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ARMS Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
ARMS on the Switch
8.43/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for ARMS on the Switch!

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Mania on

Listen To This While Perusing The Thread

That's right friends and fighters, Nintendo's newest IP is finally out. The Testpunches are punched and the games are in the mail. Mine arrived today and any moment I'll be diving into the full experience. With a launch that held mixed receptions, Nintendo has done a great job at building the hype around this title and the hype is planned for many months to come. With planned free DLC in the vein of Splatoon, they'll be supporting new characters, stages, and maybe even modes for the rest of the year. With a starting roster of 10 awesome characters, who takes your heart in particular? Ribbon Girl was tied in first for both of our Testpunch polls with Min Min sharing the spot for the first round and the curvaceous Twintelle sharing it in the second. Mechanica and Ninjara were not too far behind.

I plan to be dabbling in a little bit of single player to explore that a bit, but you'll all be seeing me online soon enough! Have fun out there! Wear your mouth piece!

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Posted: 06/16/17, 23:52:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/17, 00:21:18
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........sigh. I said I agree I'm not a huge fan of Biff, seems kinda uninspired, and I feel burned they didn't go with the voice from the Direct as that actually suited him and I was expecting it in the game.
Posted: 06/23/17, 23:43:56
Uninspired is a good word for him. It's especially fitting when you've got characters like Byte & Barq, Twintelle or Master Mummy next to him.
Posted: 06/24/17, 01:17:16
Oh wow I just found out charging punches only lasts for like 2 seconds. I thought they stayed charged until you used them!!

No wonder it seemed inconsistent and I thought "why can you keep charging it?".
Posted: 06/24/17, 04:32:13

I think the longer you charge it, the longer they last? Though it has a visible/audio cue when they're charged at max.
Posted: 06/24/17, 05:09:53
Stupid question about charging and effects:

Do the elemental effects deal extra damage under any circumstances, or are they all about the effect itself? Like, will wearing ice elemental arms make you take more damage from fire or something like that? Incidentally, what does the fire effect actually do? Is it meant to deal slow damage under a short period of time? I've only ever seen people fall over in a burning mess and then get up sans the fire.
Posted: 06/24/17, 10:55:42  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/17, 11:30:00
Trying to figure out all these things myself too.

Crazy game.

Jumping charges your fucking Arms too! Didn't even notice that til my bro told me lol.
Posted: 06/24/17, 11:09:56  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/17, 11:17:42
If the Pro plays similarly to the motion controls, jump charges the right arm and dash charges the left arm. Blocking charges both.
Posted: 06/24/17, 13:41:58
I'm playing with the pro controller right now, and either button seems to charge both arms.
Posted: 06/24/17, 14:00:54
Ah, interesting.
I should try the Pro out sometime.
Posted: 06/24/17, 14:12:18
Another question: What the fuck is up with the target shooting minigame. When playing against the AI I keep going for the targets while they go for punching me in the face instead, and they end up winning by doing that. They rack up more combos hitting me than hitting targets. Am I missing something, or is this mode just a long distance punching match with targets that get in the way?
Posted: 06/24/17, 14:14:49

Doesn't charging, regardless of what action you take, always charge up both weapons though?


I tend to go for boomerang type weapons for this mode since the wide arc can hit a lot of targets while usually catching my opponents off guard as they try to hit targets themselves. Works really well. Also both of your punches can combo with each other as you hit targets consecutively, as well as including your opponent being hit in the mix too I believe.
Posted: 06/24/17, 14:56:55  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/17, 14:58:35
Thanks for the tip; I'll give that a shot next time. Last match was really frustrating, 'cause I got most of the targets, but Mechanica at the other end got several hundred points more than I did, seemingly just for whipping me around.
Posted: 06/24/17, 16:13:23
Man, some people are just annoying to fight in this game. Especially the one-trick ponies.

And people do really dumb things in 1v1v1. I'd almost like a spectator view for that mode.

Still loving this game, though. It's gotten more online time from me than Mario Kart 8 DX. I love the quick, accessible nature of the Party Mode. And earning coins is a nice incentive, without getting TOO involved, like a ranking system.

Jumping, dashing, and blocking charges your arms. And, after charging, you can hold the button to keep the charge.

Yeah, I think fire knocks down the opponent. It might do more damage, as well.

I still need to figure out the skillshot scoring, but I believe that hitting several targets in a row with one fist is more important than just hitting lots of targets.
Posted: 06/24/17, 18:42:04
I guess I'm just a total noob.
I need to get back to this game.
Posted: 06/24/17, 19:13:53
ploot said:
If the Pro plays similarly to the motion controls, jump charges the right arm and dash charges the left arm. Blocking charges both.

lol whaaaaaaaaat

How the.....
Posted: 06/24/17, 20:18:41
carlosrox said:
ploot said:
If the Pro plays similarly to the motion controls, jump charges the right arm and dash charges the left arm. Blocking charges both.

lol whaaaaaaaaat

How the.....

I don't think this is the case, I'm pretty sure both of my arms get charged when I jump or dash.

If it is the case, then... huh.
Posted: 06/24/17, 23:18:56
Whoa so they updated the game already, correct?

Did they add a 4 way free for all or was that always there? Played some online earlier tonight, it's quite awesome. And the 4p FFA was really cool!
Posted: 06/26/17, 11:19:44

That's new yeah. But from what I understand, only 2 of the 4 max players that are in the lobby will actually be fighting while the remaining will be spectating the match. It's a nice feature but seems a bit redundant? Since it's only for friends, couldn't you already achieve this through the party mode anyway?
Posted: 06/26/17, 14:21:49
Posted: 06/27/17, 18:00:50
I think those are separate modes.

Not the biggest Conan fan but his game segments are fun. And Will Arnett is pretty great, I look forward to seeing this!
Posted: 06/27/17, 18:15:53
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