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GUNBARICH Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for GUNBARICH on the Switch!

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Imagine Arkanoid. Now replace the Vaus paddle by a little dude (or dudette) holding pinball flippers. And add more pinball paraphernalia into the level design.


This game released without much fanfare, but it's kind of awesome! Like I said, GUNBARICH is a combination between a brick-breaking game and a pinball game, with evolving mechanics and bosses and an extra-large dose of nutty Japanese charm. The core game mechanic is very satisfying, with the perfect level of challenge (so far).

It looks beautiful, too. I initially thought that it was a remake, but it's just a later-period arcade game. Plus, you can play it in Tate (Vertical) Mode!

Seriously, if you guys want some fresh, fun, crazy arcade action, grab GUNBARICH.

Maybe I'll pick up Strikers, too. Funnily enough, the three classic games that released this week, Aero Fighters 2, STRIKERS 1945, and GUNBARICH, are all arcade classics from the same development staff.

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Posted: 08/08/17, 22:37:26  - Edited by 
 on: 08/08/17, 22:43:35
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What are the controls? I always like Arkanoid type games in theory but the controls always feel bad compared to an arcade spinner. Tilting the Wii remote is the closest thing we have had to spinner controls so far.
Posted: 08/08/17, 23:04:14
Or the bitchin' DS spinner add-on made by Taito! It works with quite a few games, the worst of which is Arkanoid DS.

Also, it DOESN'T work on Cameltry!

Anyway, it just controls with the stick or d-pad, but it feels pretty good. Apparently, the original arcade game was built around a stick.
Posted: 08/08/17, 23:54:50
Zero said:
Tilting the Wii remote is the closest thing we have had to spinner controls so far.

Only true for filthy console gaming peasants.


It works really well with Space Bust-A-Move, I've found.
Posted: 08/09/17, 18:47:57
I meant using a default controller.

Obviously they can pack in other stuff but indies are unlikely to do so.
Posted: 08/09/17, 20:46:33
I watched Nintendaan's video and the game does look nice and colorful, with some great sprites for bosses, but how does the "pinball" part of it come into play? From what I can see, you swing both flippers at the same time every time, there is no drain between them, so it doesn't look to me like the flippers actually add anything to the gameplay. It seems to act like a regular paddle.

Am I wrong?

Posted: 08/09/17, 22:05:56
@Guillaume I had the same question, actually. The flippers didn't seem like much of a factor in the video I checked out...
Posted: 08/09/17, 22:12:15
The flippers would still affect the speed / angle, right? I'd hope so. It'd be silly if they literally did nothing.
Posted: 08/10/17, 02:31:00
And Space Invaders Extreme 1 & 2!

All outstanding. But Arkanoid DS kind of sucks.

Actually, a paddle-only Joy Con would be both feasible and awesome.

If you don't trigger the flippers, they behave like a paddle. But I think that you can control the angle a bit with the flippers, and, if you make solid contact, the ball gains some extra pepper and you can manipulate it with the directional pad for about a second. Also, a solid hit can penetrate multiple blocks when you have a certain power-up.

Hitting the ball with perfect timing is very palpable and satisfying. Like getting a nice crack in a baseball game. Or... real baseball, I guess??

(Edited to correct inaccuracies...)
Posted: 08/10/17, 02:58:41  - Edited by 
 on: 08/11/17, 05:43:24
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