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Nintendo Switch: How has your hype changed post-reveal? [poll]
More Hyped! (21/37 votes)
Less Hyped... (1/37 vote)
No Change. (15/37 votes)
No doubt Nintendo has a long-term strategy here. First they announce the NX. Then they let rumors stew for over a year. Finally they release a 3-minute trailer. Then they say they won't speak on it again until at least Jan 1, which is less than three full months from release at that point. So how has this strategy worked on you? What, if anything specifically, sways you either way?

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Posted: 10/21/16, 13:44:49
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I'd say "slightly more" simply due to the fact that now we know something official about it, and it sounds like March is pretty concrete. But I was really excited for it already based on the rumors of what it was going to be. I love the idea of one Nintendo system to rule them all. So I'd say not much has changed, but now that it's "officially a thing" that Nintendo is talking about, I'm more excited in general.
Posted: 10/24/16, 22:04:32
@GameDadGrant I've never cared much about 3D (or HD) but I agree with you about the two screens bit. It was never a flashy new feature like, say, the analogue stick, but it really does improve the user interface on many games, sometimes in subtle ways that I don't notice until I no longer have it. I also can't imagine playing a game like Etrian Odyssey without it.

Maybe in Switch 2 we'll see the return of features like this...?
Posted: 10/24/16, 22:20:54
@Mop it up
You could play Etrian in portrait mode. Or just have a permanent map take up one side or the corner of the screen.

I hope so, too, but there is already a bit of Negative Nancy-ism going on. Particularly with analysts and certain types of gamers.
Posted: 10/24/16, 23:08:56  - Edited by 
 on: 10/24/16, 23:14:20
If you need a cold dose of reality, keep in mind this will be released in March and there hasn't been a single new game announced for it.
Posted: 10/24/16, 23:11:06
So I'm the only person who voted "less hyped" in this poll so far, and I want to take it back. You see, I sort of can't stop thinking about the Switch.

When I bought the Wii U, I wasn't even really excited about getting it home and playing it. Sad, really. I'm already more excited about buying a Switch and I can't exactly say why. I have a good feeling now that this thing is going to do quite well and have a great library.

I also still feel like they are hiding something special about it... why else wouldn't they talk about it anymore until 2017?
Posted: 10/25/16, 11:25:54

Maybe there's something special and maybe they just want to do their best to milk any sales for the holiday before officially dropping the Wii U in the trash come January?
Posted: 10/25/16, 13:23:57

Yeah, true. I guess I realized I'm still pretty excited even if there are no other surprises.

A strong software showing is, of course, always the most important thing. We know we'll be playing BotW on it on day 1, and that's an amazing way to break a new system in. A few more really solid 2017 titles and I'll forgive the lack of scrollder buttons... but never forget what could have been. Oh, how they would have scrolled and clicked...
Posted: 10/25/16, 14:27:26

I wouldn't expect anything else about the Switch to be really groundbreaking. The main selling point is what we've seen and whatever else they have to show or talk about will just be bonuses that wouldn't really sell the system. Well except maybe the no region lock thing which apparently is now a thing if rumors are to be believed. Also if there is or isn't touch screen support... and apparently one of the joy-cons has an IR pointer on it.
Posted: 10/25/16, 16:42:47
carlosrox said:
In a perfect world we'd have 4k 60fps in 3D with IR, gyros, motion, classic controls, and HMDs. I'm with you there. But $ is the real issue here. If 3D is driving up the costs and most people either don't want it or don't care then it's not gonna make it. I'm guessing the inclusion of 3D makes millions and millions of dollars difference to them.

As for the touch screen and design, same thing. Also, most of those things could be remedied by intelligent design. A game doesn't have to have an intrusive HUD if it's designed to not...be...intrusive, or fade away when not in any use! Maps could also be handled with a simple button press or well integrated into the game. The second screen is nice, but it's not necessary.

Eh, those things aren't THAT expensive. Especially not now, since costs have come down so much.

And sure, uses of the second screen could potentially be remedied by intelligent design. But I feel like that's trying to fix a problem that otherwise wouldn't have been there to begin with.
Posted: 10/25/16, 17:43:22
Hero_Of_Hyrule said:

Huh, that's interesting. Why do you say that?

Well, the thing you have to remember about the Dreamcast, for starters, is that it was generally considered a pretty good system while it was out. It had an underdog presence in the face of behemoth Sony, old rival Nintendo and rumblings about Microsoft getting into the market. It was a quirky system that included a removable screen in the controller that you could carry around with you. Overall, while it didn't have overwhelming buzz, it was viewed positively by people who followed video game news. And that just grew over time where it's almost not a cult system anymore. It's generally considered a great one. But it still flopped and drove the company out of the console business.

Because none of that positive buzz mattered after Sega totally burned bridges with the average video game consumer with the failure of the Saturn. The Dreamcast turned out to be Sega's swan song as a console maker (and, honestly, you could argue as a developer as it was never the same, post-console).

The Nintendo parallel goes back to my old argument that the Wii U was Nintendo's version of the Saturn - it's the unloved console that alienated casual fans, to the point that the next console, however good it might be, is going to be hobbled by expectations of failure. To keep this from happening, Nintendo has to do something here that absolutely blows everyone's minds if they want to continue to be a major player in the console business. I like the look of the Switch the way I liked the look of the Dreamcast. But I didn't buy a Dreamcast when Sega needed me to - I bought it after they were on the firesale - because I no longer had faith in Sega. I fear the same market situation for Nintendo.

To be fair, though, I've feared this situation since before the Wii U launched. What I wanted to see from the Switch was something absolutely mind-blowing - the way the Wii was mind-blowing. What I saw was something that looked pretty great. Maybe that's enough and maybe it isn't, but if I had to bet, I'd bet that it isn't. I know how Negative Nancy that sounds, but that's how I see it.

Here's the silver lining, though: Nintendo ain't Sega. They've always been better than Sega and they've got a few advantages Sega didn't have. For a start, they've got better franchises and they're more likely to make iterative versions of them. Even if they don't exactly set the world on fire with innovation, they will at least be surefire hits. I think there's still a question about how much the family market has been stolen by smartphones and tablets, but certainly among console makers, they have a better caché in those markets. And, frankly, I think Nintendo is just all around more beloved than Sega. So if Nintendo is an underdog, there's more chance for a groundswell. I mean, just look at what happened with Pokemon Go.

So I don't want to sound like I'm in full on DepressionCast mode. I want to dispense with the Saturn > Dreamcast feelings I've had for the last 4 years, believe me, but I just didn't feel that strongly about the Switch. But I did still feel positively about it, and heard some good buzz from tech-savvy friends at work. So I hope I'm wrong.

Either way, I'll be there day one.
Posted: 10/25/16, 17:53:24  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/16, 17:54:25
The Dreamcast wasn't a huge flop though and while it wasn't going to beat the PS2, it probably would've done well in a typical 5 year life span if Sega had the money to keep it going. At least Nintendo doesn't have that problem.
Posted: 10/25/16, 18:10:28

I've seen the sales numbers for the Dreamcast before and I know where you're coming from, but I think any console that's on the job while the company gets out of the console business has to be called a flop on some level.
Posted: 10/25/16, 18:18:23
@kriswrightTrue, but Sega was deep in the hole already and needed a Wii or PS2 success at that time to save them. Even a repeat of the Genesis probably wasn't going to be good enough. Honestly makes me wonder why they even bothered.
Posted: 10/25/16, 18:23:03
Yeah, I don't think Nintendo is quite in the dire straits that Sega was since their financial situation is pretty great, they're sitting on a goldmine of internationally beloved IP, and they still have some of the best talent in the industry... but Wii U did hurt them and I agree with Kris that I was hoping for another Wii level revolution. Tall order, I guess.

I think the company is going to be fine, financially, as they are starting to diversify, and I honestly think mobile games are going to make them insane profits... and that's what I'm afraid of. If Switch bombs and mobile makes them billions, shareholders are going to start asking why they are bothering with pricey, risky consoles and console games.

I guess this is why I still have a fool's hope that they are hiding a big feature, sort of like they were hiding the touchscreen functionality of the DS upon announcing the original 2 screen concept, and the touchscreen is really what started to make that system so appealing. Of course, such a feature would have probably already leaked with everything else, so it's probably not happening.
Posted: 10/25/16, 21:11:18  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/16, 21:18:15
VofEscaflowne said:
and apparently one of the joy-cons has an IR pointer on it.
Where did you hear about this? If this turns out to be true then I would definitely be more hyped for the system.
Posted: 10/25/16, 21:45:10
@Mop it up

I think he was speaking hypothetically.
Posted: 10/25/16, 22:30:52
@Mop it up

I was just talking about a few rumors that were discussed alongside the touch screen and no region lock on the system. It's already been confirmed that there are features about the system that haven't been brought up which I guess we'll hear about as the system nears its release.
Posted: 10/25/16, 22:55:47
@VofEscaflowne Ah, okay. I didn't know there were rumours about it having an IR pointer, I don't really keep up with those unless they're mentioned on here. Here's hoping there are features like it!
Posted: 10/25/16, 23:04:03
Yeah there's a few rumors floating around and modt of these are from the same sources who leaked the reveal date.

So far we have multi touch screen, IR in right joycon, and no region lock. All good stuff I hope are true.
Posted: 10/25/16, 23:04:33
@Mop it up

IR pointer would definitely be awesome but from what I saw, it's on the bottom of right (I think?) the joy-con? I'm trying to figure out how it being on the bottom is convenient.
Posted: 10/25/16, 23:11:29
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