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Are you getting a service plan for your Switch? [poll]
Yes (1/13 vote)
No (12/13 votes)
Unsure (0/13 votes)
Gamestop sells a 2 year one for $29.99. I'm not sure if I'm getting it. How about you?

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Posted: 01/20/17, 15:49:34
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Definitely not. If I think of all of the money I've saved from not buying them over the years, it pays for an entire console replacement if I need one eventually.

Which I probably won't.
Posted: 01/20/17, 15:51:18
Oh fuck I thought this was about the online service lol. Change my vote to NO.
Posted: 01/20/17, 15:52:30

I'll fix it myself.
Posted: 01/20/17, 16:30:34
Heck to the no, warranties are a waste of money.
Posted: 01/20/17, 17:17:36
I've only had one Nintendo system break on me, ever, and it was the cheapest one they ever built. I think the Switch is much more thoughtfully constructed than the Wii.

Also when it broke, Nintendo was quick to step up and fix it. Best customer service of any company I've had to deal with.
Posted: 01/20/17, 18:09:49
@J.K. Riki

I think my drive may have been starting to fail- It was making awful noises and started freezing in places whilst playing Radiant Dawn. Then it locked up completely and I disconnected it in terror.

Thankfully the WiiU was out by then so I did the system transfer I'd been putting off. No biggie. Boxed the Wii up and pulled the Gamecube out and all was well.
Posted: 01/21/17, 00:00:51
Service plan!

Switch needs braces.

Service plan!

Switch needs braces.

Service plan!
Posted: 01/21/17, 00:06:35
@Mop it up

I can't like this comment enough.

Really, I can't. There's no such button.
Posted: 01/21/17, 00:16:28
Naaaah. Wait, ma... naaaaah.

I might've cracked my Samsung S7 Edge screen within a week of purchase, but I'm sure that my Switch will be okay, right?


Hmm, maybe I should grab a case...

@Mop it up
Posted: 01/21/17, 00:20:12  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/17, 00:21:08
With my luck, it'd crap out in two years and one day.


That being said, for the people who plan on playing it away from home, it could be worthwhile, but I imagine the 3DS still being relevant for a while yet to really phase it out in favor of a new portable device. Unless you just don't have a 3DS, in which case it could be worth it.
Posted: 01/21/17, 00:22:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/17, 00:24:20
After reading your comments, I think I WON'T get the service plan.
Posted: 01/21/17, 15:29:54
Never buy extended warranties. A better idea is to get and use a credit card that automatically doubles the warranty to two years.
Posted: 01/21/17, 15:58:17
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