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Mario Tennis Aces Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8/10 from 2 user ratings

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As someone who has been way down on the Mario Tennis franchise for probably a decade (of Chance Shots), Mario Tennis Aces looks freaking amazing. They've finally rehauled those tired, unintuitive mechanics. Into something that even less resembles tennis, granted, but it seems incredibly fun. Like a tennis fighting game! Blocks, Specials, a meter, Supers, Taunts, and a c-c-combo breaker! It has genuinely become one of my most anticipated games. I love the Block mechanic, since it actually prioritizes timing, whereas previous Mario Tennis games disdained it.

Story mode was nowhere near enough to hype me up. But these new mechanics are. And optional splitscreen for local multiplayer is such a great idea. If they balance it well, Mario Tennis Aces will be an absolute scream in multiplayer. Party in a cartridge.

Camelot has redeemed themselves. Now let's get some Mario Superstar Baseball, Namco!

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Posted: 03/13/18, 00:57:18  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/18, 18:44:41
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The game is out!

Story Mode's pretty fun so far and the mechanics are great as always. Unfortunately, I wanted to main Daisy but I just can't perform with her. Rosalina ended up getting me some wins, though, so I'll stick with the cosmic princess for the time being.

I've gotten to the Tourney finals twice but lost both times. The most recent loss was especially frustrating, against a Chomp that just charged in the middle and returned everything with intense ferocity, getting a meter advantage as early as the first volley. Ugh. That playstyle has me a bit stymied, as does Bowser Jr., whose arms seem to reach the entire court's length.

Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the gameplay. I just wish I could've taken home a trophy tonight.

And I am kind of wondering how much longer I'll be able to play player-vs-player stuff. It gets me a lot more stressed out than single player against computers and probably even couch multi. I dunno what it is!
Posted: 06/23/18, 07:26:12
It really IS more stressful to play online. That might be a generational thing. Like, maybe playing online just equals playing video games for kids today.

But probably not.

As an aside, I've always felt that males need to have an outlet for the aggression that naturally emanates from them. And competition is one of the healthier ways to channel it.
Posted: 06/23/18, 19:10:11  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/18, 19:27:14
I'm excited to try it but I'm hosting my future family I'm law this weekend and playing in the Splatfest.

Posted: 06/23/18, 19:14:08  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/18, 19:14:23

Yeah, I've always been fairly competitive, even doing stuff like playing cards or board games with the family. What can I say? Winning is fun!

I never actually get insanely angry playing games (like, swearing and throwing controllers, etc) but it certainly makes my heart rate go up. I just lost another tourney. Pretty frustrating!
Posted: 06/23/18, 19:14:18
Does anyone else find the audio mixing in this game to be kind of unbearable? BLARING menu music, I turn the TV down, enter a match, everything goes dead silent, I turn the TV back up, switch sides of the court, music fades in super loud again... forget an underwhelming single player mode, I can't stand to play the multiplayer mode for more than five minutes like this. I want to love this game, but man, I dunno if it's gonna happen.

I can't believe no one is talking about this. I've had this issue with other games in the past too (Metal Gear Rising comes to mind), and nobody else on the planet seems to care. It comes across as so shoddy to me, Nintendo's the only dev I can count on to nail little polish details like this and they dropped the ball hard on this one.

EDIT: Okay, the audio still sucks, but I played a bit more and I'm learning to tolerate it.

Any tips on when to use the different swings?
Posted: 06/24/18, 06:48:40  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/18, 18:45:30
I finally picked this game up a few weeks ago. Man, what an improvement on the Mario Tennis formula! The new mechanics even put the old ones into better context.

I've always thought that this game looked like it would be amazingly fun in local multiplayer, and it totally is! My recent 4P session was a blast. The fear of having your racket broken really amps up the tension, and breaking one is incredibly satisfying.

I've only played one tournament online, but it ran pretty well. And the opposition wasn't as intimidating as I'd feared, thanks to the brilliant tier-based system.

Really fun stuff. A great blend of strategy and arcadey mechanics. And seeing that they plan to support and balance it for another year makes me even happier. I haven't even dipped into Adventure Mode yet, but that mode is more of a bonus for me.

After years of middling (non-golf) games, this game brings back the Mario Sports series with a vengeance. I'm so glad that sold it well. Can't wait for the inevitable return of baseball (Namco), soccer (Next Level), etc. I missed arcade sports titles so much! (Also arcade racers. Thanks, Mario Kart!)

Mario Golf World Tour DX with improved graphics, single-system multiplayer modes, more control options, all of the DLC, and a token Story Mode is a guaranteed slam dunk, as well. It's just a matter of time, really.
Posted: 09/16/18, 23:06:39  - Edited by 
 on: 09/16/18, 23:20:30
Just finished the Adventure Mode. Honestly, I found it to be pretty damned good! There were a nice variety of objectives and unique bosses, all with a good usage of the core Aces mechanics. And I didn't have to open locker doors to look for Exp! Speaking of which, the RPG mechanics were kind of meaningless, but they didn't really hurt the experience, either.

I guess that they rebalanced the Adventure Mode in the recent patch, but I found the difficulty curve to be almost perfect. Each boss took me two or three tries. Discover, practice, master. And the Score Attack island was also a nice little cap. As well as the only part of the Mode that I would come back to, most probably.

Still, it exceeded my expectations. I think that this game is kind of underrated, to be honest. Camelot should patch in some meaningless progression elements to make people happy, like cosmetic unlocks and some kind of overall league ranking for friends, the region, and the whole world.

It's funny, because Mario Tennis 3DS had tons of unlockable cosmetics, but the core gameplay was way less enjoyable.

I also dabbled in Swing Mode. I'm not quite able to call my shot yet, but it feels pretty good. Hitting a hard shot is satisfying. And the Online Co-op was fun, but the networking was quite unstable during my sole attempt.

Posted: 09/25/18, 12:08:06  - Edited by 
 on: 09/25/18, 21:56:13
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