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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.62/10 from 39 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch!

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The wait is nearly over. The game is being detailed left and right by the media,… the amiibo have been announced,… and the Nintendo Switch is imminent… The Legend of Zelda series has been a special one for Nintendo fans since it began and the next chapter starts on March 3rd, 2017.

A hero's tale begins anew.
Open your eyes and see what is true.

Fun Facts:
Vast open world where you could go find the end of the game within 15 minutes… but you won't survive it.
Weapons have stats and durability.
Climb pretty much anything you want.
Eat and cook to regain health.
Full voice-acting for all except Link

Lets use this thread to discuss the game on the Nintendo Switch. To help hold the tide of the wait, here are some beautiful screenshots and links for your perusal.

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YouTube Videos of Interest
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Posted: 01/29/17, 18:20:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/12/17, 21:42:30
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That's dishonest by the way because while the puzzles themselves may be the same on the surface, they behave differently depending on the terrain in several cases. Not every one is exactly cut and paste.
Posted: 05/05/17, 00:47:59
Welp, officially finished exploring the whole map (first pass) and ended with 110 shrines. Plan to use the shrine sensor for the rest (I had it turned off the whole time) but uh... how far does it reach? Running all over the god damned place doesn't really sound super appealing to me.
Posted: 05/06/17, 20:56:13
I got up to 116 shrines fast, but then spent HOURS just to find 1 more. I would basically just find every place on the map that looked like there was too much room in between shrines and fly / ride / etc. all over around it with the shrine sensor turned on. I even went back to every village and talked to every NPC I found to see if I missed any shrine quests, but I know some of the shrine quests were through NPCs outside of villages too so... I dunno. I wanted to get all of the shrines on my own but I might end up using a guide to finish off the last few.

Anyway I was frustrated by my lack of progress so I switched back to looking for memories and I'm almost done with all of those. Just two more.

I haven't been inside of the castle yet except for a quick jaunt in the back. Are there shrines in the castle? I'd assume not but I really don't know.
Posted: 05/10/17, 17:46:46

There is one shrine in the castle.
Posted: 05/10/17, 17:51:04
That's good to know.
Posted: 05/10/17, 17:58:33
Well I'm at 118 shrines including the castle 1 Lou mentioned above and 1 memory and it may be time to cheat a little. I dunno. I have to balance my desire to do this on my own with the fact that I'm just not having much fun running / riding / flying all over the place hoping for my shrine sensor to go off. And if the two I am still missing are shrine quests or something like that the sensor might not go off anyway. The world being HUGE is a good thing in general but at this point it feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Would probably have been easier if I had the sensor on the whole time so I'd find everything as I explored the world, but I only turned it on at the end.

My 1 remaining memory is tough too, it is the one that is just in the middle of a forest with no real landmarks that I can observe. I'm guessing it is down in Faron somewhere but who knows. I know that painter guy gives you hints but I never quite understood how that whole system works, do you have to run into him close to the memory or does he just give you hints for any one you have left regardless of where you run into him?
Posted: 05/11/17, 15:42:54  - Edited by 
 on: 05/11/17, 15:44:12
@Zero You don't have to talk to him to get the memory. I got two of mine just by lining up the landmarks in the picture (it took a while). But yeah, I'm missing the same memory as you and haven't found the painter guy for any hints, and the picture itself isn't very telling. And the painter guy I think only gives you a hint if you find him in the stable nearest to the memory.
Posted: 05/11/17, 16:53:52
I know you don't have to talk to him, I got many of mine by just exploring, but this one feels like a hint could help because there are a lot of woods in the game and it doesn't have any other real landmarks in the picture.

I guess I could just go to literally every stable and figure out which one he is at where he will give me a hint for it...
Posted: 05/11/17, 18:25:15
@Zero I feel like I tried that and never found him giving any hints. But I'm probably just missing a stable. In particular I've explored very little of Central Hyrule, though I'm guessing there aren't any stables among the ruins...I only just really started exploring Faron, too.
Posted: 05/11/17, 18:28:33
A significant hint as to where you might run into Pikango for the forest memory: check the stables in Central Hyrule.
Posted: 05/11/17, 18:33:26
@TriforceBun Will do.

Speaking of, I feel like this has to exist but does anyone know of a breakdown per area of how many shrines are in each? I don't want to know exactly where the two I am still missing are (which is what would happen if I tried to compare a map of all against my current map) but knowing the areas would be nice.
Posted: 05/11/17, 18:36:37
@TriforceBun rofl I guess I should have known. Thanks!

@Zero IGN's guide has a breakdown of how many shrines are in each area here. And then obviously if you want more help than that you can get it.
Posted: 05/11/17, 21:59:52
I got that forest one pretty easily actually.
Posted: 05/11/17, 22:38:21
Some of us aren't crawling over literally every inch of the map though...
Posted: 05/12/17, 00:43:00
Whoa. Shots fired.
Posted: 05/12/17, 07:22:42

lol. We've been making fun of Carlos for the last month or so on this.

Posted: 05/12/17, 08:23:59
I actually ran into the forest one on my own as well.
Posted: 05/12/17, 10:41:30
Now hunting for Koroks in forests.

Now *that's* a real bitch. There's like 3 forests right off the plateau which seem to yield no Koroks but that doesn't make any sense so I'm running around in circles and checking every tree. Seeds in trees are the worst Koroks I think.
Posted: 05/12/17, 11:57:19
Nah I was just goofing. Point still stands though, Carlos is playing in a way where he won't miss much of anything, but for most people that one could be easy to miss. And if you miss it while exploring, it's tough to find after the fact since it doesn't show any real landmarks in the picture.

Anyway, I cheated a little to find the last two shrines I was missing, both of which were shrine quests so that explains why I wasn't finding them just randomly wandering with the shrine sensor on, and both of which were in the Gerudo Highlands, which I suppose makes sense since that was one of my least favorite areas and I kind of skimmed it too quickly I guess. The two I missed were the one where the Gorons want you to survive heat and the one near the Yiga base that you have to put a luminous stone on the pedestal. I also kind of cheated on the third to last one in Hyrule Castle by reading what Lou posted above.

I also sort of cheated to find that last memory by reading what Matt posted above, and then I sort of cheated to find the final final memory because I was running around where I thought it would be but not finding anything, and it turned out I was very, very close.

But whatever, shrines and memories are done. Also cleaned up all active sidequests that I had open except for two, one of which I will probably finish, the other I may not (depends if I want to run around the castle looking for cookbooks or not.) Also finally took down a Lynel because why not go for it? I think it was necessary for one of my remaining sidequests too, the riddle one in the Korok area, so two birds with one stone?

So I'm more or less ready to just finish this game, possibly this weekend. Wow. Who would have thought you could ever be done?
Posted: 05/12/17, 15:57:59  - Edited by 
 on: 05/12/17, 15:59:28
Well according to your own website...at least 7 people decided they could be done
Posted: 05/12/17, 16:06:37
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