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Rocket League Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.84/10 from 5 user ratings

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Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch is now available! This isn't just a weird soccer with flying cars game. Well...it is, but it can be much more than that! There's unlockable content, numerous arenas, modes, training, ranked battle, and cross play with Xbox and PC players! Nintendo exclusive content is also being made available.

NW members are encouraged to team up and have some online fun!

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Posted: 11/14/17, 16:23:36  - Edited by 
 on: 11/14/17, 16:31:14
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@Zero lolol

Oh well, I haven't turned on my PC in almost six months anyway. There was a Windows Update around that time that keeps failing and causing issues for me, which I should probably figure out. Plus I'd rather not snake the Ethernet cable across my house like I was doing before...still, it would be nice to have that silky smooth framerate and support for analog shoulder triggers.

I wonder if I can get all the cosmetic settings I have on PC if I enter my Rocket ID? Mainly I just don't feel like re-decorating my cars, haha.
Posted: 02/13/19, 04:52:06
Didn't they announce that feature over a year ago? What took them so long?!
Posted: 02/15/19, 21:48:13
@Mop it up Not sure why it took so long between PC / Xbox / Switch, but with Sony they only recently allowed crossplay at all, so it is relatively new there, one of the few games to support it as far as I know.
Posted: 02/15/19, 22:59:36
If I'm not mistaken Psyonix put cross platform parties on the back burner when they found out that Sony was finally letting Fortnite do it. They wanted to get Sony's approval so that their party system was available for all consoles the day they released it.
Posted: 02/22/19, 07:18:03
My fiance is by no means a gamer but she has been playing a bit of Rocket League with me here and there and, although she is still struggling with the controls, she got her first point with a pretty sweet off-the-wall assist to my goal.

Posted: 03/01/19, 09:12:06  - Edited by 
 on: 03/01/19, 09:12:57
That's awesome that you've gotten your fiance involved!

I had the defensive game of my life last week. I ended up with 7 saves and 4 goals. This slow-mo video is one of my favorite blocks.

Posted: 03/18/19, 13:27:21
Broke the 200 hour mark. I've wasted my life.

Posted: 03/31/19, 00:08:12  - Edited by 
 on: 03/31/19, 00:08:25
Anddddd... I'm a ROCKETEER now. Going to stick with "QUICK CHAT CHAMPION" as my title though because it is very fitting, I'm constantly quick chatting lol.

Posted: 04/14/19, 03:44:26  - Edited by 
 on: 04/14/19, 03:45:27
Looks like Psyonix was bought out by Epic?

Not sure what that will mean for the game moving forward, if anything.
Posted: 05/01/19, 22:42:46

I hope its a complete business move to contend with Steam and THATS IT. Maybe they are happy with how Psyonix is handling their game and will let them do their thing. Epic != EA....at least I hope so...
Posted: 05/03/19, 22:53:51  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/19, 22:56:20
I haven't really gotten evil vibes from Epic yet. They seem chill. Rocket League will be fine.

I know everybody is all mad at them for paying for exclusives on their digital game store, but console manufacturers have been doing that sort of thing for ages. It's business. Why does Valve deserve a monopoly on digital game purchases again? Good for Epic if they want to compete.
Posted: 05/04/19, 05:32:21
@Hinph I suppose, but if they actually start REMOVING games they pay for exclusive from other shops that is weird. I don't think that is common, is it?
Posted: 05/04/19, 06:57:02

If they try to resell the game to everybody who already bought it on Steam, that will be messed up. If they continue to push updates to Steam users but make everybody who wants to buy it in the future do so on their Epic store, that seems fine to me though. I definitely won't be defending scummy moves if they start making them, but I'm hoping they don't and that Valve gets some good competition here.
Posted: 05/04/19, 08:20:40
Yeah, Valve has been sitting too pretty, as of late. Too pretty!

Epic has given me more free games (that I'll never play), so I like them better.
Posted: 05/04/19, 17:10:49
Proud of this backflip save...

Posted: 05/29/19, 03:17:15
@Zero Little did I know during those first two whiffs where you missed the ball along the wall, you were actually just taking a few psyche-up laps before that big save! Bravo.
Posted: 05/29/19, 04:29:29
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