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ARMS Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
ARMS on the Switch
8.43/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ARMS on the Switch!

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That's right friends and fighters, Nintendo's newest IP is finally out. The Testpunches are punched and the games are in the mail. Mine arrived today and any moment I'll be diving into the full experience. With a launch that held mixed receptions, Nintendo has done a great job at building the hype around this title and the hype is planned for many months to come. With planned free DLC in the vein of Splatoon, they'll be supporting new characters, stages, and maybe even modes for the rest of the year. With a starting roster of 10 awesome characters, who takes your heart in particular? Ribbon Girl was tied in first for both of our Testpunch polls with Min Min sharing the spot for the first round and the curvaceous Twintelle sharing it in the second. Mechanica and Ninjara were not too far behind.

I plan to be dabbling in a little bit of single player to explore that a bit, but you'll all be seeing me online soon enough! Have fun out there! Wear your mouth piece!

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Posted: 06/16/17, 23:52:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/17, 00:21:18
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Posted: 11/20/17, 11:13:39  - Edited by 
 on: 11/20/17, 11:17:37
Anyone doing the Party Crash event? It's pretty fun? I mean it doesn't change the game drastically but the way the rules change every few minutes and that it gives incentives to people to change their gear from one match to the next for experience bonus is pretty neat. Definitely has people experimenting with different arms. I'm just curious what the prizes will be at the end. Seems that reaching level 5 and 10 for the event gives you exclusive badges while 15, 20, 25 and 30 are still a mystery. I'm currently 16 so I'll try and hit 30 by Friday and see what the prizes are!
Posted: 11/22/17, 18:34:17
I wish this had been a weekend event, 'cause I just got home from work and feel way too tired for anything truly competetive right now. Might give it a shot later, or tomorrow.
Posted: 11/22/17, 18:43:52

Yeah it sucks they couldn't do it for the weekend instead, like Splatfest.
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:11:05
Btw, for anyone hoarding badges: It seems that you can get a free badge for simply starting up the game by clicking on a button in the news channel article about the Party Crash event.
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:16:54

Well I guess I'll have to do that.

EDIT: Hmm, I don't even have that article yet.
Posted: 11/22/17, 20:36:42  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/17, 20:37:38
Huh. Maybe it just got sent out earlier over here then. The badge is given to you for opening ARMS via the news channel, so maybe another article will work just as well, if it's got the button to start the game.
Posted: 11/22/17, 21:06:39

I don't think there's any other article that starts the game this way. At least none that are recent.
Posted: 11/22/17, 21:16:35
Oh, OK. I thought there might have been one when Misango dropped, but I guess not.

In other news: I played some Party Crash and I fucking suck at this game. I suck so bad that it kind of turned me off on the whole thing. Back to Mario Odyssey I go.
Posted: 11/22/17, 21:18:52

The Misango one just directs you to the eShop. I'll wait a bit, there's bound to be mention of it before Friday.

And you have the attitude of ploot for this game. Though I'm not sure how often you've played it but seems those that play it here and there jump in for a few minutes, get their asses kicked then never touch it again for a few months
Posted: 11/22/17, 21:23:18
Oh, of course! It takes you to the eShop!

Yeah, I've been bad at playing ARMS regularly, so I know I'm not going to do well, but it was even worse than I expected. And by "it" I mean me. With Splatoon I can still feel like I'm being of some kind of use when I come back after a hiatus, but here I'm just a punching bag. Good game, but I need to spend more time with it, and I'd rather spend that time with other games instead.
Posted: 11/22/17, 21:29:29
I also got freaking skunked. Haven't played online in a good while. And forcing myself to use the bonus ARMS and characters did not help!

I like the variety and pageantry of Party Crash, though.

Is the titular "Party Crash" supposed to be when someone shows up with a character/ARMS that they're actually good with and schools everybody?
Posted: 11/25/17, 02:54:54
Were the Party unlocks only available through that mode? I didn't get a chance to get on those days damnit!
Posted: 11/25/17, 22:22:17
Yeah, the timing was oddly horrible.
Posted: 11/26/17, 18:55:26
Nah that was my fault. I didn't try hard enough. 3 days isn't too bad. It's better than the Splatoon timing.
Posted: 11/27/17, 19:44:10
Splatfests are short, but at least they aren't scheduled during Thanksgiving. People have to go to selfishly-planned weddings on those days!
Posted: 11/28/17, 19:16:30
New character trailer up. She looks awesome!

Edit: Fuck you too ^

Patch Notes:

New fighter “Dr. Coyle” is now available. Play the Grand Prix at LV6 or higher as someone other than Dr. Coyle and see what happens…
New ARM “Lokjaw” added.
New ARM “Parabola” added.
New ARM “Brrchuk” added.
New stage [NAME REDACTED] added.
For Grand Prix LV6 and lower, the computer will now get stronger as you get deeper into the Grand Prix.
For Grand Prix LV7, the computer will start out strong right from the first match, as usual.
You can now view stats from previous Party Crash events in “Stats.”
Added new badges related to Dr. Coyle.
Fixed issue in online play where the healing area created by HP Juice would sometimes shift position.
Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as follows.
Posted: 12/22/17, 03:12:13  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/17, 03:18:30
Nintendo confirmed this update was ARMS last major content update. Wow.

I'm kinda surprised.
Posted: 12/22/17, 13:13:28
Yeah, that sucks. I'm still holding out for a nice surprise. But maybe those rumored additional characters will find their way into the sequel?

I do feel that ARMS is a good package, as-is, though. The new character looks cool, and her music is so weird and interesting. I love the aesthetics of this game.
Posted: 12/22/17, 14:45:27  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/17, 14:48:21
I think they're giving up on the updates way too soon. There's a decent amount of content in the game and everything, but I wonder for how long the online community will be active without new stages and characters to master. Maybe it's just my personal preference shining through, but ARMS doesn't seem like it can carry itself quite as well as, say, Splatoon based on core gameplay depth alone.
Posted: 12/22/17, 15:24:58
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