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Hi all! I've taken over the Sports page here at Negative World. This thread is a safe space to talk about all things sports related, even sports video games!

I've also taken some hallmarks from Mr. Mustache's old sports thread and supplanted them here in the OP!

Have fun!

Current events:

NFL: The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Crazy!

NHL: Those Vegas Golden Knights keep rolling. Also, the Bruins look like the team to beat in the East next to Tampa Bay.

NBA: Basketball is a sport!

MLB: It's Opening Day!

Here's the link to the original Sports Thread: Mustache's Sports Thread

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Posted: 01/03/18, 17:51:19  - Edited by 
 on: 03/29/18, 15:28:15
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I ran the full gamut of emotions in that final minute. From Defeated anger/depression to absolute surprise and elation it was so unbelievable. Those kind of miracle plays just don't happen for teams like the Vikings. Usually that happens against them.
Posted: 01/15/18, 21:51:22
Carson Wentz went from deflated after he threw the ball to surprised Stefon Diggs caught it to ecstatic when he was running towards the end zone. If you didn't see his reaction you should watch it
Posted: 01/15/18, 22:41:46

Glad my fellow North Dakotan is still a Vikings fan at heart.
Posted: 01/16/18, 00:50:39
chrisbg99 said:
I ran the full gamut of emotions in that final minute. From Defeated anger/depression to absolute surprise and elation it was so unbelievable. Those kind of miracle plays just don't happen for teams like the Vikings. Usually that happens against them.

Welcome to life as a Bills fan!

Props to the Saints punter, who played the entire rest of the game with broken ribs after making a tackle on one of the first punt returns. He was also one of the 7 Saints to come out for the pointless PAT. Punters are the toughest guys on the team.
Posted: 01/16/18, 13:34:47

Nah that is pretty much also life as a Vikings fan. Usually it just ends in crushing defeat.
Posted: 01/16/18, 16:04:50
@chrisbg99 Not that the players themselves think about this stuff as much, but I know Eagles fans in general would much prefer that Philadelphia plays Minnesota next week. I haven't been paying attention to the teams as much, but I thnk one of the reasons is that Drew Brees is just one of those guys who can turn it on, despite having been in the league for a number of years now.

Also, I'm glad I'm not working at night next week for the NFC Championship game. Eagles are in an uphill battle but who knows. Any given Sunday and all that.
Posted: 01/16/18, 19:01:08
Anyone into sports betting? Curious on how to bet the games this weekend?

"The NFC and AFC Championship Games in the NFL playoffs on Sunday will attract bets from average Joes to professional bettors. The Patriots are 9.5-point favorites over the Jaguars and the Vikings are 3.5-point favorites over the Eagles. The over-under, or total number of points Vegas think will be scored, is 38 for Vikings-Eagles and 46.5 for Jaguars-Patriots." (Link

Jags getting 9.5 seems like a risky bet. We've seen two weeks in a row how volatile and/or flaccid the offense is. Were the Bills D that much better than the Steelers? Were the Steelers looking ahead? Too many variables to take the Jags with the points. Some experts are saying to take the under for the game as well, which seems more reasonable. It's very possible the Jags could put up 3 points, and the Jags D holds Brady to say, 21. Lou's Lock of the Week: Take the under.

The NFC Championship game has a baffling spread, as the road team is the favorite over the Eagles. The Vikings won on a miracle last week. How does that make them the favorite? Take the Eagles with the points all day in this one. Also, both teams know how to light it up, so take the over if you want to go that route.

Weather for both games shouldn't really be a factor, as gametime temps will be in the 40s for both games, with some sunshine in NE.

Posted: 01/17/18, 13:38:51
Patriots and under. I don't think the Patriots will sleepwalk their way to a twenty point deficit and eventually Blake Bortles will have to make some plays to keep the game close.

Vikings and under. Nick Foles is still the quarterback for the Eagles, and I don't see how you can hide him with a solid running game against the Vikings
Posted: 01/17/18, 16:27:46

Interesting take on the NFC game. I think the complete opposite. The Vikes luck has to run out. I think both teams will put up a lot of points, and I think the game should be within 3-5 points. That's why I feel the Eagles are a safe pick with the points.
Posted: 01/17/18, 16:44:35
1 out of 4 bets correct and my reasoning was all wrong. There's a reason I don't actually bet on sports
Posted: 01/22/18, 16:49:01
I try not to actively dislike people or things, but I hate the Patriots so much it almost compares to my hatred of the Yankees.

Oh well. Is what it is until Brady retires in 2034.

On the plus side, only 65 more days until Baseball Opening Day! Weeeeeeeeee!
Posted: 01/22/18, 18:27:10
I don't want to do math, but I think I went 3/4 and was right on my lock of the week.

The Jags were doing so well, but you could tell the Brady machine had them fatigued. Also, the Jags stopped beating the snot out of the Pats. They were hitting so ferociously, and then took their foot off the gas.
Posted: 01/22/18, 19:52:01
God dammit the Vikings are just the kings of peaking optimism just to push you off the cliff.

Seriously the whole season they were competitive in every game but for the NFC Championship they decided to shit the bed so utterly and completely at all facets of the game.

Fuck I hate being a fan of this team. I'd say I can't wait for baseball but the Braves suck to and the Bulls are also garbage.

At least NDSU won the FCS Championship a couple weeks ago. So I have that.
Posted: 01/22/18, 23:51:27
Anyone watch the Royal Rumble last night? I thought it was a good overall show. The women's rumble was fun, and a good show closer.
Posted: 01/29/18, 17:31:41
I'll slowly watch the rumble over the coming week. I usually wait so I can skip all the fluff
Posted: 01/29/18, 19:42:00
I'm sill pretty damned pissed about the NFC Championship.
Posted: 01/30/18, 06:17:29
Any Super Bowl picks?

I'm super confident in the over. I think it's set at 48, which is doable by one team alone, let alone combined score. That's my lock of the week.

I'm still up in the air as to who will win. My heart and brain say the Patriots, but there's something funky about this Eagles squad. This isn't McNabb and Owens.

Also, the Cleveland Indians are going to phase out Chief Wahoo in the coming years. Looks like I better get that Roger Dorn jersey sooner than later.
Posted: 01/30/18, 14:01:24
Hooray Eagles!

Hooray 10 days until Pitcher and Catchers report!
Posted: 02/05/18, 06:35:55
That was a very entertaining football game. Doug Pederson has some big balls to call a pass to his QB on 4th and goal. Zero fucks given.

He's also the first guy to beat Bill Belichek as both a QB and head coach. So that's something.
Posted: 02/05/18, 13:46:35
If I were smart I would've bet on the Eagles. I figured they were going to lose but since my every instinct is wrong the opposite must be right.
Posted: 02/06/18, 18:55:00
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