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Doom Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Doom on the Switch
9.3/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Doom on the Switch!

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Thanks to the efforts of Panic Button, even Switch owners get to experience the relentless massacre that is id Software's Doom reboot. Blast demons to pieces with your shotgun, tear through hordes of undead with your trusty chainsaw and rip the heads off of pretty much anything moving with your bare hands.

Features a single player campaign and a number of online multiplayer modes for up to twelve players.

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Posted: 11/09/17, 18:45:44  - Edited by 
 on: 11/09/17, 19:10:44
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Got this in my YouTube recommendations after watching all those Doom Eternal videos. Really cool breakdown of how Doom's AI works, and how it helps create the brilliant flow of the game. Very interesting.

Posted: 08/13/18, 22:03:10
I just got Doom from the library. This port's quality is super impressive! The action is very fast, and while I'm sure the performance is compromised compared to playing on PS4 or a decent PC, it definitely both runs better and looks better than the demo did on my laptop.

I've only played through the first actual level so far (i.e. the one after the title card DOOM comes up, and was in the demo on PC), but I'm eager to see more. I turned on motion controls late, mostly because there hasn't been much of a need for them so far, since I'm using the shotgun exclusively. But I'm glad it's an option.

I'm not a fan of the map: it's actually faster to move to an area in-game, than it is to scroll to that place on the map. Not sure if I'm doing it wrong or what. And I do want to check the map, because I very much want to get most secrets on my first play through. The exploration perks are definitely the first thing I'll be upgrading.
Posted: 08/20/18, 17:50:40
Yay! Glad you're enjoying it so far!

I had the same experience with the PC demo. Ran like shit on my laptop, but runs really well on Switch. You will notice some slowdown here and there from stage 4 onwards, but it's quite limited. And, as impressive as this port is, the Wolfenstein 2 port is even better. Well, there are two levels that run and look so-so, but overall it's amazing. Doom Eternal should be a treat!

Motion controls are great if/when you start using scopes more, and later on when there's armies of enemies all over those tiny movement adjustments that you make can matter a whole lot, even with the shotguns.

How do you like the storytelling so far?
Posted: 08/20/18, 18:10:25

I probably don't know enough about Doom lore to catch many references. I like how it doesn't get in the way, and the habit of Doom Guy to just smash terminals at the slightest hint of overexposition, it's very clever and very on-brand.

The codex entries aren't similarly brief, unfortunately. At least so far reading them seems optional. Which is good because I don't think I could even if I wanted to, due to the font size being near unreadable on my TV.
Posted: 08/20/18, 18:16:49
That's kind of what I wanted to hear your opinion on, how the story takes the backseat and how (in my opinion) that in a sense conveys more about Doom Guy and the events than it otherwise would have. I think it's absolutely brilliant!

The references to the previous games and older lore are more like easter eggs in this game, I'd say, and you can place the game in the series chronology with some of the hints given, but it's all a standalone experience overall. I actually sat down and squinted my way through all the codex material, but I barely remember it. It's basically extensive flavour text as far as I recall.
Posted: 08/20/18, 18:27:40

As somebody who is really, REALLY over people chatting into my character's ear the entire game, I adore how this character feels the same way and just sort of does his own thing... and his thing is killing demons. That's why I'm here too.
Posted: 08/21/18, 14:33:08  - Edited by 
 on: 08/21/18, 14:34:13

Soon after posting that post, I hit some unskippable exposition while locked in a room with a hologram, so, you know, they don't stick with it fully. But I don't mind that much. It's a 2016 game, gotta have some of that.

What I'm enjoying most of all is the level design and secret placement, which is definitely old-school. Oh, what's that, boxes that if you pay attention, kinda look like they're stacked like stairs? And what's that above them, a barely visible passage through a vent? With armor at the end? Yesss, that's the good stuff.

I haven't played shooters at all in the past, like 20 years. Am I correct in assuming this kind of level design isn't really in vogue at all in shooters today? That shooters are still mostly influenced by CoD and that they're mostly linear, and that while there may be hidden laptops or recordings to find, they're usually in "sensible" places, like you go up actual stairs and through an actual door inside an actual room and the recording is sitting on an actual desk? And you don't find game-y design like Doom anymore?

Anyway. I love it. Just like I love the 16 bit sprite style when it's used today in indie 2D games, I am loving this retro level design that's giving me exactly what I grew up with.

Also, somehow I didn't even know about this:

Posted: 08/23/18, 19:38:27
Yeah, there are a few instances where you're locked in place having to listen to someone yapping, but I'll allow it. Especially since I quite like the plot. It's nothing mindblowing or particularly new, but I think it's effectively told.

There's a great video (probably a ton, but I only watched the one) video about just how different Doom 2016's level design philosophy is from other shooters at the time, and the initial Doom 4 prototype (which was at one point basically a bland combination of COD and Doom 3). Basically, shooters to a large extent had (as you suspected) been COD-ified, with more more linear progression and corridor type areas that would allow for more impressive set pieces and controlled gameplay to benefit the cinematic storytelling whereas Doom 2016 is more arena based and open. Which you know, obviously.

But Doom 2016 also does AI very differently, and when pairing the AI mechanics with the level designs is when the true genius comes out. Like how Doom uses the same type of AI as Rage, but inverts it so that instead of enemies trying to find cover and hide from you, they actually strive to be visible and easily identifiable so as not to break the flow of the game, and to aid the whole risk/reward system connected to the glory kills and stuff. It's one hell of an accomplishment, and the more I learn about how it's designed the more I appreciate it.

Wolfenstein 2 is a good game too, and felt somewhat retro to me in certain ways, but more Goldeneye 007 retro rather than Doom retro. Still very nice. That game also has some sweet retro easter eggs, but instead of having old levels with new enemies they've included the entire original Wolfenstein 3D and reskinned it to fit into the game's universe.
Posted: 08/23/18, 20:00:38  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/18, 20:02:28
Yeah, the story is there enough to have a basic idea of what is going on, but it isn't forced on you too much... and Doom Slayer is just kind of silently listening to them babble as he slays demons. I love how one of the loading screen straight up says Dr. Hayden has offered to help if you need it. You don't... you just need more ammo.

I do like how you can go back and read the log things whenever you want though, like at the end of a play session and not in the middle of demon extermination. It is actually pretty groovy.


Yeah, the CoD cloning ruined FPS games for a long time. I've got no beef with CoD games, but they just aren't for me. It's really the fault of the damn publishers for ripping off that style instead of forging new paths. Even id Software was set to ape it for Doom 4 originally. I'm so happy that version got scrapped. I went into Doom 2016 with no hype at all, certain they were going to screw something up big... Oh, so wrong. I'm glad you're enjoying it too.

I hope we enter another golden age of fun, high action shooters.

I don't think anybody has linked to this yet, and it's a really good watch for those of you who adore this game and want to know what went on during development.

Posted: 08/24/18, 10:13:23  - Edited by 
 on: 08/24/18, 15:37:23
Heads up!

A new patch is out, adding video recording and yet another minor performance improvement. I did my usual test of playing through Argent Tower to see if I could spot any difference, and I think I did this time too!

The scene with the summoners still has a couple of frame drops, but nothing major anymore from the looks of it. Very awesome. The mass fights ran fairly well and fairly consistently but at a slightly lower framerate, and the climax of the level which almost caused the game to grind to a halt when the game was new is now also consistent if still sluggish. The rest of the level and the other levels I played ran great. Fluid and responsive. Panic Button's a bunch of wizards.
Posted: 12/11/18, 19:30:07  - Edited by 
 on: 12/11/18, 19:32:33
Any improvements to the motion assisted aiming? Oh how I wish it could be as smooth as Splatoon.
Posted: 12/12/18, 01:17:00
Panic Button are awesome.
Posted: 12/12/18, 03:44:05
Not that I could tell, but I honestly didn't rely a lot on it yesterday since it's been a while since I played the game and need to get back into the swing of things.
Posted: 12/12/18, 08:01:32

Hmmm, yeah, it's hard to say. I am definitely better with them enabled though. Game is looking good... markedly better than it did on release.

Can't wait for Doom Eternal.
Posted: 12/12/18, 16:21:00
Oh, I'm absolutely a lot better with them enabled too! It was just that I kind of forgot they existed since I'd been playing games without a lot of gyro recently.

Doom Eternal should be a treat!
Posted: 12/12/18, 18:42:16
Omfg FINALLY finished this game lol!

What a masterpiece omg! Classic!!!
It knows how good it is!!!

The credits alone are masterful!!
Posted: 05/19/19, 08:01:03
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