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Celeste Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.1/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Celeste on the Switch!

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So this just came out for Switch and is a pretty fantastic title so far that I haven't really seen anyone talk about here so why not have a thread to bring it to people's attention a bit more? I'm sure that some may pass up on it for now due to being just a Super Meat Boy clone and while it does play similarly, it definitely has a lot more going for it with an involved story, fun characters, creepy and hard hitting themes that I just did not expect. And that soundtrack is so, so good. But back to its gameplay, it's a bit more open in design while still remaining fairly linear but rather than have small set pieces, it's a bigger level with challenge rooms chained together while keeping the exploration aspect for those that want to hunt down for secrets/optional challenges. It never really feels like the game is unfairly hard though and its controls are tight and precise, making overcoming its difficulty a rewarding and fun experience. So check it out if you haven't done so already! And if you have, talk about it here!

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Posted: 01/30/18, 20:19:13  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/18, 20:20:50
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Started this yesterday during lunch, and did the first chapter. Initial impression: it's pretty great. Love how each screen is essentially its own puzzle in a way, as far as "how am I supposed to get over there?" I'm also impressed with the number of secret areas. I thought I had explored things pretty well, and still missed 5 strawberries. Oh, and the music is awesome!
Posted: 02/20/18, 14:29:19

How have you fared on the C-Sides? I struggled my way to the last screen of a couple of them, but couldn't beat any. By then it was time for me to quit. At that point, returns had thoroughly diminished.
Posted: 02/21/18, 06:31:12
I got this and played through the first area.

I like it, but I don't think it is going to change my mind on these type of games. We'll see.

I'm sort of surprised too that it got such SUPER DUPER AMAZING review scores. Feels like a good game but not like... a 93% on Gamerankings good? It's currently the third highest rated Switch game behind Zelda and Mario. I dunno about that.
Posted: 02/22/18, 07:15:24
The game does get better (even though I feel like the game peaks - no pun intended - about half way), and I mean, it is a really tight platformer with neat level designs and a great soundtrack, but yeah I don't understand the most glowing praise either.
Posted: 02/22/18, 12:15:54
Fell to my death a bunch yesterday during lunch (I'm midway through Ch. 3).

Still really enjoying my time with it, but if I had one real gripe it's that I wish it was a little less linear. For example I saw a secret area and I knew I had to get to it from the other side of where I was, and as I made my way in that other direction I hit a "story point" that blocked me from going back where I came from. Granted, I see myself coming back to these levels later on anyways; I just hate when games tease open-endedness and give you multiple paths for exploration, but if you pick the wrong one it locks you out of the others because you happened to go down the story route.

It's still really great, though.
Posted: 02/22/18, 14:43:27

From a designer standpoint and curiosity, could they have allowed you to go back, or did the story require you to not be allowed back? (Like, a rock fall blocks your path for some actual reason or something.) Would the story have suffered in some way if you were allowed to go back?
Posted: 02/22/18, 17:05:03
Even if the game doesn't let you go back, each level is divided into sections that upon replaying, lets you choose which section you want to begin at.
Posted: 02/22/18, 17:10:40
The second area "gimmick" was really cool, definitely a step up from the first area (which wasn't bad or anything just didn't stand out from other similar games much.)
Posted: 02/23/18, 07:53:22
Third area is sweet too. And the fourth has some neat stuff. The first area probably shouldn't do too much else other than introducing the core mechanics, IMO, but it doesn't convey what might make the game special either.
Posted: 02/23/18, 12:45:03
I didn't love Chapter 3. It was challenging in a way that was at times more frustrating than fun.

On the flip side, I thought Chapter 4 was amazing. Some of the best pure platforming I've gotten from a game in quite some time. I loved nearly every second of it.

@J.K. Riki

Sometimes, there's a scripted story reason (i.e. an elaborate chase/escape sequence towards the end of a chapter) but a lot of the time it just feels arbitrary. Like, sometimes you'll take the left path and there are secrets, and when you come back the way you came it becomes locked off and you can't go that way again. And sometimes that doesn't happen and you can explore to your heart's desire. And sometimes you just pick the one that's the main story path, and they just decided to not let you go back from there and you don't know until it's too late. And it doesn't work in service of the game in any way, shape or form. It just feels like, "well, that's what they decided to do, I guess..." To me, it feels like a way to artificially increase replayability but at the expense of the initial playthrough. I now find myself worrying when I'm presented with multiple paths, because taking the wrong one means that everything else is gated.

I still think this game is awesome, but that aspect of it just sucks.
Posted: 02/24/18, 02:48:18  - Edited by 
 on: 02/24/18, 02:50:32
My strategy has just been to not get too worked up over being a completionist, because honestly this type of game doesn't seem to be the best type to have branching paths and such. If I see multiple paths I'll check one, if it doesn't look like a self-contained room I'll check the other one, but that's about it.
Posted: 02/24/18, 04:54:29

Good to know, thanks! Now I'm extra curious why they made those choices. I wonder if, from their perspective, they wanted some choices to feel "permanent" or if maybe it was just a thing that got lost in the shuffle of "making a game" which I'm quickly learning is so complex to keep track of every part to surely SOMETHING will slip through the cracks some of the time...

Is it a long game? I find the whole "replayability" thing is easier to swallow if games are short. Then I don't feel so crippled by decisions, because heck, I'll just take a few minutes and play through again. Maybe a "save" option could have helped, too, where you can just reload a previous save and keep going. Ooo, or maybe you could have a mode, once you beat the game, that let you warp directly to each branching moment and choose again! Then it wouldn't feel like a slog. I wonder if any games ever did it that way?
Posted: 02/24/18, 18:53:29
I like how everyone is just ignoring that I said that levels are divided into sections and that you can choose what section to start on. And heck, there's a mode that lets you skip areas if you find it too hard anyway.
Posted: 02/24/18, 18:57:10
Personally I think the game should have divided its levels into sections so that you can choose to restart wherever you want. Or added a mode that lets you skip areas that you find too hard. That would have been good.
Posted: 02/24/18, 19:09:11
@VofEscaflowne I'm not ignoring it, that just doesn't help me at all when I'm going through it the first time. And honestly, I'm not sure if I care enough about completionism to go back through each area more than once. Plus I'd probably not remember what sections had paths I didn't go on yet yada yada anyway.
Posted: 02/24/18, 20:03:21

Choosing sections shows which area has missing strawberries. And this wasn't really directed to you since you don't really seem to care about it anyway.
Posted: 02/24/18, 20:30:19

I'm not ignoring that point; it just doesn't change my feelings on it that it's bad design. It's one thing to replay levels to find stuff that you missed, it's another to replay levels to do stuff the game dicked you over from doing the first time.
Posted: 02/24/18, 20:51:41

It literally probably takes less than a minute to return to an area given the options you have to choose from.
Posted: 02/24/18, 21:06:29

I don't think the strawberries are worth going back for. I went back and got the tapes to unlock the B side levels, which more than satisfied my desire for more content. If you want to access a post-game level, you need to beat the B side stages to unlock it.
Posted: 02/25/18, 06:26:03

Oh! That's cool. Thanks. I must have missed your post, or perhaps it was just because I haven't played it so I have less frame of reference to understand the whole "levels/sections" thing. Are sections like "worlds" or something?

Anyway, I appreciate the re-pointing-out of it. Good to know!


So, just so I understand correctly, the issue you have is the game FORCED you to miss some things, even though you wanted to go back and do it the first time. Not that it doesn't try to help you go back there once you beat the game?
Posted: 02/25/18, 16:04:57
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