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Chicago - Apartment Warming III: A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES (aka I have a new apartment)
I upgraded my apartment to a much sweeter place like almost a year ago, and we still haven't had a game party here? Time to rectify that!

My brother's GF is going to be in town for a few weeks and she is a gamer too so I thought it might be neat to have a party while she is here? So I'm shooting for Saturday, June 4th. Does that work for people?

Day / time: Sunday, May 29th. 4 pm - ???
Location / my phone #: Don't want to post publicly PM me for it.
Confirmed almost definitely coming: We'll see. Lots of my family and a few NW people if no one else.

Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be provided as usual. Still live within walking distance of Portillo's though it is a slightly longer walk now. Could always take cars.

Here is what we may / will probably be playing:

Wii U
The usuals: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, Spin The Bottle: Bumpie's Party, etc.
New stuff: Runbow!, Extreme Exorcism

PC / Steam
The usuals: Duck Game, Towerfall Ascension, Samurai Gunn, Gang Beasts (maybe someday we will figure it out), etc.
New stuff: CRAWL, Astro Duel, Speedrunners, Hidden in Plain Sight

The usuals: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, Mario Kart 7, etc. uh, do we ever really play much 3DS at these things?!

Should we try to play Zelda 4 Swords Adventures?! I have such a hankering for it lately.

What I need other people to bring:
2 360 controllers (I only have 2)
2 more Wii U classic controllers if people don't want to get stuck with Wiimotes for 8 player Smash
1 More Wiimote... I guess? If we play Wii games?
Your own 3DS + copies of any multiplayer games you want to try
Any games you want to try that I didn't list above (might as well ask me first if I already have it though...)

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Posted: 05/21/16, 00:00:21  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/16, 21:21:25
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So as far as what to bring...

Definitely need at least 2 more Xbox 360 controllers for the Steam games.
WII U CLASSIC CONTROLLERS! Mostly so people don't have to use dumb Wii remotes for Mario Kart?
Possibly a few more Wii remotes? I think I lent a few of mine to my brother-in-law. Some nunchucks too maybe?

Any games you want to play that I don't already own?!

Does anyone besides me want to play 4 Swords Adventures?! If so we will need a bunch of GBAs. I think mine is broken so I might not even have any working ones right now?! I do have 4 link cables, though having another one or two in case mine broke wouldn't hurt. Uh... but I don't have a Gamecube anymore. Though my brother-in-law was supposed to give me his when I gave him my Wii. I could force him to bring his over. Not sure if it even works anymore.

Posted: 05/29/16, 03:06:47  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/16, 03:09:07
I'll bring 2 Xbox 360 controllers and 2 Wii U Classics, along with a couple of Wiimotes Pluses and nunchuks and a handful of games.

I kind of don't want to drag all of that 4 Swords stuff, though, since that game really only works with EXACTLY four people. If you have less, it's not that fun, and if you have more, then some people aren't playing.

Although the 3DS works well for entertaining the people not playing the main TV game.

More importantly, should I bring that Buzz trivia game? And Active Life Challenge (the floor mat game)?!
Posted: 05/29/16, 17:48:09
Seems Anand has controllers covered. I'll just focus on my handhelds then, unless there's anything else I can bring. I can actually bring a few GBAs. Not sure how charged they are, though, and they do turn on, but I'll be darned if I can find a charger.
Posted: 05/29/16, 20:07:18
Handhelds are always nice. I have a lot more space now too so it'd technically be possible to get two groups going on "console" games at the same time too, though we rarely get enough people that this is necessary and I only have one TV so the other group would have to I dunno... play a Steam game off of a laptop or something. Unless someone has a small TV they could bring but that really feels like overkill.

I'm going to PM the address. And my current phone number.

@AnandThere isn't really much to bring for 4 Swords unless you have some GBAs you can bring! I have (or can get) the Gamecube, link cables, etc.

You should PROBABLY bring Buzz Trivia we do play it every time.

Are there any new Wii U games with local multi that we haven't tried before? I have Runbow, which is sort of fun and plays up to 9 players at once so that's worth checking out. There was that game with the ghosts, Extreme Exorcism? Does Mario Maker do multi? I don't have Mario Maker...

Oh wait, Star Fox Guard is multi, isn't it?! Does anyone have that?! /EDIT OH WAIT NO IT ISN'T WHAT WAS I THINKING?
Posted: 05/29/16, 20:38:17  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/16, 21:15:40
Oh BTW the 360 controllers need to be wireless... unless someone else has the bridge thingy, I don't have it.
Posted: 05/29/16, 21:18:04

I called Zero for like 10 minutes earlier -- he was online -- and NOTHING.

"We need more NW regulars!" BOLOGNA
Posted: 05/30/16, 00:20:01
I was in the shower!

No one is here but my family right now anyway.
Posted: 05/30/16, 00:22:05

Its after 4 though..

EDIT- I'm gonna go eat my broccoli and calzone now, and then watch NASCAR. K-Train can call me on his cell if he'd like and I can hop on for a few minutes when you guys are ready. I can pause LIVE!! TV though the magic of Time Warner, so that might work.

I just downloaded my whole Humble Bundle, too, if anyone cares. I made my first folder. I called it "Humble Bundle." (Yes, there are two spaces in there to put "Bundle" on the bottom line.)
Posted: 05/30/16, 00:25:09  - Edited by 
 on: 05/30/16, 00:26:43

Broccoli and calzone?

There's a combination.
Posted: 05/30/16, 00:42:38
Fun chat guys!

It's almost like I was there!


Yeah, its awesome. Have it!
Posted: 05/30/16, 02:54:12

I dunno man. Broccoli.
Posted: 05/30/16, 03:13:52

Its good for you. Anti-oxidants. Not a fan? Do you eat any veggies? Its about all I eat. (And side salads.)
Posted: 05/30/16, 07:53:52

Not a big fan, but I don't mind the occasional salad veg- Carrot, lettuce, tomato. Celery with stuff on it. Potato (in chip or wedge form). Raw mushrooms are cool too. Or sautéed in butter and garlic. Maybe a little bit of baby corn. Do Jalapeno's count as a vegetable? Those are great.

Can't think of much else.

Broccoli can go die in a fire though.
Posted: 05/30/16, 08:28:05

I don't know what the issue with broccoli is, but you're not alone. I mean, asparagus makes your pee stink to high heaven and folks seem to have less of an issue with that stuff. Brussel Sprouts creep me out; I had some a couple months ago, most I've eaten in YEARS. They did have some chipotle something or other and bacon mixed in with them though.

I don't mess with tomatoes. And mushrooms, I don't do those either. Celery creeps me out. Too crunchy. And bland.
And potatoes, while I like to count them as vegetables, are probably closer to bread, haha.

Peppers would count, sure. Do you eat enough of them to add up though?

I should buy some more fruit. Eat half a watermelon or something. Its a food AND a drink!
Posted: 05/30/16, 09:08:09
Party was pretty sweet! We pretty much exclusively stuck to Wii U outside of the mandatory Buzz Quiz game on PS3. A LOT of Game & Wario Pictionary (or whatever they call it since they can't legally call it Pictionary.) Some Runbow, which is actually pretty fun with a lot of people (it supports up to 9 players at once.) Tried out Extreme Exorcism, which, while not quite up to the level of the games it apes (Towerfall Ascension, Duck Game, Samurai Gunn, etc.) is pretty darn fun and probably the best (or only?) way to experience that specific type of 4 player single screen weapon-based brawler on the Wii U. And of course we got some Smash Bros. Wii U in there as well.

Tried to play Bomberman Blast but realized we couldn't play it 8 player on the Wii U since it requires Gamecube controllers and Gamecube controllers only work on Smash Bros. on the Wii U for some reason. Seems the Wii U isn't fully compatible with Wii games after all.

Kind of wish we had gotten to play some of my new Steam multiplayer games but it was a big crowd so we mostly stuck to stuff that could be played with a lot of people.

Rain shirt. Night pants.
Posted: 05/30/16, 22:07:14  - Edited by 
 on: 05/30/16, 22:07:40
Yes, the party was super great as always! We are clearly a group of remarkably talented artists. I had a tremendously fun time. The worst part of the might was definitely no video chat with Mustache. Maybe next time!

Also, as we were shopping today for a few final odds and ends for our trip, my wife was on the lookout for a new night shirt. Seriously.
Posted: 05/31/16, 07:05:54
Koovaps said:
The worst part of the might was definitely no video chat with Mustache. Maybe next time!

Not in Zero's house. Never ever; "No Stache Allowed" or something.

What happened to her/your night shirt? Did she go to the par-tay?
Posted: 05/31/16, 23:11:46
Night shirts do exist, but they are not synonymous with pajamas.

Anyway, I had a good time, as well! As usual, the apartment was literally bursting at the seams with candy and creme pies. And no alcohol whatsoever!

I kind of wish that I hadn't brought Game & Wariotionary, but not really. It was all good fun. Actually, in my experience, whenever I pull out Game & Wario pictionary at a get-together, people who don't play as many games really get into it and don't want to play anything else. Because, like in the early days of Wii Sports, they can compete at an even level with (or, just as likely, surpass) gamers. Which is still cool. I thought Runbow was really fun, but probably only half of us were enjoying it. The rest were probably thinking, "Hey, why are we playing this instead of pictionary?" Not quite sure that I understand the combat in Runbow, if, indeed, it can be understood.

Extreme Exorcism was good, too. A worthy contender in the now well-trodden Duck Game genre. I'll probably pick it up for local multiplayer fun.

It's too bad that we didn't get any Samurai Gunn or 3DS in, but I guess we have to leave something for next time.

Oh, and also, there was also a big-ass turtle there!
Posted: 06/05/16, 02:00:47  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/16, 04:32:39
@Anand We did have a few Ciders in the fridge but we didn't publicize it.

And yeah I'm pretty sure my sister and Shirley both had little interest in playing anything BUT Pictionary or Buzz Quiz. "Non-gamers" amirite. I guess we could have broken out Wii Sports Bowling...
Posted: 06/05/16, 02:45:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/16, 02:46:30
Eh, fuck Wii Sports Bowling.

Actually, fuck bowling. Is there a less engaging sport? The Wii version is a great simulation, but it's still bowling...

Nah, Pictionary's fun (my sister likes it, too), even though I might be the worst artist in the world. Parties are always better when everyone's having fun. That said, fuck bowling.
Posted: 06/05/16, 04:16:03  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/16, 04:33:04
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