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Mario Kart 8 DX has some MASSIVE improvements [roundtable]
No, I'm not talking about the resolution bump or the LAN play or the multiple item slots or even the Battle Mode...

I'm talking about automatic acceleration, baby! It's in! Finally! Masahiro Sakurai showed us the true future of arcade racing games 14 years ago, but even Nintendo didn't realize it. Until now.

Gone are the days of mindlessly mashing down the same button for the entire race! Gone are the days of discomfort and hand cramps!

The revolution starts here, people.

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Posted: 04/19/17, 22:53:39  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/17, 22:53:23
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I probably won't use either of those features, but I'm actually pretty excited for this game. I never got a chance to play much 200cc, so I'm really looking forward to learning how that works. I noticed you need to use the brakes a lot more (unless I just had mastered drifting yet), so I'm curious how well auto-acceleration would work with it.
Posted: 04/19/17, 22:57:00
I'm surprised, I never thought I'd see the day!

Also, you'll just make a roundtable out of anything, won't you? ;)
Posted: 04/19/17, 22:57:11
I saw the Auto-driving feature at NintendoLife, interesting stuff!

I'm happy for the folks who will be able to play with their kids as a result of stuff like this! Very cool. I myself won't use it, most likely, as I prefer to "feel" the driving or whatever, but hey, adding features doesn't seem like a bad thing. Especially when it brings generations together like this can. (Heck, it doesn't have to be kid-related, maybe some grandpas can get into the racing action as a result! Or even folks with mental handicaps, that's amazing for them. It's a good thing!)

EDIT: I do kind of wish folks (in these videos) would be a little less "mocking" about it. Because yeah, it's not for you the gamer, but this is a big, big thing for some people.
Posted: 04/19/17, 23:01:26  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/17, 23:05:23
Those look like some good options for newcomers. Doubt I'd use either though.
Posted: 04/19/17, 23:02:38
By the way, although the tone here is facetious, I'm not joking at all. Accelerator control is pointless in most arcade racing games. Imagine if you had to hold a button just to run through a stage in a Mario game! (Well, Super Mario 64 DS got it right, at least...)

Hopefully, mobile racing games have warmed people up to the concept by now. I don't want to regress to the arcade racing paleolithic age again.

I also genuinely think that the auto-steering feature is a great, inclusive idea, which will allow even the n00biest among us to enjoy the game. People always say that Smash and Kart are super-accessible, but I've had lots of problems trying to teach kids and non-gamers the fundamentals of those serieseses.

Plus, Gamexplain has another video showing that they removed the fire hopping exploit (which was kind of like MK8's version of snaking). Awesome. Arcade racing should always be democratized!

The only bummer is that 3+ player splitscreen still drops to 30fps. So close, Nintendo!

It seems like you can actually brake while drifting now, so 200cc will be more manageable. I think that the auto-accel will work, too. You pretty much had to use the brake, anyway.

200cc is kind of insane. I've been wanting more speed options for years, but it feels like 750cc.

I can understand not wanting to use the steering assist, but everyone should at least try auto-accel. Think of what you'll be able to do with that extra finger!

Honestly, steering assist might help with 200cc...

@Mop it up
It was actually a normal thread at first. Then I reconsidered!

You might actually prefer DX to vanilla 8, since it's bringing back the accessibility of the Wii game, as well as the chaos, judging by the extra item slot.

I wonder if they'll adjust the item balance, too. Those freakin' coins...
Posted: 04/19/17, 23:02:55  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/17, 23:21:08

Posted: 04/19/17, 23:27:47  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/17, 23:30:18
You can also change karts while in the online lobby. That's good stuff!
Posted: 04/19/17, 23:42:25
Did they bring back the automatic drift option?

@Anand It certainly looks like an improvement, but still not worth buying the same game again. At this point, I'd rather just wait for Mario Kart 9, which I'm hoping isn't too far off.
Posted: 04/19/17, 23:52:33
I think it's a great addition for people with young kids. I'm sure my it would help my youngest.
Posted: 04/20/17, 01:01:45
Where's my Block Fort battle mode map?!?

Posted: 04/20/17, 01:09:31
There's a whole new drift boost too I've heard. A pink boost.
Posted: 04/20/17, 01:13:33
@ploot Jeez I've been waiting for that forever. Can we change characters as well?? God forbid.
Posted: 04/20/17, 05:12:37

People want to change their kart and character that much during matches? I like to stick to one I'm good with and just stay that for the night. How often do you like to change?
Posted: 04/20/17, 05:35:54

Lol, I've ever only used two characters and one kart. And two characters because I couldn't decide between Toad (my standard from SNES days) and Daisy (aka the best/cutest character).

Interesting to me too that people want to switch (snap) so often!
Posted: 04/20/17, 06:56:38
@Mop it up
No automatic drift, but you can't really go outside of the track unless you try. That was answered during Gamexplain's 50 question Q&A.

Yup, Level 3 Boost. Only possible on big turns (until someone finds a way to cheese it).

Unfortunately, it seems that you can't freely swap between your items a la Double Dash.

Where's my Double Decker? Where's my spy camera??
Posted: 04/20/17, 15:40:45
Toad might as well be the only character in this series, because he's who I play 99% of the time.

That said if there was a character that did crit damage to any of the Donkey Kong characters, I would play them exclusively. Because fuck the Kongs. ALL OF THEM.
Posted: 04/20/17, 16:17:15
Mop it up said:
Did they bring back the automatic drift option?
I really wish they had. I thought taking it away was a huge step back for the series. It's one of those things that made it a whole lot more fun for experienced players to face more casual ones.
Posted: 04/20/17, 17:19:32
@DrFinkelstein Enough that I wish we had the option. Sometimes I like to play as Waluigi. Sometimes we like using our Miis. There are so many bikes and characters, it's just fun to experiment.
Posted: 04/20/17, 19:14:12

Even Funky Kong?!
Posted: 04/20/17, 20:49:06

All. Of. Them.
Posted: 04/20/17, 22:38:01
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