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Do you find the Switch comfortable in handheld mode? [roundtable]
I've seen a lot of people say that the Switch is more comfortable than the Wii U Gamepad. (Part of that whole 'Make something look good by disparaging something else' trend.)

Seriously? I've never really found the Switch to be particularly comfortable. It's too thin to grip properly, and the triggers feel gross. Going back to the Wii U, I was surprised at how clunky and heavy and cheap the GamePad felt, but damn, if it wasn't comfortable to hold!

It also amuses me when people say that Nintendo is making amazing games for the Switch, but the Wii U library was trash. Present company excepted, of course!

Anyway, let's rank then Nintendo handhelds, in terms of ergonomics! (I'm including things like the button layout and 'feel'.)

From what I've owned:

1) GBA - mushy buttons, but comfortable to hold
2) GBA SP - great buttons, but slightly cramped
3) DS Lite - Light and compact, with nice spongy buttons
4) DS - hefty, but solid enough to grip. Tiny, chiclet buttons detract.
5) Switch - feels bad, man
6) 3DS - cramp city
7) DSi - Too thin. Feels flimsy.
8) 3DS XL - Cramp City - Population: Me

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Posted: 12/22/17, 14:39:31
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And prettier, too! Well, I'll keep an eye on it, but I'd rather have some first hand reviews from someone I trust, ha ha. So keep me posted if you cave and grab one.
Posted: 12/24/17, 06:39:54
I find the Switch comfortable enough as a handheld. Many Nintendo handhelds make my arms fall asleep a bit after I play for long enough in one position, but that's less an ergonomic thing and more a result of holding a two-handed system in front of you for so long.

I'll typically play docked if the TV's available, and handheld if not (or if I'm on the go). Probably about a 60/40 split from console to handheld.

Do you never play multiplayer??
Posted: 12/24/17, 06:47:29


Yeah, Ultra Street Fighter II is a hoot in multiplayer! Also Snipperclips and Puyo Puyo Tetris.

Posted: 12/24/17, 15:01:24
@Anand You posted the wrong 3DS grip. here's the correct one.
Posted: 12/25/17, 03:34:03
Posted: 12/25/17, 16:59:39
@Anand worth every penny.
Posted: 12/25/17, 21:23:13
Obviously doesn't feel as good as a Pro Controller in the hands, but it's fine... damn comfortable in the sense that I love playing lying on my back in bed before sleep. One of my favorite things about Switch and the reason I'll rebuy so many games on it.
Posted: 01/27/18, 03:29:24
*actually looks at @Anand's list*

In what world is the GBA SP less cramped than any other handheld console ever released besides the Micro?
Posted: 01/28/18, 04:00:12
Yup, for the most part. As good as it's gonna get IMO. Doesn't bust my hand up like other handhelds have. Playing Samus Returns literally caused me pain in my nerves, muscles, whatever.
Posted: 01/28/18, 04:11:49
I said it was cramped, right? But that's mostly due to the way that you hold it. Having only two face buttons helps a lot. Fuck that symmetrical diamond.
Posted: 01/28/18, 07:26:00  - Edited by 
 on: 01/28/18, 07:26:21
To expand on my gaming control manifesto...

Nah, forget the stupid diamond (please!). I want to discuss something else.

I usually find the Joy Con layout to be okay, but there's no denying that it impacts in-game performance, even when using a plastic grip. I've been trying to beat Basic Challenge mode in Lumines for weeks, always in handheld mode. Because why would you play a puzzle game in 1P on a TV, right? But after continually beating my head against a wall, I decided to attempt it, just once, with the Pro on a TV.

First try.

I experienced a similar phenomenon with the Story Mode of Puyo Puyo Tetris, as well. Hit a late-game wall, went Pro, passed the wall.

And I always, always regret jumping online (ARMS, Splatoon, Paladins) without a Pro in hand.

The Joy Con are nice in a pinch, and for IRL throwdowns, but that convenience definitely comes at a cost.

Also, playing a game with the Directional Buttons on the Joy Con is okay while they're tethered to something, but doing it freehand is terrible, because of how far away those buttons are when the left Joy Con is naturally gripped. Which sucks, because I love going freehand.

The Nunchuk and Wiimote were way more comfortable. Even with the wire.

Maybe I should mod one of my left Joy Con... although I don't think the directional buttons are the only issue. The button size, button location, analog sticks, and ergonomics of the Pro are all clear advantages. I'll wait for a super-clunky Joy Con Pro mod, with bigger sticks and buttons and more depth.
Posted: 08/14/18, 19:50:24  - Edited by 
 on: 08/14/18, 20:17:36
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