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Pokémon Sun Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.05/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Sun on the 3DS!

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Pokémon Sun Review (Nintendo 3DS) ()  by  

Pokémon returns on the 3DS for what seems to be the last hurrah for the system. New legendaries, new starters, new region, new modes...it's a whole new world, with a brand-new attitude! But you still gotta catch 'em all. Be the best that you can be!

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Posted: 06/15/16, 02:41:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/15/16, 02:44:50
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I've got to get going on Sun now. I have beaten Moon but I need to clear Sun due to version exclusives to maintain a living Dex.

DrFinkelstein said:

Why the hell is the Pokemon Bank not ready yet!?
Seriously, Sun and Moon were the only games that posed a threat to Kirby Robobot's chances of getting GOTY from me and stuff like Bank, the clunky multi-player options, stupid stuff like version exclusive clothing colors and losing DexNav in a game where it's really nice to know if you've caught everything in a given area because there are Pokémon that only show up through the "call for help" mechanics really brings it down for me.

I freaking really adore Sun and Moon but Gamefreak has made it incredibly easy for me to talk myself out of putting it above Kirby this year.
Posted: 12/16/16, 01:12:34

Pokémon is always a series about one step for ward and two steps back IMO, but perhaps this one is two steps forward, one step back. You make valid comments about the game and I wish they would just keep the most beloved features and stop removing stuff people like about the series.

Can anyone explain why the National Dex doesn't exist?
Posted: 12/16/16, 02:44:43

Yeah I thought that was pretty weird too, especially since you can use island scanner to get Pokemon that aren't in the regional dex. I guess it'll be patched in when we get the update to add Pokemon Bank?

Dexnav was that feature in ORAS that showed you if you caught all the Pokemon on a route, right? I loved that thing! It really motivated me to catch as many Pokemon as I could, even if I wasn't going for 100%. That and overworld sprites for Pokemon from HGSS are my favorite features that have never returned. I do wonder what the thought is over at Gamefreak that leads them to come up with these amazing QOL features that get forgotten about between generations. Does it just slip their mind or do they deliberately leave them out? It seems really weird to me, but more in an interesting way rather than a bothersome one.
Posted: 12/16/16, 03:50:47

I'm hoping it's patched in. And yes, that Dexnav is half of why I felt like a Living Dex was a feasible feat for me. They need that back.
Posted: 12/16/16, 04:21:56
Sorry to double post but… I just WonderTraded a Japanese Abra… and received a Shiny Salamence with the Pokerus. Whoa!
Posted: 12/16/16, 05:50:13
Up to the Pokemon League now. Need to level my team a bit as I am surprisingly under levelled for the area, but that shouldn't take too long. Plan to start writing the review in the New Year and should have it out by the end of January and it should be very interesting. So far my opinion on the game is rather different to what most other people seem to think and I am definitely in the minority on this one.

Current team is:
Level 47 Kommo-o
Level 46 Incineroar
Level 47 Lycanroc (Midday Form)
Level 50 Dhelmise
Level 51 Salazzle
Level 52 Mimikyu

That's a crazy good trade! Best thing I have gotten through Wonder Trade is either my early game Mimikyu (still on my team, love that thing), or the Beldum in a Beast Ball I got. Neither hold a candle to that though.
Posted: 12/21/16, 05:12:17

Joe pointed out to me that it's likely some hacked Pokemon, but still neat to come across.
Posted: 12/21/16, 05:57:23
If anyone needs help getting a different starter, let me know. I've been giving out Popplios like candy!
Posted: 12/22/16, 03:15:23

I saw your other post and I'll take you up on it soon!
Posted: 12/22/16, 14:41:05
Posted: 12/22/16, 14:55:41
Just got a Magikarp in a wonder trade. Jokes on that person. I actually wanted a magikarp because I can't be bothered to catch one the regular way.
Posted: 01/01/17, 20:25:55
Started playing Moon, game is finally opening up a bit after 5-6 hours and I'm enjoying it. Got a Pichu in an early area, looking forward to having an eventual Alolan Raichu on my squad!
Posted: 01/05/17, 21:39:21
So something that I completely missed and I think a fair few other people did as well, but the Pokemon Bank/Poke Transporter update is out now! And it comes with some nice features. I'll just let this paragraph from Serebii sum it up for me.

Serebii said:
Nintendo Hong Kong has put out some details about the upcoming Pokémon Bank update, specifically in regards to the Generation 1 transfer. First, transferred Pokémon will likely have at least 3 max IVs. Their nature will be random and there is a chance that the Pokémon will have their Hidden Ability. It will also have a unique GameBoy mark
The National Pokédex will sync up with the games you use with Pokémon Bank, listing the Pokémon you have seen/caught in each game and combining them. It will list the games that you have each Pokémon in. You don't need the Pokémon to be deposited into your Bank in order to register them in the National Pokédex. Finally, it confirms that you can send Battle Points again. Finally, it shows that you can track a variety of stats from your games such as Eggs Hatched, Pokémon Captured etc. through Pokémon Bank, crossreferencing between all 6 games.
Posted: 01/25/17, 03:54:45
Apparently I need to get a 20 win streak at the battle tree to get Charizard's mega stones. This game is fighting dirty now. Fortunately so can I.

This is Terrakion. And that image up there is a darn good representation of what a choice band Terrakion looks like.

I just need to find Terrakion some friends (none of my other main PVP mons will be much use here) that will cover his weaknesses and I'll be able to storm the battle tree and take what's rightfully mine.
Posted: 01/25/17, 08:31:07  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/17, 08:32:00

What the...? How'd you get a .GIF of that?!?
Posted: 01/25/17, 16:51:22
@GameDadGrant Googled Terrakion and used advanced search to specify animated.

Surprisingly I found that one before I found the animated Black and White sprite I was looking for. So happy I did.
Posted: 01/26/17, 06:38:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/26/17, 06:46:28
Hey guys,
I got a buddy who just joined up here last night (YOU'RE WELCOME, ZERO), and he's looking to make some Poke-trades, specifically those involving the Porygon line? I guess they need to be traded back and forth a few times or something? Its over my head, of course, but you guys will know the deets. If you let me know, I can pass it on to him. Theres a bit of a language barrier, though he can hold his own for the most part.

Thanks, guys/gals.
Posted: 02/19/17, 01:31:23

Who is he? I WANT A NAME.
Posted: 02/19/17, 03:04:52

Ruben092, joined up last night. I think he's shy, don't spook him!

Do you think you can you help, Grant?
Posted: 02/19/17, 03:17:17
I'll do it as well if needed.
Posted: 02/19/17, 03:50:43
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