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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.16/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch!

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This game is hitting... today for some, tomorrow for others! What a weird combo but it seems like it turned into something special!

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Posted: 08/28/17, 15:41:41  - Edited by 
 on: 08/28/17, 15:42:14
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This is one of those games I feel bad about never finishing... why can't I finish a single game in this genre?
Posted: 06/25/18, 12:20:24
Zero said:
The super duper challenge stages, on the other hand... tried the 1st one a few times, died hard each time, decided to not bother looking for the rest...

I 100%ed the game. I found the first challenge stage to be BY FAR the toughest of the four. It really comes down to picking the right two fighters to go along with Mario. Healing and vampire abilities really help! I used Peach and Rabbid Luigi. Stay close together so that Peach can jump heal your whole group each time and everyone can target enemies R. Luigi has vampired. Start on the far left or right and work your way around the perimeter from there, avoiding the Chomp Chomps. Stay away from the middle, preventing Bowser Jr from using his pull ability. Target Bowser Jr. last after you’ve eliminated everyone else.

I think I beat the second and fourth challenges on my first try. The third one took a few attempts, but I knew how to get it done after the first go.
Posted: 06/25/18, 23:40:26
@chrisguy There are only 4 of those challenges? Because I found a challenge #7 like in the middle of World 4 or something?! It's a bit confusing what all content is in this game.
Posted: 06/26/18, 02:02:23
@Zero Yeah, it seems like the ten challenges and the bonus mission are intended to do right after you complete a world, and can be easy if you come back later.

The ultra challenges are the sort of thing that feel really tough at first, but they're not so bad once you create a good team setup. Having all 1,500 skill points available certainly helps, to maximize the skills you use, as well have buying the best available weapons at that point.
Posted: 06/26/18, 02:04:32
So wait, for each world there are...

10 regular challenges
1 ultra challenge
1 hidden area


I got confused and didn't realize there were regular AND ultra challenges. I didn't do ANY of the regular ones. Maybe I should so I can level up my character to the max before trying the ultra ones again. But I might just say I'm done until I decide whether to get the DK stuff or not.

I think I sort of got that they wanted you to go back right when you complete a world but I never did because that's kind of weird pacing. Hey, you finally finished this world... now immediately go back and run through everything again!
Posted: 06/26/18, 02:57:58  - Edited by 
 on: 06/26/18, 03:04:50
Yup, you got it right, if "hidden area" means the bonus mission.
Posted: 06/26/18, 04:05:43
I’m sorry. I meant the four ultra challenges at the end after you beat all the other ones. There is one ultra challenge hidden near the entry of each worlds that you can only access once you get the drill power after beating the main story.

There’s three things you can go back and play after finishing a World:
1. Use the washing machine time machine to replay battles. Do that if you didn’t get a “good” rating on a battle. Getting a better rating will get you more gold to buy weapons. You can do this at any time after beating a World. I did this gradually if I got stuck or frustrated on the story progress, I’d go back and do better at some earlier battles.

2. Re-exploring the world to find item boxes you missed and the secret battles (one in each world). A lot of the item boss are hidden in ways where they’re only accessible after you’ve beaten Worlds farther along. So you’re not necessarily going to be able to 100% these until you’ve beaten the story mode. It’s sort of like the LEGO games in that way. Still it’s useful to find new weapons and power orbs.

3. Re-exploring the world to beat the 10 challenge levels. These are easily found in the played worlds - generally at the battle locations - without access to later environmental powers. And they’re worth doing for the power orbs they’ll win you. Like re-playing the battles I went back and did these when I was up against the story mode. You can see where the challenges are on the map in the Washing Machine but until you’ve Played the challenge, you have to access it from actually walking to it in the world. (Which was a bit annoying.)
Posted: 06/26/18, 16:14:37  - Edited by 
 on: 06/26/18, 16:15:57
@chrisguy I did the 20 challenge levels from the first 2 worlds yesterday and I barely got any power orbs from it?! Didn't get a whole lot of money either. It helps a bit, but I was thinking it would help me max out my characters doing all 40 and I'm not sure that it will.

BTW when I get an item that says "5 orbs" does that mean everyone gets 5 orbs automatically? Or do I have to "use" these items somehow?!
Posted: 06/26/18, 22:23:03
@chrisguy A small thing, but you don't need every ability to get 100% in every world. You just need the ability from the immediate next world. So you don't have to wait until the end of the game to 100% the first three worlds.

@Zero Yup, it means everyone gets 5 orbs.
Posted: 06/26/18, 23:53:55
OH MY GOD it took me FOREVER to beat the first ultimate challenge. I've heard from multiple sources it is the toughest one so maybe it won't be too bad from here? Though someone said the one with Toad is tough too.

But yeah, I must have tried it like 30 times or something before finally beating it. Really if you can get past the first 2 or 3 turns while keeping everyone alive and taking out a few enemies it's not too bad, but finding the right formula for that was tough.
Posted: 07/01/18, 08:19:28
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