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Metroid Prime Discussion (Nintendo Gamecube) [game]
9.59/10 from 116 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid Prime on the GCN!

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Metroid Prime (Nintendo Gamecube) Review (9.9)  by  

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Posted: 03/10/16, 02:16:19  - Edited by 
 on: 03/10/16, 05:06:27
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Wow interesting timing for this....Kotaku Reviews Metroid Prime

God this makes me wanna play this even more. I could really use a Metroid Prime playthrough.
Posted: 03/11/16, 10:55:55  - Edited by 
 on: 03/11/16, 10:58:20
Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter>Metroid Prime
Posted: 03/12/16, 01:58:23
Posted: 03/12/16, 03:33:26

Rerelease, or Remaster ala Wind Waker HD?
Posted: 03/15/16, 03:39:24
I'll take what I can get.

More like Zelda TPHD ;)
Posted: 03/15/16, 18:35:15

Well I referenced Wind Waker HD because that was a complete remaster where they didn't just port the game to run in 1080p, but made visual upgrades, whereas Twilight Princess was just a straight HD port. Imagine if TPHD got a visual upgrade as well, and looked like the Zelda tech demo that was shown off when the Wii U was first unveiled!

Now imagine Metroid Prime Trilogy with that kind of upgrade!
Posted: 03/16/16, 01:43:46
Um. What? You are aware that nearly every texture in the entire game was worked on right?

TPHD is stunning. I think it looks just as good as WWHD if not better. If you haven't been following the game much, the thought that it was a lazy port seems to have died down. I'm not sure what others here think, but as it neared release it was obvious this game was gonna be a stunner, and it is. The 1080p really makes the gorgeous art design stand out, as does the much improved textures which are everywhere. I think even more work went into TPHD than WWHD actually.
The detail in TPHD is pretty crazy.

So yeah I thought comparing a Metroid Prime HD Remaster to TPHD was more fitting, considering a similar amount of work would go into a theoretical release, along with the more realistic art style and detailed texture style.
Posted: 03/16/16, 02:53:07

I didn't mean it as a knock against TP, I just meant that I'd rather have a complete overhaul of the visuals like Wind Waker HD did to really improve it. Wind Waker HD felt and looked new, and while Twilight Princess HD does look better now, it would have been amazing if it was completely reworked on and looked like the tech demo as I mentioned.

I mean just imagine if they reworked TP to look like this, I'd have bought it in a heartbeat

Now if they ever do an HD Metroid Prime, I would love it if it got brought into a new engine, reworked textures, lighting, animations, everything! Esp. if they got it to run in 60fps

Enough time has passed, I think, that Metroid Prime could use more than just a simple HD port, but more of a remaster, like Resident Evil did with REmake.
Posted: 03/16/16, 04:52:33
It's as close to a rehaul as you can get without making it a whole new game like ^. But I mean that's why I find it strange you consider WWHD a rehaul but not TPHD when TPHD is probably the one that had more work done on it. Reworking basically every texture in the game is a ton of work, more than updating WW's simple textures and slapping a new lighting engine in there.

Keep in mind this looks way the hell better on a TV screen. And there's no way the GC or Wii version looked anywhere near this good.

Ok this is way off topic so we should continue this discussion in the Zelda TPHD thread!
Posted: 03/16/16, 09:18:01  - Edited by 
 on: 03/16/16, 09:22:37

Well then I guess I want a whole new game! Give me Twilight Princess remade to look like a current gen game haha!
Posted: 03/17/16, 00:14:16
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