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Metroid: Samus Returns Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.88/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid: Samus Returns on the 3DS!

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Metacritic: 88

Sooooooooo, this is out! My copy should hopefully be arriving after work (if not, my weekend plans might change a bit!)

I've been really pumped for this, because Metroid II is the only main Metroid I've yet to play (I haven't played AM2R either), so this is for all intents a brand new Metroid game for me while also kinda filling in that last gap in the canon.

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Posted: 09/15/17, 14:51:03  - Edited by 
 on: 09/15/17, 14:58:33
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We won't get Metroid 5 until Alien 5 comes out so Nintendo can take inspiration from it.
Posted: 10/09/17, 03:28:43

Think they'll ever take inspiration from Prometheus?
Posted: 10/09/17, 15:52:28
Guys, please! You're depressing me! Keep Ridley out of this! Unless it's the space pirate lizard dinosaur thing. He's still cool.
Posted: 10/09/17, 16:13:06
I killed my first 3 Metroids.

The Free aim feels like a natural evolution of the up and down aim toggles from previous games.

The Counter is weird, hard to time, and kind of messes with the pace.

Also they fucked up the ice beam by making enemies unfreeze in 1/16th of a second which makes jumps like this miserable.

Posted: 10/10/17, 00:09:33  - Edited by 
 on: 10/10/17, 00:20:39

Charge the Ice Beam then fire it. Enemies stay frozen much longer that way!
Posted: 10/10/17, 00:52:30
Just beat the game last night. Was a good time. It does start a bit slow as you feel underpowered and have to be particularly careful but once you start building up your power ups and the like the pace really picks up.
Posted: 10/10/17, 02:09:10
I just started my new copy! I'm enjoying my time so far.

I asked this in the Discord chat to no response. There's that 'search' power I have that shows me a radius of rooms when I use it. Is there any reason I shouldn't be just doing that as often as necessary to try and seek out everything? It's a neat way IMO for me to try and 100% this game without going crazy missing one shootable block or something.
Posted: 01/20/18, 07:08:32
For now, go nuts. However, you'll soon get other Aeion abilities that use your yellow meter, so you'll want to conserve your juice more.

EDIT: Also, Samus Returns is a bit more forgiving than most Metroids with hidden blocks by having all power-ups represented on the map. If there's, say, a Missile tucked away in a breakable block, you'll see a circle on your map in that area, giving you a hint that something's there.
Posted: 01/20/18, 07:36:34  - Edited by 
 on: 01/20/18, 07:37:49
@DrFinkelstein Yeah, it's worth using as much as you like. Maybe don't worry about exploring everything right away, though, as there will be a lot of upgrades that are blocked off until you complete your arsenal.
Posted: 01/20/18, 07:37:05

I was hesitant to use it at first, but since there aren't map stations like previous Metroid games, it becomes necessary at a certain point. I tried to do most of the game without using it, but towards the end when I was backtracking for secrets I began using it very liberally.
Posted: 01/20/18, 17:39:38
TriforceBun said:
EDIT: Also, Samus Returns is a bit more forgiving than most Metroids with hidden blocks by having all power-ups represented on the map. If there's, say, a Missile tucked away in a breakable block, you'll see a circle on your map in that area, giving you a hint that something's there.

I'm enjoying that fact. I'm not here to 'crack the code'. I'm here to explore, use things like that as beacons to ensure I don't over explore an area, and collect stuff. Cool beans.


The lack of Map Stations, well that makes sense then. I kind of dig this method so far.


Yeah, I should probably just proceed for now. I got the Spider Ball last night. Then noticed a tall-ceiling cavern this morning. Used the bombs to boost myself all the way up in a straight line into this room where an Ammo and Health replenishing thing was. Only to then accidentally remember and active the Spider Ball elsewhere. That's probably the main way you're supposed to reach it... lol
Posted: 01/20/18, 22:38:19
I am at what I think is the final Metroid. Probably not the final boss in retrospect. I have the Power Bombs and there is presumably one more upgrade I can get. I think it's related to the crystal blocks or some ability to launch myself forward in some manner because I've seen many areas lined with spikes I would need such a thing at.

Don't tell me though. That's fine. However I wouldn't mind a hint on this 'final Metroid' boss. He's ruthless. Taking so much damage off me for a simple tap on his nose. Plus, I can't 'not' hit the wall when he blows me into it all aflame. Those green bubbles don't seem to get dispatched in any manner. I am stumped and a bit frustrated. I'll keep at it. Just some kind of vague clues would be appreciated it anyone reads this in a timely manner.
Posted: 01/28/18, 01:17:06
@DrFinkelstein That one was tough. There is some way to not get blown by the wind but I forget... like spider ball on the ceiling or something!?
Posted: 01/28/18, 01:42:43
Yeah, I think the Spider Ball is the answer to at least one of the attacks. If you've beaten Other M (or the original Metroid II), you may have an idea about an alternate way to fight this thing, too...
Posted: 01/28/18, 02:06:12
Thanks guys. I beat it finally (yes the spider ball does the trick... how I forgot I wasn't using that was beyond me). I made it back to the Surface. Saw the weather had changed... so I warped and picked up leftover pickups. Still have some I just can't get yet. They again involved those red spikes. I presume this has to do with something up ahead. I just finished my rounds in the other areas and I'm going back to the surface through Area 8. I'll see what happens next...

I've got...

10 Energy Tanks
261 Missiles
34 Super Missiles
16 Power Bombs

So I presume I'm missing 3 Missiles, 1 Super Missile, and 4 Power Bombs but I really don't know. Those are guesses.


Edit: That'll do it! Completed the game! The final boss was pretty fun and rather fair.

Clear Time: 19:56:13
Clear Percent: 95.3%
Posted: 01/28/18, 04:28:21  - Edited by 
 on: 01/28/18, 05:25:29
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