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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.62/10 from 39 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch!

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The wait is nearly over. The game is being detailed left and right by the media,… the amiibo have been announced,… and the Nintendo Switch is imminent… The Legend of Zelda series has been a special one for Nintendo fans since it began and the next chapter starts on March 3rd, 2017.

A hero's tale begins anew.
Open your eyes and see what is true.

Fun Facts:
Vast open world where you could go find the end of the game within 15 minutes… but you won't survive it.
Weapons have stats and durability.
Climb pretty much anything you want.
Eat and cook to regain health.
Full voice-acting for all except Link

Lets use this thread to discuss the game on the Nintendo Switch. To help hold the tide of the wait, here are some beautiful screenshots and links for your perusal.

Negative World Threads:
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YouTube Videos of Interest
Nintendo Switch - Legend of Zelda 2017 Presentation Trailer
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Posted: 01/29/17, 18:20:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/12/17, 21:42:30
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@Shadowlink Yes, I destroyed evil that was plaguing it. And then it thanked me. Why would that translate to attacking it when I see it later?! Or attacking random other dragons for that matter?

That whole scenario put it into my head that these are friendly dragons. Even their "attacks" can be interpreted as them just exuding their own natural energy or something, because they're not really directed at anyone / anything, just kind of constantly happening.

Either way it's just logical to think you can ride them I mean why wouldn't you be able to?!
Posted: 04/10/17, 00:37:34  - Edited by 
 on: 04/10/17, 00:39:25
Every time piano comes on when you strike in battle makes me :,)
Posted: 04/10/17, 00:44:06

Because they're covered in electricity and spiky things.

At the very least you should have got the rest of that armour before you made your attempt at futility . You're missing the chestpiece
Posted: 04/10/17, 00:45:44
@Shadowlink Precisely why I thought the whole point of what was happening in that area was to eliminate the electricity danger to myself so I could take a ride! It never occurred to me to start attacking it, why would I do that when the game had me save one earlier?! I only attacked it out of frustration. And you don't even need the gear to do that anyway, it makes it slightly easier I guess but I did the cold one without any gear to protect from the cold.

Mind you I got a horn instead of a scale first time with the cold one and I had shot him right in the face so I guess what you get depends on where you shoot it? Maybe some shots are tougher to do than others without getting super close?

I think I'm missing the rubber boots actually?! I know I'm missing one piece and I don't think it is the chest. And I didn't get shocked by it last attempt so that must be enough to stop the electricity, I just couldn't get a grip on it either. Even landing directly on top of it made me slide right off. Must be made of the same stuff that insides of shrines are.

(I have no idea what is and isn't a spoiler at this point which is probably why my spoiler tags feel so random...)
Posted: 04/10/17, 00:57:39
@ZeroIt's the chest. Trust me.
Posted: 04/10/17, 01:01:37

I find the dragons in BotW to be extremely cool and I always get excited when one shows up, but the game does handle them kind of strangely. As far as I can tell, they're pretty much just there to get rare materials from by shooting them. Sort of odd...!
Posted: 04/10/17, 05:45:59
Still chipping away at it. I still have some armor to fully upgrade, and someday maybe I'll come across the last two side missions that I'm missing.

At 430 Korok Seeds, and I cannot believe more than half of them are still out there in the world! Where are they hiding...?


The game really does a fabulous job of making them (the dragons) feel majestic. Whenever they show up, it feels special.
Posted: 04/10/17, 05:54:47
Ok so this doesn't technically have anything to do with Zelda, but every time I see this It reminds me of the Eldin Ostriches.

I dunno what it is about this ad, but I like it. Go bird! Fly!
Posted: 04/10/17, 13:33:06  - Edited by 
 on: 04/10/17, 13:33:54
@TriforceBun It's just sort of bizarre to me that you can't ride on them. I mean, I guess that would make the whole point of them too easy, but still... IT'D HAVE BEEN SUCH A COOL WAY TO GET AROUND. They could have always I dunno... made the parts you need to hit all on the bottom or something.
Posted: 04/10/17, 15:04:29
At first I used electric resistance, then after that the rubber pants where I thought YES, THIS IS IT!

I'm with Zero assuming he's saying not letting you ride them at all is a bit strange/disappointing.
Posted: 04/10/17, 19:43:16  - Edited by 
 on: 04/10/17, 19:46:40
@Zero I had similar thoughts. Those things are neat at first, but aside from that first quest they don't do anything interesting and they're annoying to farm for upgrades.

They're also kinda glitchy. I once saw one that wasn't really "there," my arrows went right through it and then getting closer, Link could glide through it as well. It's like it just generated the visual of it but not anything needed to interact with it.
Posted: 04/10/17, 21:33:21
I keep seeing one way high up in the sky in Akalla and I'm sure it's some kind of glitch because it disappears often.
Posted: 04/11/17, 03:28:15
So Evie and I played Molduga with her toy alligator, tonight. It was very funny. The only time in history that the Penguins of Madagascar teamed up with Pegleg Pete to capture Moldugas for the zoo.
Posted: 04/11/17, 03:49:32  - Edited by 
 on: 04/11/17, 03:51:48
@Zero@Mop it up@carlosrox

That's it guys. You keep chasing that dragon...

Posted: 04/11/17, 03:50:19
Posted: 04/11/17, 13:24:46
Finally found that blasted Leviathan Skeleton in Hebra (and the nearby shrine.)

Stupid sensor going off had me running all over the mountains for about 20 minutes before I managed to locate it. This thing is nearly useless in a 3D environment.

3 shrines left. God knows where.
Posted: 04/12/17, 01:24:25
So we not bothering with spoilers in here anymore? I see people just throwing out random stuff now.

No spoiler for rubber armor or leviathan. I knew about the former long ago but am still unsure what a leviathan even is. It seems like a lot of stuff is being treated as common knowledge now. At this point it's okay for most stuff but not everything. I'm still in the dark about the entire desert side of the world, Death Mountain, and various other chunks of land. I'm sure there's a ton of equipment I'm not aware of either. I've glanced at my bro's inventory screen and saw a lot of cool stuff I wish I didn't see.
Posted: 04/12/17, 01:29:17

If you don't know what it is, how is it a spoiler?

And when you do find out you'll see my comment doesn't really spoil anything
Posted: 04/12/17, 01:33:21  - Edited by 
 on: 04/12/17, 01:33:46
@Shadowlink I mean it SORT OF does in the sense that I have a quest to take pictures of them but have no idea where they are and you just said where one is.

But I also don't know where that place you said is and will probably forget the name of it by the time I get there anyway.
Posted: 04/12/17, 01:36:29

When you get that quest they tell you where they are . NOT A SPOILER.
Posted: 04/12/17, 01:42:53
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