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Thimbleweed Park Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.7/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Thimbleweed Park on the Switch!

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Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's spiritual successor to their point-and-click classics Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. Built with modern technology to perfectly emulate the experience of the pixelated adventure games of yesteryear. Explore the mysterious town of Thimbleweed Park as five different characters, discover how their respective fates are intertwined, and solve a murder mystery in the process.

Any self-respecting point-and-click fan owes it to themself to check out Thimbleweed Park. Especially if you used to play the old Lucasfilm Games classics. Terrible Toybox has done a fantastic job bringing back the style of adventure games from the early 90's, but Thimbleweed Park is more than just a retro styled showcase of old school gameplay and self-referential humor; it's also an atmospheric, funny and engaging mystery in its own right.

I haven't been able to put it down since I got it this thursday, and since I bought it on the Switch I haven't really had to! Twelve hours in, and it's still as delightful as it was when I started.

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Posted: 09/24/17, 21:59:44  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/17, 22:12:37
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Hooray!!! Good for Terrible Toybox. And us Switch fans. Here's hoping we'll see more point-and-clickery in the future!

I quite liked Stick It to the Man, but mainly thanks to its atmosphere and presentation, I think. Definitely keeping an eye on that new game about death they've got on the way, whatever it's called.
Posted: 11/22/17, 19:48:55

My girlfriend and I both want to see how it ends, and it's a short game. But we've also rolled our eyes at a lot of the dialogue, and at how slowly the actors deliver their lines. My girlfriend might have said "this game is not nearly as clever as it thinks it is" at some point. A vast majority of the jokes fall flat.

We both loved the first two chapters: Chapter 1 had some great editing and Chapter 2 took place in a dream world where the puzzles and "wackiness" felt at home. But pretty much all of the chapters that AREN'T taking place in the dude's mind don't make sense and feel unsatisfying.

It's as if the developper loved Psychonauts, said "let's make one of those", but didn't grasp that Psychonauts' humor and trippy environments are in line with the setting and conceit of the story.
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:27:55
I can agree with your girlfriend there. It's sort of like Retro City Rampage, except not as obnoxious, and with a more likeable presentation surrounding the bad jokes. Now that I think about it I don't remember much apart from the first couple of chapters and the final one. Maybe it wasn't as good as I remember it being.
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:30:44
Haha, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to crap on your positive memories of the game. Let's just say that after being really impressed initially, the game has let me down. We're finishing the last chapter tonight, so I'm glad to hear the game ends on a strong note!
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:35:04
Oh, no need to be sorry! I wouldn't change my opinion on a game just because someone else has a less positive opinion on it like this, but I have to question myself a little bit now that I realize I don't actually remember much of the game anymore. That's generally not a good sign. And, er... I don't necessarily remember the final chapter because it was good. I just remember it because of the setting, and because I wasted a lot of time in one particular part of it.
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:42:55
Ah, yeah, just finished it. As I said, it has a great start, I just don't think the rest of the game comes close to living up to it.

I'll still keep an eye out for the team's next game. Their art is pretty striking and they've got some good ideas, they just need better writing, voice direction, etc.
Posted: 11/23/17, 05:20:03
Back to Thimbleweed Park:

Get to buying, people! The game deserves it.
Posted: 11/23/17, 10:42:55  - Edited by 
 on: 11/23/17, 10:43:54
A few indie titles on the Switch eShop are available at a discount right now until the 15th! One of them is:

Thimbleweed Park - $14.99 (25% off)

Fucking buy it!
Posted: 01/08/18, 17:31:03
Just want to chime in and say that I finally fucking bought it, and played a bit of it with Karen.

I'm super early, but I want to say I'm really impressed. It's a very, very nice-looking game, in a way that didn't come across in screenshots or the trailers. The characters are well-animated, and I love the little touches, like the fireflies in the ditch at the beginning of the game.

The writing seems solid, too. There's a lot of fourth-wall-breaking, but that's fine by me. It's funny.
Posted: 01/17/18, 06:39:31
Good job buying it! Glad you guys are enjoying it so far! It's true that there's a lot of fourth-wall-breaking and self-aware type of jokes and in-jokes, but it's in line with the makers' previous games, I suppose. Generally speaking I don't have a problem with that in Thimbleweed Park since it's such a loving nod to the point-and-clicks of old, but there's one big instance of it that kind of bothers me.
Posted: 01/19/18, 19:42:27
Shame on Hinph for not playing this yet. I supported the Kickstarter for crying out loud, but I don't actually play games on PC. Need to nab it on Switch next time it's on sale because I'm an OG Maniac Mansion fanboy and this resembles it so closely.
Posted: 01/26/18, 10:43:36
If you feel that you can't afford the game right now or whatever I totally understand, but I will say that I think it's worth the asking price. It's a pretty lengthy game, and maintains a high quality all the way through as far as I'm concerned.
Posted: 01/26/18, 15:02:03

It's kind of like I have so much to play that I may as well just wait until I've cleared some stuff out of my backlog an save a few bucks in the process... I've, uhhh, really been buying a lot of games since the Switch came out. I just want everything on this system! Hah.
Posted: 01/27/18, 02:12:59
Ah, I know what you mean! I'm having a harder time than ever not going on gaming shopping sprees. I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more games until the physical version of Darkest Dungeon hits in march - mainly so I could play/beat everything I've already got - but I ended up buying Celeste yesterday anyway. I think it's the handheld hybrid thing. It's dangerous.
Posted: 01/27/18, 12:53:24
@Hinph @r_hjort

Yeah, same here! What I do is anytime I feel the urge to buy a new game on Switch I just load up a current game on Switch, ha ha. I get distracted by a game I am still playing rather than buy a new one. Sweet console/portable hybrid, even works at places like Best Buy! :P
Posted: 01/27/18, 16:42:57
Celeste also totally got in the way of me cutting myself off. All the sudden I wake up and this game I've never heard of is getting amazing scores and even Dunkey is talking about it... I caved. The plan is no new games in February, but I don't totally trust myself with that.
Posted: 01/27/18, 18:33:24
Well at least Celeste is a good game! I don't quite understand where all the perfect scores and glowing reviews are coming from, 'cause they make it sound like the second coming of Christ or something, but it's a damn fine platformer, so I'm not too upset about having bought it!
Posted: 01/27/18, 18:40:06
If you think about it, it makes sense. If the NSwitch is a home console and handheld combined into one, that means you need to buy twice the games for it!
Posted: 01/27/18, 19:34:39
So, a question about a possible bug (which I won't tag as spoiler because it doesn't seem to be a big deal and it might help those starting).

As Agent Ray, I noticed and started picking up specks of dust. Then I got to play as Ransome and saw it's in his To-Do list to collect 25 specks of dust, and the count goes down whenever he picks one.

So I had Agent Ray give him her specks of dust (and she had gotten a lot of them), and it didn't go towards the completion of his goal.

Am I fucked?
Posted: 01/27/18, 21:44:12
No, you're not fucked. For some reason, the game introduces it as Ransome's quest, but the tally is actually shared by the whole cast, which is why Ray's specks didn't count. They've already been subtracted from the list. Next time you come across a speck of dust as someone that's not Ransome, pick it up and check his to-do-list.
Posted: 01/27/18, 21:57:11
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