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What is Your Take on Fanmade Nintendo Games and How Nintendo Handles Them? [roundtable]
IGN posted a story today about how files of a fanmade Pokemon game dubbed Prism were leaked onto the internet. The project was recently shut down after Nintendo sent the leads a cease and desist letter. This story is the latest in a long line of Nintendo fan projects that have been shut down by the company for infringing on their intellectual property.

It was just in August that the Metroid 2 remake project was similarly stopped by Nintendo. This project, in particular, was viewed very fondly by the community and Nintendo drew a lot of criticism from people.

Nintendo does not always take down these projects, though. Some like the Mother 3 translation still exist and as far as I can tell have not been interfered with by Nintendo.

So the question for discussion is what do you think about this behaviour? I personally am a bit ambivalent. These games look well crafted and some would be fun to try. Understandably though Nintendo worries about their intellectual property. Their stable of franchises is the best argument as to why someone should buy a Nintendo system. Is it just simply a matter of what they view as competition within their own brand? They have seemingly no issue with fan art or covers of their songs. They try to get a cut of ad revenue on videos using their products but I think with these fan games they are usually free for people to download. Does the shutting down of these projects hurt Nintendo more than it helps them?

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 on: 12/30/16, 21:21:52
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Exactly that, if you fill areas with useful things then people will want to go back there. Whether that be exclusive Pokemon to that area, items, houses with important NPC's. For all it's faults, Sun and Moon did a great job of making you want to go back to previous routes because of collectables and just how they spread the available Pokemon throughout all the islands.
Posted: 03/02/17, 09:08:24
I would like it if certain open-world games didn't allow you to fast travel because it'd make for a more legitimate experience. Pokemon, however, is definitely not one of those games. Traversing the world isn't "fun" or necessarily rewarding in and of itself, it's all about the battles and collecting. Who wants to tread through Route 3 for the hundredth time and get ambushed by Caterpie for the billionth time just to get to the first town again? In Pokemon, you're zipping all over the place!
Posted: 03/02/17, 19:52:19
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