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Paper Mario: Color Splash Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.7/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Paper Mario: Color Splash on the Wii U!

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I've seen a lot of people really down on this game since it got announced. I don't blame them, I was too! Really wasn't a fun of Sticker Star, so seeing them continue that style of gameplay was pretty disappointing.

But then I went back to play Thousand Year Door a few weeks ago, and found myself thinking... "This is fun, but I use the same strategy every battle. There are so many cool badges but there's no incentive to use them all! I would be really cool if there was, like, a system where each attack was a one-time use, and you had to improvise by playing with whatever you have at the time, and... oh crap, wait a minute."

So I'm willing to give this game a shot with a more open mind. I do think it's lacking a lot of Thousand Year Door's personality in its character designs, and I'd love to see a story that's a little more bonkers than Sticker Star's, but watching this trailer, the game looks gorgeous. It's like a polished-up 2016 version of what Paper Mario should be! I don't think it'll quite reach the heights of Thousand Year Door, but man, some of that stuff in the trailer looks really cool. I'm looking forward to it.

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Posted: 06/16/16, 03:02:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/16, 03:06:30
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Secret_Tunnel said:
And it also looks like I'll have to give Ogre Battle a shot!

YES!! We were already best friends from some other thread before, and now this? MAN.
Posted: 06/20/16, 01:54:42
Review embargo broke.

Maybe what I expected. Mostly in the 7 and 8 range, averaging around an 8 right now.

I'm in.
Posted: 10/05/16, 21:00:37  - Edited by 
 on: 10/05/16, 21:01:16
I'm in regardless of reviews.

It's scoring 7's-9's, not that I care.
Posted: 10/05/16, 21:36:22
Almost everyone I have talked to who has played it is saying that though it has some of the same issues as Sticker Star (which I actually liked a fair amount), it's better on almost every level. It's reviewing a bit (if only a bit) better as well so far.
Posted: 10/06/16, 01:20:23
I think it looks fabulous and hilarious. Love to hear/see that the presentation looks great.
Posted: 10/06/16, 08:13:52
I plan to buy this over the weekend. I'll aim to start it later in the month.
Posted: 10/06/16, 13:11:47
I was mixed on this game, then watched Andre @ GameXplain's review and was sold:

But then I watched Arlo's review and saw how horrid the battle system is. Seriously... Watch this video before you buy to see if the battle system will work for you. I don't think it will for me:

Why oh why make it so tedious in execution, simplistic in design, and pointless overall? Just to use the GamePad?? Ugh. I was so looking forward to this game being excellent. And, it seems like it is save for this niggle (and its potentially overly easy gameplay).

Looks like no more WiiU retail games for me this year.
Posted: 10/06/16, 13:49:10
Battle system seems to be the only legit complain I've read about that makes any sense. I'm not a fan of shoe horned touch controls. Same thing that's turned me off of Severed and Kirby U, but I really liked Star Fox Zero so...

Anyways the battle system doesn't look like the greatest thing in the world but it looks fun enough, and everything else looks fabulous.
Posted: 10/06/16, 20:31:30
I'm pleasantly surprised with the reviews. The GameXplain review pushed me off the fence and sold me on it though. Like what seems like everyone else, I was hoping for something more like the old games, but this looks to fix most of Sticker Star's flaws.
Posted: 10/07/16, 03:19:22
@carlosrox I'm not for shoehorned touch controls either, but Severed and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse feel like odd examples since neither of those are shoehorned so much as built entirely around touch controls. Neither of those concepts would work at all without them (or some equivalent... IR controls, etc.)
Posted: 10/07/16, 03:22:44  - Edited by 
 on: 10/07/16, 03:22:58

Forgot to cancel my Amazon order. Looks like I'm getting the game after all.
Posted: 10/07/16, 05:57:24
True. I guess I meant to say overly forced/exotic/focusing just on the screen (Star Fox is close, but you can actually use the TV as well quite a bit, plus the controls are in-depth and quite advanced).

Wow. I just remembered I never even opened Star Fox Guard. I feel like an asshole, that game looked really fun.
Posted: 10/07/16, 09:48:13
@carlosrox I guess that is fair, Severed doesn't even use the TV at all outside of a map, so I think Shirley was bored whenever I played it because she couldn't even see what I was doing. You can TECHNICALLY play Kirby just looking at the TV, but that'd be tough.
Posted: 10/07/16, 16:29:09  - Edited by 
 on: 10/07/16, 16:29:43
Can't wait! Picking it up after work!

I got plans tonight so it looks like I'll be playing this
late tonight or when I wake up tomorrow! Funny, that's happened to me with so many Wii U games and it always makes it more memorable for me!
Posted: 10/07/16, 23:37:29  - Edited by 
 on: 10/07/16, 23:38:27

That happened to me for Mario & Luigi Dream Team and I didn't regret that. I hope you don't regret this either!
Posted: 10/07/16, 23:50:58
Oh Goddddddd I just watched my bro play for 15 mins. Sooooooooo good. Omg the charm and detail.
Posted: 10/08/16, 03:00:23
Posted: 10/08/16, 11:47:41
That Arlo review is garbage.

While the flicking is dumb, it takes all of two seconds to do. I've been in and out of battles in the same time as other Paper Mario games. I have no complaints. The cards are plentiful, and you have more than enough cash and paint to buy more. The battles are more fun than Sticker Star, too.

carlosrox said:

I agree.
Posted: 10/08/16, 19:48:22
I'm curious to hear opinions on this game from someone who did not like Sticker Star. Is there anyone here like that?
Posted: 10/08/16, 21:13:55
@Mop it up
95% of the internet!

Everyone says this game is a huge improvement over Sticker Star. I'm sure they're right.

It's scored 7s to 9s, with the main two complaints being the combat, lack of unique (visually) characters, and I guess less depth than TTYD which was a full-on RPG. This game is more like an action RPG.

I've absolutely loved what I've played so far. I've wanted to put the controller down several times simply because the music is especially incredible.
The game is injected with so much character and it dead on nails the atmosphere and presentation. The budget for this game must have been pretty damn high. This game's presentation is second to none.

Though not directly comparable, for obvious reasons, I get some weird Galaxy 1 vibes from the game simply due to the high production values and presentation in a Mario game. It's not something you see every day.

Every Mario or Wii U fan should get this. I really don't know how someone could play this and actively dislike it. I'm laughing and smiling the whole time. It's so funny, cute, and charming.

I was kinda losing my shit on Miiverse last night.

I had a good laugh at this one. So adorably funny.

I was beginning to feel this game was gonna shock and awe me, but nothing prepared me for how damn good it was gonna be. The music almost catches me off guard how damn good it is. It's some movie quality shit. Really impressive music, once again kinda takes me back to the feeling of playing Galaxy 1 for the first time.

Time to play some more!
Posted: 10/09/16, 01:10:52  - Edited by 
 on: 10/09/16, 01:19:13
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