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Paper Mario: Color Splash Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.7/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Paper Mario: Color Splash on the Wii U!

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I've seen a lot of people really down on this game since it got announced. I don't blame them, I was too! Really wasn't a fun of Sticker Star, so seeing them continue that style of gameplay was pretty disappointing.

But then I went back to play Thousand Year Door a few weeks ago, and found myself thinking... "This is fun, but I use the same strategy every battle. There are so many cool badges but there's no incentive to use them all! I would be really cool if there was, like, a system where each attack was a one-time use, and you had to improvise by playing with whatever you have at the time, and... oh crap, wait a minute."

So I'm willing to give this game a shot with a more open mind. I do think it's lacking a lot of Thousand Year Door's personality in its character designs, and I'd love to see a story that's a little more bonkers than Sticker Star's, but watching this trailer, the game looks gorgeous. It's like a polished-up 2016 version of what Paper Mario should be! I don't think it'll quite reach the heights of Thousand Year Door, but man, some of that stuff in the trailer looks really cool. I'm looking forward to it.

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Posted: 06/16/16, 03:02:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/16, 03:06:30
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Not only is the flicking quick and easy, you can set it and all the rest of the card management to be done with buttons.

@Mop it up
I didn't care for Sticker Star. I haven't got to play much yet since I've kind of got re-addicted to TMS this week, but I've enjoyed what I've played so far.
Posted: 10/09/16, 04:03:54
Agh, this game is gamepad only and pretty gamepad heavy, so it limits my sessions a bit! I also don't wanna play with the charger plugged in cuz that thing is on it's last legs. It's got some pretty exposed wiring by the plug and I'm scared it'll just stop working any day now. Ugh. I need a replacement AND an extended gamepad battery. Those would do me good.

So I like the combat, even if a bit drawn out and somewhat tedious. I think the mechanics are all fun and it feels really good. Plus, there's apparently an advanced mode which I haven't tried yet. Is this what (@DeputyVanHalen) you're talking about?
Posted: 10/09/16, 04:17:24  - Edited by 
 on: 10/09/16, 04:18:08

There's an advanced mode and one that's like "basic + buttons" or something like that. That's the one I chose and now I can control the cards with the d-pad and buttons.
Posted: 10/09/16, 19:52:19

I, too, chose that option. Picking and choosing cards before battle goes even faster. Arlo is an Arsshole. Seriously, what a drivel video. Did the guy not even take the time to go through the options?
Posted: 10/10/16, 07:22:22
I like using both. The touch controls feel pretty
good. I like the battle system, even if it may feel a bit too "too many steps-y".
Posted: 10/10/16, 12:22:50
This is 3D World and DKCTF levels of good.
Posted: 10/11/16, 00:24:47
Mr_Mustache said:
I'll be getting it for sure! And I don't get the "oh, crap" comment, is the one-time use thing an attribute that Sticker Star exhibits?

Ah poop. I neglected to reserve this game, and the release snuck up on me. Money is tight..so this'll probably get pushed off until Christmas. Oy. October is a bitch.
Posted: 10/11/16, 01:20:35

That's good to know! Thanks for posting about the advance control setup, as I've been waffling on my copy that I forgot to cancel.
Posted: 10/11/16, 01:27:50  - Edited by 
 on: 10/11/16, 01:28:12
Don't cancel this. Fuck the reviews. This is a top tier Wii U game. Not sure why I'm hearing anything else.
Posted: 10/11/16, 03:39:05
Just ordered the game. I am assuming I'm gonna love it considering I greatly enjoyed Sticker Star!
Posted: 10/11/16, 04:02:42
What a fun game. Beat the first Koopaling, got the big paint star, and got the "back story" on what happened.

"Princess Peach has been kidnapped! No one could have predicted this!"
Great writing.
Posted: 10/11/16, 14:19:32
Absolutely. Prepare to be floored that this game got ratings anywhere near 7's!

This makes me wanna go and play Sticker Star to see what all the fuss was about. If Sticker Star was anywhere near as good as this game then I'd love that game too.

I expected this game to be completely bland, devoid of any character, exploration, deep gameplay, etc, going based on the way people act the series is going. What total bullshit.

The future of this series is very bright, RPG elements or not.

And this game looks HUGE. I've put in hours and hours already and have hardly made a dent in the game. It's take hours for me to get through like 6 or something levels. There's at least 20+ levels left! Insane! And each level has lots to do, new stuff to see, etc.

Seriously dumbfounded this game hasn't gotten a reception worthy of Nintendo's other Wii U greats.
Posted: 10/11/16, 20:59:18
@carlosrox I thought Sticker Star was pretty great actually. Gave it a 9.1, and though I liked it more than most people on NW, people here liked it more than reviewers (more or less.)

Though from what I hear Color Splash is better on most every level so Sticker Star might feel like a bit of a step backwards to try and go back to it after Color Splash.
Posted: 10/11/16, 21:05:31  - Edited by 
 on: 10/11/16, 21:06:37
@carlosrox A lot of people's issues with Sticker Star was its lack of RPG elements. Honestly, if you look at that game as a hybrid between Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, you will start to appreciate the game more. It is an adventure game with backtracking and logic puzzles.
Posted: 10/11/16, 23:24:55
@Scrawnton Yes! And the stage designs were great! Each one felt pretty unique and interesting.
Posted: 10/12/16, 02:48:36
I gave up on Sticker Star when the big Wiggler broke apart. Does it get more exciting after that?
Posted: 10/12/16, 03:14:42
@ploot That is probably the slowest stretch of the game, in part because you stay in the forest for like twice as many stages as all of the other environments. I'd say it picks up again after that but I don't recall specifically what happens.
Posted: 10/12/16, 03:42:49

I nearly gave up there too. Took a long break anyway. I thought the game that comes after that to be better than the part before it. So I say, give it another go! Guidebook yourself through Wiggler if you must.
Posted: 10/12/16, 04:20:12
I dunno, call me crazy but I feel like Color Splash feels pretty RPGish. There's meat on this game's bones. I was led to believe otherwise. People made it seem like it was gonna be more Super Paper Mario, but dumbed down or even less RPGish (which I liked but it was kinda weird and I ended up quitting). I strongly prefer this game.
Posted: 10/12/16, 07:11:55

Can't speak on this yet myself. Only through the first Red star. However as long as the card battle system doesn't fatigue, and as long as the battling feels worth it, I'm going to like this.

So far battling has been almost random battles (but really just scripted). In that sense this feels like an Adventure game and it's been okay. I'm certainly enjoying it so far.
Posted: 10/12/16, 13:14:02
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