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What is your opinion on the Ocarina of Time Water Temple? [poll]
Love it (13/23 votes)
Could take it or leave it (8/23 votes)
Hate it (2/23 votes)
And tell us why. Let's fight!

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Posted: 05/14/16, 00:24:36
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I love it NOW, on 3DS.
Back in 98 I just couldn't think BIG enough to see the way forward. Trail and error for 2 painful weeks.
Posted: 05/16/16, 09:27:03
This level's pretty infamous for having a "dungeon-wide puzzle," but what did you guys think of other dungeons that did this sort of thing? LttP's Ice Palace, Oracle of Ages' Jabu-Jabu's Belly, and the latter three Majora's Mask dungeons?
Posted: 05/16/16, 20:38:14
It's one of my faves, I like that it took some thought and planning. It's also one where I felt getting both the map and compass were helpful; if I remember rightly, most (or all?) keys were in chests, so knowing where the chests were helped find the keys. I don't recall having too much trouble with it, I was able to figure it out using the tools at hand. The maps in OoT weren't always clear how floors connected to each other though, so I could see how someone could have trouble with it.

The only real issue was pausing to wear/remove the iron boots, which was made even worse on GCN since the pause screen took a second longer to load up, but the 3DS version fixed this. Being able to skip the Ocarina playing would be nice too.
Posted: 05/16/16, 20:51:03
Its one of my favorite temples ever. I had to take my time getting oriented and to figure out where to go next. It was like the entire dungeon was a puzzle in itself.
Posted: 05/16/16, 21:18:30

Replaying the Oracle of Ages level was a pain. The map on that was much harder to interpret in 3D than the Water Temple's was.

Loved the Great Bay Temple though. That was brilliant.
Posted: 05/16/16, 23:05:51
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