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ARMS Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
ARMS on the Switch
8.48/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ARMS on the Switch!

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Mania on

Listen To This While Perusing The Thread

That's right friends and fighters, Nintendo's newest IP is finally out. The Testpunches are punched and the games are in the mail. Mine arrived today and any moment I'll be diving into the full experience. With a launch that held mixed receptions, Nintendo has done a great job at building the hype around this title and the hype is planned for many months to come. With planned free DLC in the vein of Splatoon, they'll be supporting new characters, stages, and maybe even modes for the rest of the year. With a starting roster of 10 awesome characters, who takes your heart in particular? Ribbon Girl was tied in first for both of our Testpunch polls with Min Min sharing the spot for the first round and the curvaceous Twintelle sharing it in the second. Mechanica and Ninjara were not too far behind.

I plan to be dabbling in a little bit of single player to explore that a bit, but you'll all be seeing me online soon enough! Have fun out there! Wear your mouth piece!

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Posted: 06/16/17, 23:52:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/17, 00:21:18
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Posted: 08/23/17, 18:40:20
Maybe the names are meant to be intentionally generic lol.

I agree though. Pretty uninspired.
Posted: 08/23/17, 20:18:33
Master Mummy is a great name! He's an elegant member of the undead!

Ninjara is pretty clever, too, because I think 'jara' or 'chara' is the onomatopoeia for the rattling of a chain in Japanese.

Anyway, love the new character. Very charming, with interesting gameplay possibilities.
Posted: 08/27/17, 22:47:15
Okay, so Lola Pop is awesome, the reflecting shield is awesome, and customizable controls open up a lot of new options.

You can even customize your punch sensitivity and tilt sensitivity separately. And assign punches and guards to buttons when using motion control. Awesome.
Posted: 09/14/17, 07:11:16
Lola Pop is nuts... she just bounces around all over the place
Posted: 09/14/17, 18:25:58
No joke, but the control options make me more likely to get this game.
Posted: 09/14/17, 19:22:08
What changes are you guys (and gal(s)) making to the controls?
Posted: 09/14/17, 19:53:34

I'll probably put shield a button... if I ever play the game again. It's super fun, but there's so many other games coming out!
Posted: 09/14/17, 20:07:29
Fun new arms, pretty fun stage, fun character! Lola Pop is another really nice design, I have to say. Silly as hell, but in a charming way. The tech side of her design is really well made too; I just want to lick her! In a candy eating sort of way. Not in a sexual kind of way. I mean, just look at those colourful, sugary arms! They look delicious!

I made a custom control scheme that lets me change targets with face buttons instead of the d-pad. Haven't really tried it out yet, but that should make the 2 vs 2 fights a whole lot more enjoyable for me. Happy they added this.
Posted: 09/14/17, 23:22:05  - Edited by 
 on: 09/14/17, 23:23:23
Man, stuffing someone's elemental attack right back into their face with the Clapback is so satisfying.

For regular controls, I put guard on the Right Bumper and the A button, since I use the triggers for punching. And made some redundant controls for target switching, like the R3 button, I think?

For motion controls, I jacked the tilt sensitivity way up and assigned guard to a few buttons (like the Right Arrow button on the left Joy Con, which my finger naturally rests on).

For single Joy-Con, I put Guard on the SL button and target switching on the trigger.
Posted: 09/15/17, 03:38:41
I want to love the controller options but I simply can't because
A) I got used to what we got long ago
B) I can't think of anywhere else to put the shield that won't mess something up
C) the only alternative I like would be to get rid of punching on the shoulder buttons, but I rather like that

So unfortunately it's not doing much for me. But, I don't really mind analog click as shield too much anyway. Not as much as it bothers others.

The real issue here is A. I'm so used to it now.
Posted: 09/15/17, 10:14:13  - Edited by 
 on: 09/15/17, 10:15:13
Lola Pop is great... I bounce around like a crazy person and my opponent just watches. I just wish I could figure out her shield, but that type of weapon just isn't for me
Posted: 09/15/17, 15:46:59
Don't write it off. It's awesome! Throw out the shield, and then press attack again to reflect. The keys are initial positioning and reflect timing.
Posted: 09/15/17, 19:02:06
That's not what I was doing... I'll give it another shot
Posted: 09/15/17, 20:10:31
Helix's shield also has an attack on the second press, but it's too short to be useful. The Clapback works really well, though, because you only have to reach their fists.
Posted: 09/15/17, 20:32:39
You don't even need to do that. I've let it sit there and it reflects back lighter punches I believe. I think shooting it out and charging it only makes it stronger or sends back harder hits. I'm pretty sure by default it still reflects at least the lightest shots.
Posted: 09/15/17, 20:58:59
I don't get the Funchuks. They seem pretty wack.
I tried using 2 of them at once and that's even worse. The Bifflers are awesome though.
Posted: 09/15/17, 21:43:32  - Edited by 
 on: 09/15/17, 21:44:19
I'm the opposite. Can't get used to the Bifflers, but the Funchuks are alright.

By the way, do attacks net you waaaay more points in Skillshot, or is it just me?

Does it reflect elemental attacks if you just let it sit there? I'll have to experiment!

I utterly crushed Hedlok with my method, though.
Posted: 09/15/17, 23:09:04  - Edited by 
 on: 09/15/17, 23:10:34
I like the funchuks and bifflers, but not the shield. The circle is complete
Posted: 09/15/17, 23:33:21
Lmao that's awesome.
Posted: 09/16/17, 00:37:10
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