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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.18/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch!

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The sequel to the highly praised Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Posted: 11/30/17, 15:00:33  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/17, 15:01:07
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@Mop it up
I don't think that's accurate. It's gotten good reviews, and is selling quite well all things considered from what I understand, especially when compared to the two previous games in the series. A Nintendo published game going on sale just in time for its biggest DLC pack to release doesn't seem too likely either, IMO. Just jump in if you want some RPGing!
Posted: 01/20/18, 15:18:51
In the new patch you can also skip dialogue in the menus, such as when Blades return from Merc missions. That is pretty cool. Definitely should've been that way from the beginning. Makes Merc missions go a lot faster.

I guess this game has gotten a lukewarm reception but I'll give it a whole hearted recommendation, especially if you liked the first Xenoblade. There's some wonkiness in there, definitely, but overall it's a HUGE game with awesome music, a good story, and IMO a really good battle system.
Posted: 01/21/18, 20:34:35
My reception certainly hasn't been lukewarm! I think apart from Zelda it was my favorite release in 2017. Which feels insane to say over Odyssey, but for me playing alongside my wife in Xenoblade has just been more fun overall. (Not to discount how much I love Odyssey.)

So yeah, five stars. Highly recommend, sale or not.
Posted: 01/21/18, 21:47:45
It's also my second-place game to Zelda for the year! I loved Odyssey, but this game's world, story, characters, and battle system have me completely hooked. There are a few annoyances here and there, but they don't compare with how high the rest of the game soars for me.
Posted: 01/22/18, 19:44:42
I'm about 45 hours in, and the combat system has finally "clicked" with me. Makes me love the game even more.
Posted: 01/22/18, 19:53:16
New game plus is being added in the next patch! How exciting! That will be fun to tackle tough quests earlier in the game. There's also some other new about leveling down drivers to get bonus items or whatever. You can look up what's in the new patch on your own.
Posted: 02/09/18, 16:56:04
Also lets you skip the super long Core Crystal bonding video sequence. Which is a welcome addition, but also I feel like that will make it WAY less exciting, because every bonding felt like an event before. Oh well.
Posted: 02/09/18, 17:41:28
@J.K. Riki

You can usually tell when you're gonna get a unique blade, because there's a longer loading time.
Posted: 02/09/18, 17:51:24
So I've been enjoying this game quite a bit, minus one certain aspect. The developer keeps stealing my team away from me, and it may be the element of RPGs (or any game) that I hate most. Why is this a thing? It's awful. You build relationships with the characters, then poof, they are gone. I just got to the Kingdom of Moryia or something under the Cloud Sea and boom, I'm all alone, facing 1000 enemies, and it is not even a little bit fun. I literally ran through the whole place, taking damage as I went, didn't care. I just ran. Finally THANKFULLY the team returned at one point, so now it's back to playing and enjoying the game. But that little interlude? I don't think I've had less fun in a game in a long, long time. I was seriously tempted to quit, it sucked.

Okay, venting over, back to enjoying XBC2.
Posted: 02/18/18, 06:13:05
I beat the game over winter break. It was a fun experience, and a solid conclusion to the story. I can't wait for the new game + patch to drop this Friday!
Posted: 02/26/18, 14:25:33
We beat the game yesterday, finally. Had to look up how to beat the last boss because it has a cheap-o One-Hit-Kill move that it pulled out after I had already been fighting for like THIRTY MINUTES. Not a fan of that design element.

Overall, though, it was a ton of fun! Loved the story, the art, and gameplay, and almost everything about it. I feel like Xenoblade 1 will always have a special Rein-time place in my heart, but this was definitely right up there alongside.

-Nia Alt Form
-Nia's accent
-All the other characters except Malos and Jin who were stupid nonsense most of the time
-Interesting story
-Terrific atmosphere
-The one side quest where you find out Nopons talk like they do to trick humans into loving them more
-Well crafted battle system that was consistently engaging
-How cute Nia is

-Pyra. Or more specifically 1) her insane nonsensical proportions 2) that she is not Nia
-The kind of cop out ending that, after being deeply sacrificial and emotional, totally goes back on itself and just lets things be all good again. Which don't get me wrong, I like happy endings, but any time you pull that kind of crap it destroys all the crying of the sacrifice made. It cheapens what you just went through.
-Too long in some ways, though mostly this is our fault for going after almost every side quest (or I should say, MY WIFE'S FAULT)
-Walk-cutscene-walk-cutscene-walk-cutscene towards the end
-That Nia didn't end up with Rex, but that's because Rex is stupid and that's fine because it leaves open the possibility of Nia being with someone WHO TRULY DESERVES AND APPRECIATES HER.

In conclusion,

Posted: 03/07/18, 22:01:25  - Edited by 
 on: 03/07/18, 22:04:10
I just picked this back up today after a considerable break (I’m only about five hours in) and I have entirely forgotten how the battle system works. I had a stretch of a half hour or so when I died over and over and over again because I couldn’t defeat anything. I kind of want to grind as practice, but I refuse to attack anything that doesn’t attack me first, and anything that does attack me whups me good. I hope I can get over this hump, because I was quite enjoying the game.
Posted: 03/07/18, 22:15:54

Regular stuff is killing you? That's weird. Other than things considerably higher in level (like, 10 levels higher) they shouldn't be wrecking you. Are you fighting "named" stuff? Those ones are much harder, even if you're a higher level than them.
Posted: 03/07/18, 23:02:10
@J.K. Riki

I'm not joking when I say that I have completely forgotten the battle system, which is why I was looking for a manual for the stinking game. I literally don't remember what buttons to press and when. I'm early when Nia is first taken and I'm looking for her and just running around doing some side quests. I'm level 8 and am getting wrecked by level 10 enemies in the area. It does not help that there always seem to be more than one enemy at a time. It's honestly early enough that I may just start over. We'll see. Like I said, I was honestly enjoying the game before, I just put it down for a bit too long, is all.
Posted: 03/08/18, 01:15:51

I remember that part. Solo fighting is very very difficult in this game, even against enemies the same level as you. The enemies are designed so that it's beneficial to have THREE teammates against ONE enemy or a group of lower level enemies. It's bizarre.

And if I remember where you are, you're going through the ship on your own to get Nia out. Yeah, get some side quests done for quick leveling up, boost up some arts/blade weapons, and equip a gem that makes fighting humans easier. Haha.
Posted: 03/08/18, 13:35:51

Oh! Yeah, yeah, like OldMan said, solo in XC2 is a nightmare. That's your problem. Get Nia back ASAP (if for no other reason than she is the greatest ever, but also because she's your healer) and it will be a night and day difference.

That is one major, major issue I have with the game. It forcibly removes your party FAR too often. ONCE is too often, even. No matter what the game is, if a player unlocks something you should not take it away. That's cheap and stupid and bad design. Later you reach a pretty massive section where Pyra is taken away for a while, after you've fully developed "how to play" using her as your main Blade. That was a miserable grind. I don't recall either Xenoblade 1 or X doing that at all, and frankly that's how it should be. It's one area XC2 falls way short of the previous games. Almost every other area is a step forward in game design except that.
Posted: 03/08/18, 14:32:00  - Edited by 
 on: 03/08/18, 14:33:37
@J.K. Riki

Ah, fantastic! Thank you guys! Yeah, being solo seems to be my main difficulty, and it’s good to know it’s not entirely my fault. I still think I need some refreshers with the battle system, but I’m encouraged to push through!
Posted: 03/08/18, 14:50:49
@J.K. Riki

I didn't mind that section. It gave me time to familiarize myself with other blades and combinations.

The worst section is much much later when you have to go toe to toe, one on one with the dream versions of your squad. That was frustrating, until I found the right combination of gems and blades to demolish everyone. Nia was the only one who gave me trouble, but the combo I put together for her worked for the rest of the fights.
Posted: 03/08/18, 14:56:49

Yeah, see I don't like learning alternate methods, ha ha. In fact, most of the time I never switched to any Blade but Pyra in any battle, even the backups. So it was all awful for me. If it's OPTIONAL, more power to the folks who enjoy trying a bunch of combos or whatever. I personally like games to guide me step by step (one of my favorite examples of this is Plants vs. Zombies, which does that almost perfectly), and if they introduce new elements I prefer they don't forcibly overwrite what came before. Again, optional is fine.

I agree about the dream/shadow bit. That part was just flat-out cheap. Morag is where I struggled, and we finally had to look it up because nothing was working. If you do a quick search for that part you find that it is a giant group of players that hate/struggled with that part! Lessons learned. Also the Morya slog where Rex was alone, that was such a chore I literally just ran straight through and ignored all enemies until I had my friends back in the party.
Posted: 03/08/18, 15:08:10
Had saved up the Torna DLC for my Christmas break, and now I've started playing it! New playable characters, new gameplay mechanics, new environments, new music and overall just a lot more Xenoblade! Ooooooh, I'm one happy guy right now.
Posted: 12/23/18, 14:59:01
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