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Metroid Prime: Federation Force Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid Prime: Federation Force on the 3DS!

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The newest Metroid game has arrived, and has instituted some changes for this latest outing. For the first time ever, you do NOT play as famous intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, but instead as the Galactic Federation Space Marines. Instead of a solo adventure, you can team up with three other players and carry out missions for the Galactic Federation in a variety of different planets.

While not what Metroid fans are used to (or perhaps even wanted) the game is out now and it seems to be a "love it or hate it" kind of experience. What are your thoughts? Are you ready to suit up and take on the forces of evil to protect the galaxy? Or are you waiting for the triumphant return of Samus?

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Posted: 08/20/16, 16:40:32  - Edited by 
 on: 08/20/16, 16:49:14
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Hell no. Especially not with NX right around the corner.
Posted: 08/25/16, 20:43:04
VofEscaflowne said:

I have that and I still find the controls better without the C stick once you get used to the type A controls.

Wow, really?!?

How long did it take you to get used to those controls? I'm not exactly a pro at FPS games, but the tilt/motion controls are a bit difficult to me. And lock-on only helps so much. (man, I wish they could have just used Metroid Prime Hunters' controls! I love touch-screen aiming!)

carlosrox said:
Hell no. Especially not with NX right around the corner.

Yeah, but we don't know if the NX is backwards compatible! It would still be a good investment to have the top-of-the-line 3DS in your library.
Posted: 08/25/16, 21:33:24

Well considering how much Splatoon I've played with motion controls, adjusting to this was easy enough. They're set up a bit differently but it works.
Posted: 08/25/16, 21:36:42
I've got a New 3DS, but the "c-stick" is garbage! The Frankenstick is the way to go.

But I agree touch screen controls would have been welcome, I really liked the Hunters control scheme, that game plays incredibly well, still the best mobile FPS ever IMHO (although honorable mention to Killzone Mercenary on the Vita, which is excellent).
Posted: 08/25/16, 21:37:24

So you're telling me I should practice for Federation Force by playing Splatoon, huh?


Man, I really, really wish we could have used touch-screen aiming for this game. Would have worked SO much better. That control scheme is one of the reasons I really dug Kid Icarus: Uprising (even though that's third-person shooting, not first-person).

Killzone on Vita is pretty decent? I've been thinking about getting a Vita (finally) but they are still pretty expensive. If I can find one for like, a cool hundred bucks or so, I'll probably bite. There are enough decent Vita games out there that I think it could supplement my 3DS gaming pretty well.
Posted: 08/25/16, 22:09:45
The Vita is an insanely good video game system, with tons of great games (esp. when you include the PSP library), it's really too bad that Sony screwed it up in so many ways, the main one being the extraordinary expensive mandatory memory cards.
Posted: 08/25/16, 23:21:11

Yeah. The memory card thing was kind of a dumb move. Well, making them mandatory was. And also proprietary. And expensive. But outside of that, I think the Vita was a fine system. I do feel it needed more exclusive games for it, but that's about it. Oh well.

Sony has gone on record saying they aren't going to make a Vita successor...but I wonder if in the future, they may thrown their hat back into the handheld market again? Or if they're out for good.
Posted: 08/25/16, 23:44:09
Sometimes I cry at night when I think about how there will never be a Vita 2. The PSP was good, the Vita was better, the next one could have been something special.

Here's hoping the NX will be the ultimate handheld and then it won't matter!
Posted: 08/26/16, 00:01:37
Are you guys playing this local multiplayer or online? I don't know anyone else who has this game and I would like to be able to play with someone co-op. I've been playing single-player so far and it's hit and miss. I hope it's funner with other people.
Posted: 08/26/16, 00:29:24

I've pretty much only played online so far. Some parts would probably be really hard alone but it's been a blast with friends I think.
Posted: 08/26/16, 00:31:04
I got through four missions by myself OK. The one ice mission where you have to trap those ice creatures is really hard by yourself lol. So if anyone is up for some co-op, that would be cool.
Posted: 08/26/16, 00:38:28

I could play some right now if you want. Are you on Twitter? Usually easy to chat on there.
Posted: 08/26/16, 00:41:39
Yeah. My handle is @sonofdavid777.
Posted: 08/26/16, 00:53:50

If it helps, this game has single-cart Download Play. No need for a second (or third or fourth) cartridge to play multiplayer.
Posted: 08/26/16, 02:53:11
Wut really? In the manual it says you need two carts I thought. That would really help if true.

EDIT: Just checked, yep it does. Thanks!
Posted: 08/26/16, 17:37:46  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/16, 17:48:18
I seems Download Play only works for Blast Ball. Booooo.
Posted: 08/26/16, 18:50:27
It's really sad how dead this game seems to be already. There's practically no community online and almost no one I know is actually playing it aside from a few friends. Blast Ball is also pretty much dead since you can't even play with friends. I waited in a game yesterday for like 20+ minutes and it couldn't even find the 5 other players to play with. The actual campaign is gonna be hard to complete unless you have friends who are playing with too. Playing alone works but doing it 100%? Some of those challenges are probably hard as hell. Also I played a level yesterday that I have no idea how you'd even complete it alone, unless if they change some parts of the mission to be easier on the player. But it really is an excellent and fun game so far. Really enjoying the co-op.
Posted: 08/26/16, 18:59:12

Maybe it will be better next week when Europe gets the game. The online isn't region-specific.
Posted: 08/26/16, 20:22:43
I don't think summer / August is a prime time for game buying, so perhaps things will be better over the holidays.
Posted: 08/26/16, 21:15:08
It's also not reviewing great, it's sitting on a 67 at Metacritic right now which is right about where IGN scored it.

Of course review scores don't mean anything but it could be effecting sales.
Posted: 08/27/16, 03:30:26
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