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How many Neo Geo games have you bought on Switch? [roundtable]
I am absolutely LOVING the clockwork release of classic (and a few not-so-classic) Neo Geo titles. What a great way to pad out the launch library! (There were a few niggles in the initial releases, but Hamster has been quick to update and improve them.)

I've always been a sucker for arcade games, and these titles work so damned well on the Switch, what with the pick up and play nature, the beautiful screen, and the instant two-player capability. I only wish that both the home and arcade versions of each game were included in the purchase.

So far, I've picked up Shock Troopers, which is AMAZING, and Neo Turf Masters, which seems pretty cool. I'll probably pick up some Metal Slug games and KoF '98 (although the arcade version is somewhat limited) in the near future.

My most-wanted future titles are Baseball Stars 2, Windjammers, Samurai Shodown 2, Magical Drop III, Puzzle Bobble, and Super Dodge Ball. I also hope that Hamster starts including other platforms and publishers in their arcade release series. Namco, Capcom, Konami, etc. I would love to carry a fully-loaded portable 2P arcade unit with me everywhere that I go.

Do you guys care about this series at all? Which games have you picked up?

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Posted: 04/13/17, 00:16:33
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If I were to get one of the King of Fighters games, which one should that be? Or should I get a Samurai Shodown instead? Or something else entirely? Neo Geo was always so expensive and/or far away from me as a kid that I never really knew anything about the games apart from Metal Slug.
Posted: 04/16/17, 19:53:30
@Zero, @r_hjort

I always recommend The King of Fighters '98. Great game!

I haven't yet played Samurai Shodown 4 yet, but that series is pretty awesome so you can probably "blind buy" that without regret.
Posted: 04/16/17, 20:05:33
Thanks! Will look into KoF '98 once I beat another game from my backlog to make me feel less guilty about buying so many games.
Posted: 04/16/17, 20:08:28
I've been trying to find out which Samurai Shodown is the best, and opinions are all over the place. Samurai Shodown 2 seems to come out on top, though it seems that all of them are good. The fourth has the best graphics/options/etc., I guess.


It's a classic Capcom run'n'gun. Like Contra, except top-down. Less emphasis on jumping, more on grenades.

Similar to Ikari Warriors, if you've played that.

Anyway, Shock Troopers is co-op, too.
Posted: 04/16/17, 22:06:23  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/17, 22:08:30
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