for this! I hope it both plays well and performs well in sales so that we can see one of gaming's greatest icons on a more regular basis.


That's aggravating. I'd much rather have a game like this on cart. Most games, really.
Posted: 06/06/18, 05:51:32
Demo of Mega Man 11 is available NOW on the Switch! They must've intended to launch it right as the Direct ended. Even though the Direct was delayed, the Block Man demo still went up, so go try it out!
Posted: 09/07/18, 02:20:37
TRIPLE POOOOST! Well, I'm gonna talk if you bums aren't...!

I played on Normal, died at the boss the first time, and played through again and beat it. Impressions from me, a long-time Mega Man fan:

+Controls feel really good. They're very similar to the NES games', and feel tighter than Mega Man 7 and 8's.
+Level design is strong. Enemy placement is good and there's a nice feeling of escalation with the variety of obstacles. I particularly liked the little miniature obstacle courses on the conveyor belt that you had to blast through.
+Enemy designs are clear, full of character and work with Mega Man's abilities pretty well.
+On Normal, the game provides a solid challenge, just the way I like it!
+The stage is surprisingly long! Possibly longer than any normal stage in the classic series.
+The mid-boss is classically designed and has a tricky rematch.
+The stage boss is well-done too and has a few surprises up his sleeve.
+Small alterations on the controls (like the subweapon toggle and use of Rush) are very welcome.
+Options to adjust button placement and even sound levels.

-My only kind of major gripe so far is with the music. It feels more like Bomberman than Mega Man, lacking that classic electronic rock feel and coming across as kind of generic. I'm not impressed with any of the songs so far. Block Man's theme doesn't really give any sort of impression that I'm in a pyramid. Pharoah Man this ain't!
-On the note of sound, the sound effects kind of lack some punch. The game doesn't quite feel as visceral as it could, based on this and the next point...
-The visuals are a tad too simple and bland. I really like the character designs, but some tweaked effects and polish could've gone a long way.

+/- Voices seem okay so far. Mega Man has never sounded better, but I'm not sure if he really needs to talk during gameplay. Also not sure if I like Block Man's goofy one-liners or not, but there's always the option to turn the voices off.
+/- I'm not quite sure if I like the Gear system or not. It feels a little like cheating? But it's also hard to abuse it, so maybe it'll grow on me.

All in all, I quite enjoyed it and plan on picking it up. I hope there're lots of extra challenges and the like throughout the game. I'm already looking forward to the balloon mode!
Posted: 09/07/18, 03:23:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/07/18, 03:27:28
Looks good, sounds good, plays good, and I couldn't beat the boss. Seems like a proper Mega Man then.
Posted: 09/07/18, 04:36:49
Felt very classic and didn't have the problem like in Mega Man 7 where Mega Man's sprite took up too much screen real estate as well as felt slow or Mega Man 8 where Mega Man also felt slow and floaty.

I really enjoyed it (despite some frustration, mostly self-caused) and can't wait for next month.
Posted: 09/07/18, 04:43:07
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