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Do You Think We Will See a Nintendo Game With a Minority Lead? [roundtable]
That is to say, a lead character that isn't white, straight, or cis.

A few Nintendo games let you create your own avatar like Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and the Miis in general but let's step back from those and talk specifically about named characters with their own story and defined character traits.

Has it happened already in some lesser known title? I've been trying to think of characters that aren't white in Nintendo games and so far the only major example I can think of is Ganondorf.

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Posted: 11/02/16, 22:12:59
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Only when the twins are of the same gender is there apparently a problem. So Sister/Brother twins are ok.

Well, you know, as ok as being born into a world where the laws of biology take the day off can possibly be.

Posted: 11/07/16, 04:24:24  - Edited by 
 on: 11/07/16, 04:26:11
Mr_Mustache said:
Unless you're very exposed to something and told otherwise directly, you might think that everything you have is how its supposed to be and never think anything of it.

Hey we're on the same page for once.

But I don't know anything about that character or game other than what I just read up on quick so I can't really answer your question.
Posted: 11/07/16, 04:39:31

Can you imagine if Mark Hamill was playing Prince Leio, and Carrie Fisher ended up playing the hero Skywalker role? SO CLOSE.


We're CONSTANTLY on the same page, ugh. We're on opposite pages RARELY, but it always gets blown up into something massive.

Never forget who you ate dinner with in Montreal when you had an A-B choice.
Posted: 11/07/16, 04:44:22

Don't do that. It makes my head hurt.
Posted: 11/07/16, 04:57:09
@Mr_Mustache I meant in gender issues or whatever we're calling this.

You're right though we're on the same page a lot in general.
Posted: 11/07/16, 07:45:56
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