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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.18/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch!

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The sequel to the highly praised Xenoblade Chronicles.

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Posted: 11/30/17, 15:00:33  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/17, 15:01:07
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I'm not a fan of the map/compass thing either. But the soundtrack and art are pretty well done, imo.
Posted: 12/04/17, 16:54:08
I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't mind the map and compass haha. It works well enough to let you know you're going in the direction you want to go so that's all I want out of it really.
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:25:37

It gets jumbled when there's multiple quest markers. Like, the (!) get stacked on top of one another when things are in the same direction, but different distances apart. I had trouble deciphering where to go when doing the hide and seek side quest.
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:31:32

Yeah but as long as it's in the middle of the bar, then you know you're going towards the right direction. Only problem I guess would be if its location is very far away and you don't want to walk its entire distance... but checking the map shows its marker too so usually not a big deal. I mean it could've been done better but hardly anything that bothers me.
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:36:18
Like @TheOldManFromZelda says, the compass is a mess when there's more than one objective active. And sometimes it's not even very precise with where it's pointing. Sometimes I get the feeling that it adjusts in order to show me where it thinks I should go in order to reach a certain spot, instead of simply pointing in the general direction of the spot. It feels unreliable, IMHO.

And don't get me started on how we have to press button after button just to get to the right map screen. The should patch the menu and HUD system in general as far as I'm concerned.

But again, to try and balance my whining a bit: I'm starting to like Nia more and more. Might in part be an effect of liking Rex less and less, but still, she's pretty cool. She's got spunk.
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:37:24
@r_hjort Can you be more specific about "no armor customizations"? Is there no armor at all, or just not as much of it? It's there but doesn't show on characters anymore?
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:42:25

I guess I haven't had these same issues but to each their own. I actually sort of found it an improvement due to it at least telling me if my objective is higher or lower than my current position As long as I see the number consistently go down as I travel, then that's good enough for me.
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:46:50
@Mop it up

As far as I can tell, you don't really equip armor. Just accessories, and only two things per person at that.

Someone want to confirm or expand?
Posted: 12/04/17, 19:47:54
@Mop it up
It's like @TheOldManFromZelda says. The only thing your characters can equip are accessories, and there are two slots per character. The rest of the customization is done via your blade characters. They decide your class, your weapon, your skills and arts and stuff.

EDIT: So in other words, there are no cosmetic alterations you can make to your characters anymore.

The higher-lower thing is definitely an improvement, I can agree with you there! Although I think it works the best when you navigate places that have floors or more easily defined levels of altitude or whatever. Still, it's always better than nothing.
Posted: 12/04/17, 20:03:00  - Edited by 
 on: 12/04/17, 20:30:34
It's sort of weird when you're in an area and it wants you to find an exit but then you're like just fast traveling out of there without the game telling you that you can't
Posted: 12/04/17, 22:29:15
@r_hjort You just had to jinx it.
Posted: 12/05/17, 19:37:33
Yeah, I really screwed this up, didn't I.
Posted: 12/05/17, 19:55:42
The music and cutscenes.

I was hoping BOTW would be at this level.
Posted: 12/06/17, 02:12:21
I think the only thing that's bothering me so far 5 hours in is the fact that the weapons you get are tied to.....loot boxes.

At least we don't have to pay real money for them?
Posted: 12/06/17, 06:29:49
This game does have some shit design at times, and I can only be thankful that the game wasn't published by someone like Activision or EA that would have taken advantage of it.

Unlocking new blades is done by lottery, and if you want a tutorial or game tips you have to buy them from a vendor. What the fuck even is this. It feels like the kind of decisions a developer would make to make the game 'longer'. But it's not like a game with this amount of content needs artificial lengthening. For every thing this game does well Monolith decided to screw up two other arbitrary things that used to work perfectly.

EDIT: That being said, it's fun getting new blades and trying them out, comparing them to your old ones and so on. It's just that the RNG thing is overdone as far as I'm concerned.

This game does those two things extremely well, so I won't disagree there, but I don't think BotW is any less accomplished. If anything I'm happy BotW didn't go with this overly epic style for its cutscenes and presentation.
Posted: 12/06/17, 09:25:37  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/17, 11:13:43
Bumping with a double post just because I have something positive to say for once.

I've been in the second region a while now, and Uraya is such a beautiful place! The graphics tech is one thing, but the design is soooooooo gorgeous! This is the kind of environment I missed in Xenoblade Chronicles X! And speaking of things I missed in X: The music in this region is so calming and beautiful too! May Monolith never stop working with ACE and Manami Kiyota!

Also met Zeke for the first time. Had only seen artwork of them before and didn't expect much, but I actually laughed out loud at some of their dialogue. The indignant way they say "handling a man's turtle" just cracks me up.
Posted: 12/06/17, 23:02:04
Finally started it last night! Loving things so far. Honestly the voice acting of the main character totally changed my thoughts on him from simply looking at screens. It fits with the anime-ish style more than I ever expected. (I'm still not sure that I don't prefer the original look in XB1, but I have no trouble enjoying this art style either, thanks to solid voice acting.)
Posted: 12/07/17, 18:49:08
@J.K. Riki
I'm glad they went with the various British dialects again. Not to bash any of the American ones, but they don't seem as fitting to me for whatever reason.
Posted: 12/07/17, 18:52:38

Agreed! I find the British ones... I dunno, more filled with character? Or something? Not sure, would have to think about it.

You can switch on Japanese, too, right? I think I read they included that? I bet that would work well too.
Posted: 12/07/17, 22:51:15
Fonsa Myma has to be one of the most beautiful RPG towns I've ever seen. So dreamy without having any exaggeratedly dreamy designs crammed in there. It's a subdued kind of dreaminess with its purple/orange colour scheme and nostaliga laden music. If XC2 had the old NPC affinity system where I could stroll around affecting random people's relationships with each other and watch them go about their daily lives I could probably have stayed there forever.

@J.K. Riki
I think the Japanese voices come in a patch, but I'm not sure.
Posted: 12/08/17, 20:58:07
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