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Hi all! I've taken over the Sports page here at Negative World. This thread is a safe space to talk about all things sports related, even sports video games!

I've also taken some hallmarks from Mr. Mustache's old sports thread and supplanted them here in the OP!

Have fun!

Current events:

NFL: The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Crazy!

NHL: Those Vegas Golden Knights keep rolling. Also, the Bruins look like the team to beat in the East next to Tampa Bay.

NBA: Basketball is a sport!

MLB: It's Opening Day!

Here's the link to the original Sports Thread: Mustache's Sports Thread

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Posted: 01/03/18, 17:51:19  - Edited by 
 on: 03/29/18, 15:28:15
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Chloe Kim is the greatest!
Posted: 02/13/18, 03:32:11

How has your Olympic experience been?
Posted: 02/13/18, 13:57:23

Not there yet. We’re there for the second week. Leaving on Sunday. Super excited and super nervous!
Posted: 02/15/18, 18:11:01
Happy Opening Day, everyone!

Posted: 03/29/18, 15:28:39
FRIGGIN RAIN!!!!!!!!!!

No baseball for Pirates fans today.
Posted: 03/29/18, 17:51:42
Just found out last night I'm going to the Mariner's game today! Happy Felix Day!

@J.K. Riki Thankfully Safeco has that retractable roof, because it's raining here in Washington too.
Posted: 03/29/18, 19:51:04

Today is the day for having one of those, yeah! Rained out Opening Day... I don't remember the last time such a thing happened.

Have fun at the Mariner's game!
Posted: 03/29/18, 20:03:37
@J.K. Riki It'll be me and my dad. Haven't gone to a game with him in probably 15yrs, should be fun.
Posted: 03/29/18, 21:34:52
Here's hoping the fighting Sister Jeans can pull one more upset
Posted: 03/29/18, 21:41:01
Mets crushed the Cardinals. Here's hoping they can stay healthy. I also got the MLB.TV app for free through a friend. What an awesome app.
Posted: 03/30/18, 05:55:51

*rain rain go away*
Posted: 03/30/18, 16:05:01
Cloudy, 44, 21 mph wind gusts.

They shouldn't play baseball in Detroit before May
Posted: 03/30/18, 18:49:47
What a great opening day win for the M's! We had GREAT seats (thank you Dad), and a record opening day attendance too. Didn't get to sleep until after 12:30 by the time we drove home, but was well worth it!
Posted: 03/30/18, 19:54:52
With yesterday's walk off win against the Phillies the Braves are over .500 for the first time since June 1st 1995. Granted we are only one game into the season but bad streaks are meant to be broken and I'll take what I can get.
Posted: 03/30/18, 23:53:00
Holy crap, that Pirates/Tigers game yesterday was one of the craziest baseball games I've ever seen. And DEFINITELY the craziest Opening Day game I ever watched.

My wife literally turned it off when the Tigers "won" and then 10 minutes later on Twitter I saw the game had continued, ha ha. OOPS. Also I feel awful for the fans there, because what a garbage way to lose a game. Been there (against the Braves a few years back, before replay so we didn't even get to challenge it).

I didn't realize how much I missed baseball this year. Usually I miss it, but that game was like "HERE IS WHY YOU MISSED IT" in big red letters.
Posted: 03/31/18, 18:59:15
Pirates are 4-0 to start this season! And off tomorrow so I get to enjoy this for at least one more day! :D

I know it won't last, but it's just so much fun when the team is competitive, even if it's only for a few weeks/months.
Posted: 04/03/18, 04:28:03
Taking 2 of 3 from the gNats isn't bad. Good start for the Braves though we are only 1/27th of the way through the season.
Posted: 04/05/18, 00:09:25
The Tigers have scored more than zero runs in three games and have had three games postponed due to weather. It's going to be a long season
Posted: 04/05/18, 21:59:30
NFL Draft is tomorrow. Who's career are the Browns going to ruin this year? I'm not a fan of the Thursday, Friday, Saturday thing. I always enjoyed watching it throughout the weekend. Plus, because I'm on the west coast, I'm still at work for the 1st few picks.
Posted: 04/26/18, 07:02:36
I'm nervous the Bills will bills the draft (bills - v. - to ruin a good game/good time; to lose in spectacular fashion. ex: The Maple Leafs really billsed that game 7 against the Bruins last night.).

The Mets still looking good despite getting blown out by the Cards last night.
Posted: 04/26/18, 13:27:55
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