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GoNNER Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
GoNNER on the Switch
8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for GoNNER on the Switch!

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The gaming world is full of good Roguelikes and bad Roguelikes. GoNNER definitely belongs in the former category.

Have you guys checked this one out? It's a fantastic port of a PC Roguelike platforming shooter. It really seems like a lot of care has been put into the conversion. 60fps, new content... Plus it looks amazing on the Switch screen.

As for the actual game itself, it's a really good score attack-type experience! People are comparing GoNNER to Spelunky, but I find it much more similar to a side-scrolling Downwell (which is also awesome and should come to Switch with Tate Mode support). You're a dead body that can attach a skull, a weapon, and a special item, each of which have various abilities. As you play further, you unlock more. And it is very, very heavily combo-based. Like Downwell, the action is a beautiful ballet of stomping and shooting and wall-jumping. The action is fluid and engrossing.

And the presentation is very cool, as well. The unique graphical and musical styles really make GoNNER stand out, and, as mentioned before, it runs at 60fps.

And it's only $10! A great deal for a great game. Pick it up, people! The Switch is such a perfect machine for Roguelikes, and the devs really went above and beyond to deliver a great version on Switch.

(Am I the only person on this site who buys Indie games on the Switch?)

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Posted: 07/03/17, 16:52:52  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/17, 22:37:16
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I'll probably end up buying it. It really looks like a lot of fun and while I'm a bit tired of rogue likes, they do have their place when I just want to fire up a quick game of something.

And no, you're not the only one that buys indies I've bought a bunch on the Switch. The machine is just extremely well suited to these games and I hope the support keeps up.
Posted: 07/03/17, 17:30:25
I'm interested in it, but I'm kind of busy with Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ at the moment. Is there any sense of progress in this game other than improving scores? Like, do you unlock stuff, or is there an end to the game at all?
Posted: 07/03/17, 17:30:59
I hope it does, too. That's why I asked!

I love Roguelikes. I just picked up Has-Been Heroes for $10 at Gamestop. User opinion seems a lot higher than the critical consensus, and they've patched it since launch.

Yeah, you unlock extra parts to choose from at the beginning of the run. I think there's an end, although I'm not even close. It's super-cheap, too, and the core gameplay is much more familiar than something like Tumbleseed.
Posted: 07/03/17, 22:14:42  - Edited by 
 on: 07/03/17, 22:38:01
Sounds good. For some reason I've started to feel like I need to be able to find or construct some sort of closure in the games I buy at the moment. I think it's my backlog angst that's started to get to me.
Posted: 07/03/17, 23:33:49
But Roguelikes are eternal!

I went through a phase of actually trying to finish games before moving on. It didn't last...

I think that it would be more satisfying, though. Probably.
Posted: 07/04/17, 00:17:35
Got this game earlier today. Pretty fun so far! But I'm wondering if this is by design but while the game runs "smooth", it seems to have weird animation at times? Like there's frames missing or something. I thought maybe it was related to doing big attacks but then it also seems to happen at random times too.
Posted: 07/04/17, 23:50:10
That's both the beauty and problem with roguelikes for me and my backlog. Ultimately I think this is a problem with me more than the games. I have no problem buying an old high-score chasing game and not consider it a part of my backlog, but roguelikes are a different story. And I still feel like I'm being irresponsible when I buy a new game without beating at least one game in my backlog first. Bah! Enough about me and my first-world problems, though. Gonner seems good, and I'll likely get it sooner rather than later.
Posted: 07/05/17, 00:06:02
I believe that is on purpose, like the hitstun in Zelda. If not, they fooled me!
Posted: 07/06/17, 05:01:30  - Edited by 
 on: 07/06/17, 05:02:13
It's been a while since I've played a Rougelike, so I'm pretty interested in this. The Quick Look on Giant Bomb made it look very fun.

Also, I love how this game sounds. The sound effects have such a distinct tone to them or something.
Posted: 07/07/17, 20:30:50
The sound design is definitely unique. I read a Reddit AMA from the developers, and they seemed super earnest and genuine. The sound guy went into more detail about his experimental method for creating the sounds for GoNNER.

The more I play GoNNER, the more I like it. It's simple, but very pure. And I'm still getting my ass kicked, but not nearly as quickly.
Posted: 07/08/17, 08:27:40
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