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Doom Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Doom on the Switch
9.3/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Doom on the Switch!

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Thanks to the efforts of Panic Button, even Switch owners get to experience the relentless massacre that is id Software's Doom reboot. Blast demons to pieces with your shotgun, tear through hordes of undead with your trusty chainsaw and rip the heads off of pretty much anything moving with your bare hands.

Features a single player campaign and a number of online multiplayer modes for up to twelve players.

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Posted: 11/09/17, 18:45:44  - Edited by 
 on: 11/09/17, 19:10:44
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Great port!

I almost forgot how incredible the atmosphere is in this game.
Posted: 11/17/17, 11:05:50
It is! Even though I haven't beaten the game yet I scored it an 8.8 over here, bugs and all. If they patch it again that score's bound to go up.

I mean, there are a few things that I really think they need to fix, but cramming this game into a Switch, and have it end up this faithful to the original release is really something. I understand that the handheld aspect won't be a big selling point for some, and that others feel a need to play it with the graphical settings maxed out, but people who write this off as a bad port or a bad game because of the lower resolution and framerate are starting to piss me off a little bit.

Have you tried the online yet? It surprised me how fun it is.
Posted: 11/17/17, 14:32:22
No I actually never tried the online - on any version. I've heard people singing its praises since this release, it's very interesting. Maybe the Nintendo crowd will embrace it like other fanbases didn't?

It looks really incredible. I've only noticed a few small things that seem more or less completely absent

Some thoughts:
-enemies in the database (or whatever you wanna call it) don't animate at all, they're completely static. IIRC the other versions have them animate. I could be wrong.

-a certain metal shiny effect is either gone or super low to the point it may as well be gone. I noticed it in the second stage near the beginning where you re-activate the power and enter the hidden vent with the armor in it. That part blew me away in the other versions but here it looked really plain

-certain textures are really low, but you won't find me really giving a fuck

-what is this loud buzzing sound? I heard it for a second or two in the first stage

-what happened to the FOV slider? I saw it on my bro's game pre patch install...

-controls need some getting used to, but they work well

-IMO controls way better with the Pro

-as a whole it looks completely stunning

-runs well and minus the drops that don't even really matter when you're playing, you don't even notice. It's pretty smooth.
Posted: 11/17/17, 21:40:42  - Edited by 
 on: 11/17/17, 21:57:49
I'm not sure if the database used to be animated in the other versions, but I assumed they weren't animated because they saved that as a reward for finding the collectibles. They unlock animated models that you can examine in detail.

Certain reflections have been toned down a lot, yeah. I noticed a couple of 'fake' reflective surfaces here and there too, but I don't really care about that personally. I probably would have in a less flashy game, but not now.

The buzzing sound is part of the many sound glitches. You've got buzzing, distorted sound mix, too low volume sounds, and sometimes even muted sound altogether. This is my number one thing I want them to fix. Not sure if this is accurate for everyone, but the issues seem way more common in docked mode.

Not sure how far you've gotten, but I've seen a couple of instances where the framerate drops have been quite noticeable. Generally speaking it seems to have something to do with the Summoner enemy doing its thing (in addition to having tons of shit going on at once), but I'm not sure.

Totally agree about the pro controller. I had to charge mine now, and went back to the joycons, but that was pretty rough! I wasted so much ammo on friggin' imps.
Posted: 11/17/17, 21:48:12  - Edited by 
 on: 11/17/17, 21:53:12
My bro seems to think that the sensitivity options on all that need to be changed when playing with different controllers. I'm sure he's right.

You could be right about the database, but I remember seeing them at least having an idle animation. Maybe it's my imagination.

I'm only at the start of the second level so far.

I think the deadzones need some work, but that's on the game and not the Switch. Even more control options would be appreciated. Maybe I'll throw them a tweet.

Yeah I've seen some drops so far but it doesn't bug me in the least. It is what it is. Of course I'd like a stable 900fps like everyone else but I just think back to the N64 days and what we had to deal with in games, and those games weren't bringing the system to it's knees in a miraculous port. I appreciate very much the work that they did here, and it's a great, major game from a huge third party.

This is the kind of game I've wanted to see from Nintendo for several generations now.

Only thing that could please me more is Dead Space or Max Payne 3! Souls games would be great too.
Posted: 11/17/17, 22:04:37
Yeah, I think your brother's right too, since the control sticks seem to be different I guess they'd need different settings. Seems logical.

If you're at the second level (I love that level, btw) you've got another two or three levels until you're at the one where I had my first big slow-down, I think.

With Dead Space being in the hands of EA who don't really care about Dead Space or the Switch I doubt that will happen, sadly. The Souls games on the other hand could though, right? Didn't From Software sign up for Switch development along with all the others on that long list from the unveiling?

EDIT: While I'm yapping I might as well gush about how great the enemy designs are in this game. I'm something of a nostalgic purist when it comes to classic videogame designs, so I love the hell out of the original Doom monsters and generally don't care for attempts at reboots or redesigns, but I love almost all of the demons on display here. Doom 3 dropped the ball hard as far as I'm concerned, but Doom 4 knocks it out of the park. Both the new and old monsters look appropriately familiar while still looking new and fresh. The only one I don't like as much is the Cyberdemon, which I think looks a bit too...nice, I guess. But the rest! Oh, the rest!
Posted: 11/17/17, 22:16:32  - Edited by 
 on: 11/17/17, 22:22:34
This game needs more love. Played a few fantastic matches online earlier today. My k/d ratio is worse than in any game ever, I think, but I'm still having a fantastic time! This old timey running and gunning with teleporters and rocket launchers and human sacrifice as a means of interior decoration was really something I needed in my life.

On one hand he did light some candles - which is romantic - but on the other hand he's swimming in his own intestines. That's a faux pas.

Being a Kraken in Splatoon is cool and all, but it's not turning-into-a-nine-foot-demon-and-ripping-people-in-half-cool.

How PS4/Xbone fanboys claim the Switch version looks.

Less sharp, but still purdy!
Posted: 11/19/17, 14:19:47  - Edited by 
 on: 07/01/18, 01:06:56
I beat the campaign yesterday. Fantastic! I do wish they'd gone with a tad more puzzles/traps and stuff like the original, but this non-stop, no-holds-barred demon slaying is one hell of a ride. Still can't quite believe I'm playing this on a platform I can lug around in my coat pocket. Now onto finding all the secrets and unlocking all the classic levels! Doom just keeps on giving.

Multiplayer is still a great time too! I wish they'd nerf the Spectre demon a bit, 'cause I got a hold of that transformation in a match tonight and ended up getting 24 kills in about three minutes, basically just because I was invisible and thus almost invincible.

Now: moar screenshots! This game is damn good looking, even on Switch.

Posted: 11/21/17, 23:53:39
You didn't get that weird bug some people (including me) have gotten where the pause/campaign/codec menu don't respond to the analog or dpad?

Yeah it looks incredible on handheld. To think we went from 3DS to this! Grant must be blown away!

Switch showing people how it's done!

What settings did you play at control wise? I notice the game has a crazy dead zone so I think putting the sensitivity down to like 20ish made it feel better. Smoothing at around the 70-90 range.
Posted: 11/22/17, 01:11:35
No, that's a bug that's escaped me so far. I've had the audio glitches (pretty much constantly) and the glitch where collectibles/classic levels don't show up properly until you exit to the main menu, but that's about it I think. Oh yeah, and I've had the game crash on me once as well. Not sure what caused it, 'cause there wasn't anything special going on. A Bethesda rep on Twitter or Reddit or wherever said there's a patch for the most common issues coming, so here's hoping they'll deal with all of this soon.

I don't know what settings I use, to be honest. I did a lot of tweaking back and forth in the beginning, and don't quite remember where I ended up. I can check when I get home. The aiming felt off to me at first, but now it's all come together.

Have you tried the photo mode? I have a feeling you could pull off some seriously gorgeous shit with that. Made the revenant pic above with the photo mode.
Posted: 11/22/17, 11:36:16  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/17, 11:38:54
......excuse me? Photo mode????????
Posted: 11/23/17, 10:25:37
Hahahaha! Oh boy, what have I done now!

Yeah, if you go into the settings and look under the 'game' tab you'll find an option to turn on Doom's photo mode (in beta, apparently). Some say it can't be used the first time you play a level for some reason, so you might have to try it out while replaying levels, or playing classic levels.

Either way, with the default control layout you press the left stick to start the photo mode. It's not anywhere near as accessible or easy to use as Super Mario Odyssey's photo mode, but you can tweak a lot of settings in detail (you can even advance the action one frame at a time to get pictures of the perfect gib! ), and when you enter the photo mode it automatically renders everything at the game's maximum capacity, so you'll get pretty 720p pictures. Compare my revenant up there with any of my other screenshots for reference.

EDIT: Unfortunately Doomguy doesn't have a character model at all during single player, so sadly we can't make epic pictures of him ripping and tearing. Unless you enter photo mode during a glory kill, at which point the camera will be locked into his first person view.

EDIT: Also note that it seems that you have to turn on the photo mode every damn time you start a stage. For some reason it's the only setting the game doesn't feel like remembering.
Posted: 11/23/17, 10:48:38  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/17, 12:00:41
Just posting some more pictures because I can.

Gonna have to snap some more action packed screens next time.
Posted: 11/24/17, 00:25:25  - Edited by 
 on: 11/24/17, 00:27:04
Post away!

Ah, damn, thanks. I'll definitely look into that Photo Mode. Is there an appreciable difference between Docked or Handheld?

I started to snap a few more screens of some pretty stuff (even the blurry stuff looks really good to me!) and ran out of space lol. I can't believe my Switch has over 10,000 pics and vids on it.... Which means I'd have even more if I wasn't constantly deleting as I go LMAO.

I'd probably be at like 11,000 or more if space wasn't an issue. Insanity.

What do you mean by advancing by one frame? How is it doing that?
Posted: 11/24/17, 23:31:40
You filled up the Switch gallery memory?! You absolute madman!

I haven't tried the photo mode in handheld mode yet, so I'm not sure if there's a difference or not. I guess there might be if there's a hard cap (or whatever to call it) on the resolution in handheld that keeps it from going up to 720p, even in photo mode.

About the frame thing:

Let's say you want to take a picture of an imp at the exact time of impact of one of your rockets. You fire away at the imp, and then go into photo mode. Now you'll be free to look around as the camera. You can swoop around and look at everything while time stands still. The imp is mid-stride, running towards you, and the rocket is flying towards him with its trail of smoke behind it.

The rocket has still not hit the imp, but instead of going out of the photo mode and quickly going back in to capture the moment of imp demise, you just press the Y-button. Every time you press the Y-button time will advance by one frame. As if the game is still playing, but just one single frame at a time. This means that you can take pictures of the exact moment that rocket hits, or the exact moment the explosion appears, or the exact moment the imp goes to pieces, or whatever. I'm pretty sure Doomguy won't be invulnerable during all this though, so that might be something to keep in mind if you're snapping close ups of a cyber demon or something.

Posted: 11/24/17, 23:48:46  - Edited by 
 on: 11/25/17, 00:05:55
Quite a long time ago actually.

The system only holds 1000 photos and I filled that up suuuuuper long ago. I then bought a 128gb SD card and that limit is 10,000. Neither limit has to do with size, it's just an arbitrary limit/cap they seem to have imposed.

For the last while now I've tried to spring clean my pics but I refuse to delete many from my BOTW folder which us about 8600 pics or something like that lol.

So since Odyssey's released I've been uploading to Twitter and deleting photos as I go. It seriously takes up time.

That frame by frame thing sounds super awesome and I dig your pics.
Posted: 11/25/17, 03:10:07
Unless you really need the pictures to be on Twitter you could do what I do and just transfer pictures directly from your SD card to your HDD or Imgur by bulk. It's quick and easy, but you'll obviously need a reader or adapter for the micro SD card. I only copy my pictures and then delete them in the Switch menu, but I suppose you would be able to just delete them while transferring them without any risk. I guess.

An imp dodging one of my assault rifle shots while charging up a fireball.

A hell knight mid jump attack.

Another hell knight getting a shotgun swarm in the back at close range.
Posted: 11/25/17, 16:46:42
Love the first two pics. Gonna have to spring clean some pics so I can snap some DOOM ones :D

Unfortunately I don't have any adapter on my PC. I don't think my PC will accept the card otherwise. That'd be nice to offload all my damn files onto my computer. It'd be a load off. Then I can snap another 10,000 lol!
Posted: 11/25/17, 22:21:10
Doom finally dropped off the EU eShop's list of bestsellers. Pretty sad, 'cause I think it deserved its spot in the top 5 that it had at one point. But hey, at least Skyrim is number one right now, which is impressive and deserved.
Posted: 11/30/17, 22:08:10
I'm kind of bummed that Worms hasn't crawled into the Top 10 yet. C'mon, Switch owners!
Posted: 12/01/17, 04:41:41  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/17, 04:41:57
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