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In what mode will you be playing your Switch? [poll]
Console (10/25 votes)
Portable (4/25 votes)
Equal amounts Console and Portable (11/25 votes)
I'll likely be playing it in portable mode most of the time, especially now that I've seen how gorgeous Zelda looks in this mode. I really hope the device has bluetooth headphone capability.

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Posted: 01/15/17, 17:54:09
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I voted console understanding portable to mean 'on the go' not 'undocked.' In that case, my answer is definitely equal amounts.
Posted: 01/16/17, 00:45:19

Gonna play it on bus, work break, when I visit my bros'/family place, etc, etc.

The screen looks gorgeous and bright so I mightnot feel like I'm missing too much playing on it.

My Switch is gonna live with me basically.
Posted: 01/16/17, 00:51:57
I could probably guess who voted for which option.

I voted both. I'm really looking forward to taking it on the road, especially for multiplayer stuff like 1-2-Switch.
Posted: 01/16/17, 02:18:58
Probably docked the majority of the time.
Posted: 01/16/17, 15:34:08
I saw this older lady on the bus today playing some casual fruit puzzle game on her phone and I just imagined that in 1.5 month's time I will be whipping out my Switch with Breath Of The Wild on it. Time for console gaming to invade bus commutes. Gonna be awesome.

The month after will be Mario Kart. Ooh I can't wait!
Posted: 01/16/17, 19:25:42
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