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Do you think there will be another new handheld in addition to the Switch? Why or why not? [roundtable]
So, rumours existed that the NX (now Switch) would be both a home console and a portable, essentially letting Nintendo focus development on a single platform instead of two. While the home console + portability factor has certainly been confirmed, it isn't quite as clear whether this is going to be Nintendo's sole platform moving forward, or if we will see another new handheld as well. The 3DS is certainly on its last legs, so if a handheld is coming, I imagine it wouldn't be too far off... a year or two at most. But maybe the Switch is it?

Personally, I kind of think another new handheld is also on the way. The Switch is a neat idea, but it's not particularly easily portable... it's almost more like an iPad than a handheld. Especially in Japan, where commuting with Nintendo handhelds is a pretty big thing, it'd be kind of unfeasible to expect everyone to carry around the Switch every day. Also, this will probably be a fair bit more expensive than Nintendo handhelds tend to be, and there really isn't much evidence that people want expensive handhelds... Sony's have struggled, and the 3DS struggled with a $250 price tag at launch. Nintendo handhelds are Nintendo's bread and butter, and I'm not sure they would be willing to risk that on the Switch as a replacement.

HOWEVER, I also think they're probably going to give Switch a small bit of time and see if it could potentially take the place of both. Sort of like how the DS was introduced as something else, so that if it bombed they could always do a new Game Boy. If it's not quite living up to Nintendo's standards for its handheld, they can go ahead with a new handheld.

Still, it brings up the question of... if I'm right, how will they present and market and develop for this thing moving forward? Will they openly claim it is a replacement for both a console and a handheld, and go all in on that idea for a bit? Or leave it a bit more vague so they can fall back on a new handheld if needed?

What do YOU think?

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Posted: 10/24/16, 19:14:30
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@J.K. Riki, @DrFinkelstein

I believe you gentlemen and I are on the same track. [/why_isn't_there_a_kirby_emoji_wearing_a_monocle]
Posted: 10/31/16, 01:49:39

What would be wild is if this is to replace home and handheld consoles by combining them into one (which should be a best of both worlds scenario) and then Nintendo delivers something even crazier that is truly neither. They've surprised us before.
Posted: 10/31/16, 02:17:46
Not a console OR a handheld?

I wonder what that would look like?

Beam it directly into our brains, maybe.
Posted: 10/31/16, 04:04:04
So, if there is another portable later, I think that would make sense.

However, it would (for me) need to be a switch ecosystem portable without the some of the hybrid concerns (no vent for active cooling, no docked mode or concern about scaling to 1080p, smaller screen, etc.).

The MOST exciting thing about the switch, regardless of form factor, is the possibility of all of Nintendo's (non-mobile) development efforts being focused on a single platform. If this theoretical portable fragments the software base, then I am NOT in favor of it. By proxy, mainline Pokemon need to come out on the Switch.

(btw, good to visit the site after a long absence. The Switch fever is real. We need to do a contest like for E3 for that reveal event on Jan 12th. Viewing past results of those E3 games would be a nice cold shower for much of the software speculation for this thing in the first calendar year).
Posted: 10/31/16, 20:33:21

It would be pretty odd to have a new portable not be compatible with Switch carts at this point, no? It wouldn't make much sense.
Posted: 11/01/16, 04:15:59

Agree - but it would also probably have to be a while for the economics to work price wise, even if you lop off the console specific requirements of Switch Prime. I just don't want to see a 3DS successor come out in 2018 that isn't compatible. And I don't want to see any games for the Switch Portable that won't run on the Switch Prime...
Posted: 11/01/16, 16:28:31

If anything it seems like some Switch Prime games wouldn't run on Switch Portable, not the other way around, no? But give it a year or two and then they could make a smaller Switch Prime that is a dedicated portable. Switch Lite or something.
Posted: 11/01/16, 20:20:56
Welcome back!

I also have Switch Fever.
Posted: 11/01/16, 22:38:39
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