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Mario Tennis Aces Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch!

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As someone who has been way down on the Mario Tennis franchise for probably a decade (of Chance Shots), Mario Tennis Aces looks freaking amazing. They've finally rehauled those tired, unintuitive mechanics. Into something that even less resembles tennis, granted, but it seems incredibly fun. Like a tennis fighting game! Blocks, Specials, a meter, Supers, Taunts, and a c-c-combo breaker! It has genuinely become one of my most anticipated games. I love the Block mechanic, since it actually prioritizes timing, whereas previous Mario Tennis games disdained it.

Story mode was nowhere near enough to hype me up. But these new mechanics are. And optional splitscreen for local multiplayer is such a great idea. If they balance it well, Mario Tennis Aces will be an absolute scream in multiplayer. Party in a cartridge.

Camelot has redeemed themselves. Now let's get some Mario Superstar Baseball, Namco!

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Posted: 03/13/18, 00:57:18  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/18, 18:44:41
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First Mario Tennis game ever, and I'm loving it. If the story mode does a good job teaching the nuances of how different shots work, and the lag is a little better than it was tonight, I'm 100% sold.

If not, I'm about 90% sold. What a cool game. I'm seeing a lot of people saying that this is going to be what Arms was supposed to be, haha.

Poor Arms.


Woah, nice one dude!
Posted: 06/03/18, 08:03:30
This was awesome but stressful as fuck to play.
Posted: 06/03/18, 12:30:17

Yes, that is a good way to sum it up. That stress is what I don't like about the game. It's friggin' tennis, stress shouldn't be high on the list of "features."

Glad other people are enjoying it, though.
Posted: 06/03/18, 16:33:34  - Edited by 
 on: 06/03/18, 16:33:49
What makes it stressful to play? The mechanics are simple to learn but fun to master unless if itís those extra bells and whistles that makes it stressful. But then what would a Mario Tennis game be without something that made it stand out? Much more fun than a basic Tennis game. But if thatís what you wanted, thereís a mode for that. Itís not included in the demo but will be in the full game.
Posted: 06/03/18, 18:16:56
Don't forget, there's also a fricking Wii Sports mode. And 2P-4P local multiplayer, where lag and the skill gap will be less of a problem (handicapping would be great, too), and you'll be able to customize your match.

Speaking of which, maybe I should get used to double tapping X to trick for single Joy Con play.

I also hope that two people can jump online from one Switch.
Posted: 06/04/18, 00:59:56
Out of curiosity, has anyone had a match ended by KO?

Myself, I never lost one that way, and I won only one match with it. It was a funny win too, since the guy was actually in the lead 1-2 in games, and he was probably going to win his third, too. But I had been wearing him down throughout with Zone Shots, and I guess he wasn't paying attention as he mistimed a return for the last time and blew out his final racket.

There was also another match I played where I got the opponent down to just one notch left of his final racket, but at that point he stopped trying to return my Zone Shots and just let them by.
Posted: 06/04/18, 02:58:23
@Mop it up

I lost via KO once! It was shameful, particularly since he had one racquet left for most of the match and I was trying to KO him.
Posted: 06/04/18, 05:51:38
@Mop it up
I was KO'd in the first game. Super embarrassing!

I imagine that it will be more frequent with six-game sets.
Posted: 06/04/18, 16:25:41
I got KO'd often. I feel like it was kinda unfair.
Posted: 06/04/18, 16:40:47
I'm guessing players get two racquets per set though. Otherwise I think zone shots and special shots would be too powerful to an unbalanced degree.

I'm actually getting pretty decent at blocking those damaging shots, but where it really kills me is if I'm playing with online lag. Then it's kind of a crap shoot.
Posted: 06/04/18, 17:58:15  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/18, 17:58:52

Yes, it was exactly the bells and whistles that made it stressful for me.

"But then what would a Mario Tennis game be without something that made it stand out?"

Great? Mario Tennis GBC remains one of the most fun sports games I ever played. It did not require 12 buttons and motion controls. It worked because the simple mechanics were deep and it included great progression and sense of accomplishment.

@Mop it up

The only match I played past practice I lost to a KO after holding my own most of the rest of the match, which is probably a huge reason this game was super unfun to me. It's like a crappy one-hit-kill from a boss in an RPG. There's a reason most people hate the Blue Shell or Smash Ball, and it is because it's a cheap mechanic that, as OldManZelda said, feels unfair. (It feels unfair because it is most definitely unfair. Not to mention it makes zero sense, because how would the friggin' PRINCESS OF THE ENTIRE KINGDOM only bring two rackets to a match if she knew she could lose if they broke.)
Posted: 06/04/18, 18:09:23
I'm guessing that the amount of racquets will depend on games/sets. And that it will be customizable in local/friend play.

And you can definitely master the blocking technique, with practice and slo-mo. I think the deadliest shot is probably a speedily aimed Zone Shot. The opponent can't react quickly enough to deal with it.
Posted: 06/04/18, 18:09:30  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/18, 18:12:06
I know it was just a short time with the demo, but my first impression is that power characters are now easily the best ones, statistically. Trick shots can cover Bowser's weakness of slow speed and Spike's weakness of low reach. Though Chain Chomp seems like the single best character due to its crazy combo of reach and power. At the end of the demo, I mainly saw a sea of Chain Chomps, so I think many people felt the same way.

Conversely, Toad felt like the worst character because of his poor reach and low power, plus his control isn't good either. Speed doesn't matter much since trick shots can now cover that. It was sad to see.
Posted: 06/04/18, 19:03:10  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/18, 19:04:39
@J.K. Riki
If you're familiar with GBC Mario Tennis, you've already got a leg up on a bunch of the competition!

GBC MT is solid, but I found its rallies tended to take a painfully long time; sometimes over 20 minutes a match, which is just crazy for a portable game.

Sorry you didn't like the demo. The main rules of Mario Tennis still apply, with some extra bells and whistles for depth, but it didn't take me longer than the 3-day trial period to get comfortable with the additional mechanics, and now I love 'em.
Posted: 06/06/18, 04:44:52
Hey guys, remember me? Iím trying to be more active.

I didnít like the demo, but it was more because of the crappy connection issues I was having. The gameplay itself was solid, so I may get it knowing that the connection issues will be ironed out (much like Splatoonís were after the test fires). Weíll see, but probably not right away.
Posted: 06/06/18, 06:44:53

And I still loved the main rules of Mario Tennis from the demo. My issue is entirely with those bells and whistles, which fundamentally change the game, because if you try to win a match using ONLY the main rules you no longer can. That means the bells and whistles are not actually bells and whistles, but new main rules, yeah?


Welcome back!
Posted: 06/06/18, 17:45:04
@J.K. Riki
You can play it without the bells and whistles.
The mode wasnít available during the test, but itíll be there.
Posted: 06/06/18, 18:39:20

Yes, so I've heard, but that doesn't do me any good during this demo.

And really, isn't the big point of demos to sell people on a game? So it seems like it would have been really smart for Nintendo to include that mode in the demo. All the folks who have been saying they're not a big fan of the weird extra bits that have taken over the main rules would then simply be tweeting out "Really had fun with the Traditional Mode, can't wait for the game release!"

Seems like a pretty simple win to me. Wouldn't even have to be online, they could have just included the option for training/single matches.
Posted: 06/07/18, 22:36:06
I think they banked on swaying people into learning the new mechanics. If the basic mode was available as well, odds are I would have tried the new stuff once then went to basic for the rest of the weekend.

I think their plan worked for the most part.
Posted: 06/08/18, 00:18:36

I don't disagree, my whole point this whole time was that it didn't work for me. :P
Posted: 06/08/18, 19:21:45
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