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ARMS Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
ARMS on the Switch
8.48/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ARMS on the Switch!

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That's right friends and fighters, Nintendo's newest IP is finally out. The Testpunches are punched and the games are in the mail. Mine arrived today and any moment I'll be diving into the full experience. With a launch that held mixed receptions, Nintendo has done a great job at building the hype around this title and the hype is planned for many months to come. With planned free DLC in the vein of Splatoon, they'll be supporting new characters, stages, and maybe even modes for the rest of the year. With a starting roster of 10 awesome characters, who takes your heart in particular? Ribbon Girl was tied in first for both of our Testpunch polls with Min Min sharing the spot for the first round and the curvaceous Twintelle sharing it in the second. Mechanica and Ninjara were not too far behind.

I plan to be dabbling in a little bit of single player to explore that a bit, but you'll all be seeing me online soon enough! Have fun out there! Wear your mouth piece!

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Posted: 06/16/17, 23:52:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/17, 00:21:18
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With them stopping with major updates this fast, I wonder if there'll even be a sequel.

People already complain about lack of content and depth, and now they're cutting support before the game is even a year old, I think a sequel would be a tough sell unless it gets unveiled showing a TON more content.

They're not required to keep giving us updates for free and I'm personally okay with the content, but I was still expecting more.

I'm not sure if this bodes well for a sequel unless it really steps its game up in an obvious way to silence naysayers.

I think it would have been a better idea to support this as much as they do Splatoon. It would look more confident. I mean the game sold pretty damn well for a new IP, even if it didn't like the world on fire.

I assume this means no DLC either? I mean, it pretty obviously means that, but still..
Posted: 12/22/17, 22:36:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/17, 22:38:45
Providing free updates for this long is pretty damn good considering what the industry looks like these days, and the game seems to have done really well for a brand new fighting IP, so I don't think this is a sign of Nintendo being disappointed.

Perhaps they'd rather save up the potential update material for a future sequel.
Posted: 12/22/17, 22:41:26
My understanding is that the game under-performed to Nintendo's expectations in Japan (reached a total of 272k this past week), even though it did fairly well in other regions (I believe it is nearing 1.5m worldwide total). Nintendo usually focus on Japan first and foremost, so the game not selling too hotly there could be part of the reason for major updates ending now.

Myself, I've always been conflicted about the game. It's nice to see something so creative, but I'm not so sure the actual gameplay appeals to me...
Posted: 12/22/17, 22:43:17
No I know, I'm not gonna bother comparing this to the horseshit the West like to pull, I'm talking from a Nintendo standpoint it seems kind of early. I don't think anyone expected support to end "so soon" or so abruptly.
Posted: 12/22/17, 22:46:45
Well, they've recently stated that Breath of the Wild is content complete, or whatever the term is, as well. Splatoon seems to be the exception here, with its promise of one full year of free updates.
Posted: 12/22/17, 22:54:08
This is theoretically disappointing to me, but I really did not play Arms as much as I should have. I'm pretty sure my past five posts in this thread have been, "Wow, cool update! Now I'll finally start playing it again!".

I love games with a lot of depth and really want to get good at it, but without much breadth of content, it's hard to.
Posted: 12/22/17, 23:39:08
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