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Are you picking up Nintendo's ARMS? And did the TestPunch affect your decision? [poll]
I will buy it, I was planning to anyway. (8/19 votes)
I will buy it, I wasn't planning to originally. (4/19 votes)
I will buy it, but I didn't play the TestPunch. (2/19 votes)
I won't buy it, but I was planning to before. (2/19 votes)
I won't buy it, and I wasn't intending to either. (2/19 votes)
I won't buy it, but I didn't play the TestPunch. (1/19 vote)
A simple question. In light that these testpunches are over, are you picking up Nintendo's ARMS at or around launch?

Pre-TestPunch, where did you stand?

For me the TestPunch made the difference. I couldn't see myself having fun with this, but then I literally had fun with this, so I'm going to buy it.

How about you?

For those who did play the Global TestPunch, your options are in 1, 2, 4, or 5. For those who didn't play the test punch, your options are 3 and 6.

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Posted: 06/04/17, 22:23:21
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I need an 'I don't know' option.

I had a pretty good time with the latest test punch, but I still don't know if it's a game I want to buy. After the game's been released and I can get more impressions of how the game is as a single player affair, and get a better idea of how Nintendo intends to support the game in the long term I might get it, but right now it feels like a good game with great potential for gameplay depth, but not with a whole lot of variety.
Posted: 06/04/17, 22:28:59
Had it preordered from the start, so my mind wasn't changed, but the test punch solidified my purchase tremendously.
Posted: 06/04/17, 23:15:46
Option 1 for me.

Online Party mode is fun enough with strangers. Once you throw a friend or two (or 20!) into the mix that mode will be superb!
Posted: 06/04/17, 23:26:38  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/17, 23:27:26
I was definitely gonna rent it to try it out, but now I don't even need to. TestPunch sold me on it completely, I'm all in.
Posted: 06/04/17, 23:29:55
Unfortunately, it didn't really click with me enough. I played the TestPunch a bit during both weekends, and I found it moderately enjoyable. But the gameplay still feels kind of disconnected from what I'm doing, and IMO it's not compelling or fun enough to keep me hooked through the different modes. It'd be a decent weekend rental for me, but it doesn't really feel like my kind of game enough to go in with a purchase.
Posted: 06/05/17, 00:08:51  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/17, 00:09:12
I wasn't planning to buy it, but I will pick it up down the road sometime. Unfortunately it's launching too close to Splatoon.
Posted: 06/05/17, 01:23:05

Similar opinion here. I did get to spend a little bit of time with the Testpunch, and whilst the game has promise, I feel like it's the kind of game that I'd pick up as being cool to play, and then it would end up sitting on my shelf after about a week. It wasn't instantly intuitive like Mario Kart or Smash is. Customisable controls might go some way to mitigate that, but it's not a gamble I want to make at full price.

Maybe if I see it on sale for cheap one day.
Posted: 06/05/17, 01:29:25
It made me like it even more than I thought I would but yep I was already buying it.
Posted: 06/05/17, 02:13:03
Reconfirmed my super cheap pre-order.

It's good to see that the Testpunch swayed some folks. I'm a bit surprised at the ambivalence in this thread.

I have a few reservations, but I loved Party Mode. More importantly, I can't wait to play it in local multi!
Posted: 06/05/17, 02:40:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/17, 02:40:58
Played not quite an hour and had a lot of fun, but i honestly think local multi will really shine.
Posted: 06/05/17, 04:00:00

How were the other minigames? I didn't care for the volleyball one from last week. Thinking I'll stick with 1v1 battles for the full game.
Posted: 06/05/17, 04:00:43

Volleyball was pretty poor. Hoops was a lot more fun and the targets one was a mixed bag depending on my character.
Posted: 06/05/17, 04:01:41
I had a bit of interest in the game, but the Test Punch has me frothing for more.

The motion controls took some getting used to, but by now it feels SUPER intuitive to tilt to move and swing to punch. I fell in love with this game because of the Test Punch.

I hope people give it a bit more of a chance. It took two Test Punches for it to click, and man did it click.

Hoops!!!! HOOPS!!!!
Posted: 06/05/17, 04:05:08  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/17, 04:06:16
Volleyball's awesome, what you people talkin?
Posted: 06/05/17, 04:14:57  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/17, 04:15:23
@ploot I think that whole needing time to click thing is part of the problem. I know I was pretty busy and only got in on part of one Test Punch, which certainly was not enough for the game to sell itself to me. And I know I wouldn't be alone on that.
Beyond even that though, Switch adopters later down the track won't have access to the Test Punch at all. So I would hope that Nintendo creates a demo app, both for this and Splatoon. Something that people can download at a later time at their leisure in order to check it out and give the game a chance to click. Being able to hit multiple Test Punches shouldn't be the barrier here.
Posted: 06/05/17, 04:45:37
Planned to pick it up but the Testpunch just made me more excited for it. Much like Splatoon, I'm not a fan of online shooters but that game totally converted me (to Splatoon anyway). This seems to be the same where it takes a genre, puts the Nintendo spin on it and has it be much more accessible for people where it's both satisfying and easy to play but becomes hard to master for those who want to put more time into it. Can't wait to see what content will be added in the future!
Posted: 06/05/17, 05:17:02  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/17, 05:17:34
I don't think I'm gonna pick this up. I played one of the sessions using a controller (the motion controls were too frustrating for me), and while it was fun, I don't see myself playing it for hours on end like I do with Mario Kart, etc.
Posted: 06/05/17, 13:27:14
Nah. People will pick it up, play for an hour or so and it will click. No cumbersome schedules to work around.
Posted: 06/05/17, 14:55:18
@ploot Pick up the proposed demo you mean. That's the point

Testfires/punches/dummies are all well and good for checking server loads, but they're not ideal for enticing people into playing your game. That's more of a happy secondary effect. Permanently available demos much better for that goal.
Posted: 06/05/17, 16:36:13

Same here: I had fun with the testpunch, but I would literally get a bit bored of it before the hour was over. It's a bit repetitious, and I feel like waiting to see what modes, arenas, characters, etc. are added after release.

Also, I just don't know if I have the time to put into it while also trying to clear a big backlog, plus Splatoon 2 is looming on the horizon and I KNOW I won't have time to play 2 online multiplayer games.
Posted: 06/05/17, 19:32:10
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