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E3 2017 Predict-a-ton! RESULTS!
This year was quite a positive one for the ol' Nintendo. Gaming fans young and old… Nintendo or otherwise… found things to love. At the center of all that was the main man himself… Super Mario! Surprisingly though, it's releasing earlier than expected! We also received news on where Metroid has been at, so those folks won big! Yet… we still don't know what's going on with Retro… a mystery remains. We hope they're okay! The 3DS didn't have too much to show for itself though Metroid: Samus Returns certainly was a big deal. That Rabbids/Mario cross-over was some legit noise! This was E3 2017.

How did you predictions fare? Lets find out!


A) Expected : 2pts

01) Super Mario Odyssey dated for November

02) More details on Nintendo Switch’s Online Service

03) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Trailer

04) New amiibo revealed

05) Details on the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC.

06) New Nindies Announced (at least two)

07) New Mario Party game revealed

08) Upcoming ARMS post-release content shown

09) At least 2 new Switch retail games from Nintendo

10) At least 2 new 3DS retail games from Nintendo

B) Rumored : 4pts

01) Mario + Rabbids to have Unique amiibo

02) Mobile Game based on The Legend of Zelda

03) Remake/Sequel to Motion-Controls-prominent Wii title

04) Pokken Tournament coming to Switch

05) Deluxe version of Super Smash Bros. 4 announced for Switch

06) New Main-line Animal Crossing Game Unveiled

07) More DLC coming for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

08) Special Edition Consoles for Monster Hunter XX Coming to Switch or 3DS in North America

09) Assassins Creed Coming to Switch

10) FF7 Remake Coming to Switch

C) High risk: 6 pts

01) Pokemon Stars Revealed For 2017 Release

02) New Joy-con Type (i.e. True D-Pad, GameCube Joystick, Camera nub, etc)

03) New Content Coming For Super Smash Bros. 4 Deluxe for Switch

04) Beyond Good & Evil 2 Reveal for Switch

05) Something new from Retro Studios (finally!)

06) Kid-Icarus / Paper Mario / Pikmin 4 Switch Titles Shown

07) SNES Classic Edition Debuts

08) E3 Demos on the eShop

09) Playable Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch

10) Skyward Sword HD Announced for Nintendo Switch

D) MEGATON : 10 pts

01) New ‘True’ Metroid Revealed

02) Pokemon amiibo series

03) Nintendo Land Sequel Announced

04) Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming To Switch

05) Wii U Games on Switch Virtual Console

06) 3DS Successor Info Leaks

07) NES Classic Edition Back In Production

08) ‘Mother 3’ Officially Announced

09) Cross-Buy Officially Embraced By Nintendo

10) Nintendo obtains new 2nd Party Developer

Bonus Prediction: (OPTIONAL)
These franchises haven't seen a new game in a while. WIN or LOSE 50 points by picking one to be announced. Remember, this is optional!

Choose from: 1080 Snowboarding, Advance Wars, Eternal Darkness, Excite, F-Zero, Golden Sun, Ice Climbers, Kid Icarus, Mega Man, Metroid, Pokemon Snap, Punch-Out!!, Star Tropics, Wario, Wave Race.


This year's winner happens to be a tie! (This happened for both Negative World and NinTemple in fact!)

FIRST PLACE: InfinityWave & Ploot: 34 pts

SECOND PLACE: ShadowLink: 32 pts

Third Place: TriforceBun: 26 pts

legendofalex: 4 pts
V_s: 0 pts
deathly_hallows: 0 pts
jacksrb: 0 pts

Secret_Tunnel: -2 pts
anon_mastermind: -4 pts
CPA Wei: -8 pts
Anand: -8 pts
ludist210: -10 pts
canonj: -10 pts
Zero: -10 pts
DrFinkelstein: -12 pts
Super_Conzo: -12 pts
Smerd: -24 pts
mrbiggsly: -26 pts
Pokefreak911: -26 pts
Mop it up: -28 pts
GameDadGrant: -30 pts
nate38: -68 pts

This year's results were just such a surprise. The event was light on new Nindies and those Rabbids figurines are not amiibo. Beyond Good and Evil II got it's great unveiling but was never confirmed for Switch. A new Switch Pokemon game was confirmed but it's not Pokemon Stars (as we know) and it's not for 2017. A lot of these were half right in some respects, but half right doesn't earn points! I hope you all had a really great week last week and I hope this has been a fun game for you. Again I want to thank InfinityWave for his inspiration and for Ploot for the assist in creating the thing.

Have a great summer! Until next E3… see ya!

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Posted: 06/19/17, 04:55:47  - Edited by 
 on: 06/19/17, 04:58:18
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Cept the S symbol, Return of Samus, and Prime 4 of course :)
Posted: 06/21/17, 07:14:32
How many points would I have received for predicting a Mario, Rabbids crossover strategy tactical RPG?
Posted: 06/21/17, 07:22:29

That looks like a bonus prediction to me, so 50.

AKA 50 more points than Carlos, who predicted nothing.
Posted: 06/21/17, 08:09:49
I provided evidence. Facts don't care about your feelings.
Posted: 06/21/17, 10:38:01

No you didn't.

Posted: 06/21/17, 10:56:36
This is the first time I didn't end up with a negative score, let me have my small victories!

If I wouldn't have voted against Metroid I would have had like a billion points!

(but I'd rather have a new Metroid that have been right so it's a win-win situation)
Posted: 06/21/17, 14:44:05
See I was just playing dumb all those years that I ended up with a negative score. Out of politeness. Yep.

Haha, thanks for running this guys.
Posted: 07/12/17, 18:58:43
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