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Super Mario Odyssey Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.6/10 from 25 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch!

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Super Mario Odyssey Review (Nintendo Switch) (9.7)  by  

A new entry in the Super Mario series is upon is! We are just days away now from the glorious Super Mario Odyssey! Run, jump, and explore your way through plenty of 'Kingdoms' setup similarly to the great Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine! This is the Mario game everyone has been waiting for!

Check out Nintendo's now-famous Super Mario Odyssey 1:30~ long commercial!

And check out some of the glorious screens as well! Soon you'll be able to use the special mode found inside the game to pause the action at anytime for a photo, but you can also change the angle in anyway way also. Quite a neat feature.

Notable Links: (courtesy of Nintendo Everything)
EDGE Magazine Leak Gives Super Mario Odyssey a Perfect 10/10
Famitsu Review Details for Super Mario Odyssey

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Posted: 02/12/17, 22:01:03  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/17, 06:01:04
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I took it that way. Like a kid in a candy store.
Posted: 01/04/18, 05:30:31
Like an adult in a candy store.

For instance, me, earlier today.
Posted: 01/04/18, 05:34:36
I didn't even find that initial tease. I'm not sure how I would have felt about it!
Posted: 01/04/18, 07:26:40
I didn't find it either, and it's probably better I didn't. Though, I already had a feeling it would be something like that.
Posted: 01/04/18, 22:36:14
I have Darker Side to complete and the last few outfits to purchase. Time to grind coins! Its just about my only problem with the game, that you have to grind coins after a certain point if you want to 100% it.
Posted: 01/05/18, 07:28:07

There's a spot within Bowser's Kingdom where I was able to grind in under an hour all the coins I needed to 100% it. You can probably google it as I'm sure others used it too.
Posted: 01/05/18, 13:17:12
Yeah think I'm using the same spot. The beanstalk to the clouds?
Posted: 01/06/18, 02:17:27

I just let my 4 year old play. Show him the indoor T-Rex in Cascade Falls. Enjoy relative peace and quiet. Reap the bountiful coin harvest.
Posted: 01/07/18, 02:16:12

That's the one.
Posted: 01/07/18, 02:22:23
Finished. Did everything including the bonus at the end. Fantastic game, with a few blemishes here and there.
Posted: 01/09/18, 13:34:37
Man, that new competitive mode is a fantastic idea.
Posted: 01/12/18, 00:23:48
So the new update is live!

Only did the balloon game tutorial just now, but it seems like a fun little mode to add some extra spice to your playing sessions! I went and hid my balloon in a pretty crappy place in Bowser's Castle and tried - but failed - to find someone else's balloon in the same level. This will surely encourage players to master the platforming skills in order to hide balloons in hard to reach places. Good stuff!
Posted: 02/22/18, 12:31:06

Is it easy to share and experience friend's hiding spots or is it always random?
Posted: 02/22/18, 12:37:39
Good question. There doesn't seem to be tab for friends' balloons in the list, only random ones. You can, however, press the + button on the balloon game menu and enter a nine character code for someone else's balloon.

Here's a code of mine from Cascade Kingdom, in case anyone wants to try it out.


EDIT: Just noticed a friend of mine logged on. I played around in Lake Kingdom for a bit (turns out I suck at finding stuff there) and went back to Metro Kingdom. His hidden star is now my first suggestion in the list of stars to hunt for, so maybe friends' stars get some special treatment? Or maybe it's just coincidence?

EDIT 2: Okay, guess I'm back to shooting demons in Doom. I'm starting to come across hidden balloons that are wedged inbetween buildings and stuff, and don't seem to be possible to reach without going out of bounds. Fuck that shit.
Posted: 02/22/18, 12:54:11  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/18, 15:42:39
Oh so it's like Mario Maker or something where we gotta share codes? What?

I'll try this out tonight or tomorrow!

I will try yours first!
Posted: 02/22/18, 21:33:26
Oh, mine's nothing special or anything; I just hid a balloon so I could get a code to share. But hey, thanks!

You don't have to share codes, I don't think, but if you want to make sure that one of your friends can attempt to find a particular balloon that you've hidden you probably have to.
Posted: 02/22/18, 21:45:30
Connection Error my first time trying. I heard the service got taken down cuz people fucked with it already?

Posted: 02/23/18, 11:58:34  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/18, 11:59:23
Haven't heard that, but I kind of hope it's true after finding/not finding impossible balloons yesterday.

You managed to make that neon filter look really cool! I picked really bad spots to try it out, and it didn't end up looking like much of anything.
Posted: 02/23/18, 12:26:44
@r_hjort I think I ran into that issue myself with one I couldn't find.

I'm not sure if there's anything Nintendo could do about it. I dunno if there's a way for a balloon to "detect" that it's out of bounds, and fixing all of the collision glitches in the game would be quite the undertaking.
Posted: 02/23/18, 20:11:35
@Mop it up
Yeah, there's no real way for them to fix every single instance, but they should at least be able to define the general play area so that they can't cram balloons inside walls that serve as the level's outer limit and such. Doubt they can do much about balloons shoved inbetween geometry and stuff, though. Well, they technically can redo the collision detection for stuff to keep people from glitching through I suppose, but patching up all the exploits in a game like this isn't really viable.

It's a pity, because it's a fun mode that suits the game so well.
Posted: 02/23/18, 20:18:22
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